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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Strange Printouts, A Reader Stops By, Having More Problems and A Tasty Treat.

Our Location today is North Ranch, Congress, Arizona, U.S.A.

After having such a Roller Coaster Ride on our way to North Ranch yesterday we both needed a good night’s sleep. Just as the night before I fell asleep almost instantly but when I woke up while turning over it only took Five Minutes to fall back to sleep instead of the hours it did on Friday Night. When I woke up staring at the ceiling I even tried rolling over with no luck so when I saw the clock was reading 7:30 MST it was time to start my day.

I opened only the Curbside Window Shades this morning so that we wouldn’t be having the Rising Sun shining in like a spotlight from the back windows. I then finished prepping things for breakfast before sitting down to my Computer. Yesterday’s ride seemed to have affected Kathy much more then myself and even when she got up at 8:30 she still felt off balance. It was a cool enough start to the morning that it was definitely a Hot Cereal for breakfast morning. 
One of our window signs.
Kathy was going to do some Online Banking later today so I set up our printer so she could print her Statements. Since I didn’t print out the Confirmation E-mail for our Amazon purchase I just plugged into the printer and produced a copy before Kathy sat down. It was Kathy that first questioned the additional purchase of a couple of books to the order. I reviewed the Online Purchase Order and it only showed what we ordered but as soon as it was printed it again showed these Additional Books. I have now added the Amazon Customer Service Phone Number on to my phone. Their response was that if our Online Order Statement was correct then to just ignore the Printout.

For lunch we finished the last of the Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup along with the last of the Apple Pie. The Soup helped settle Kathy’s stomach that really had been upset since yesterday’s drive.

Kathy wanted to do some cleaning today so she started Sweeping, Dusting and Vacuuming every inch of the upstairs while I walked over to the Trash Bins. This is the only RV Park up to this time that Recycles almost as much as we do in Ontario. Normally the only thing anybody here recycles are the Aluminium Cans. At this Park they recycle Aluminium and Tin Cans, Plastic Jars and Bottles, Glass Jars and Bottles, Cardboard and Paper. Someone is finally trying to save the Environment here in the US and I applaud you. In Ontario we have only been doing this a little over Thirty Years
This Relay/Fuse Box is a tight fit under the hood.
I had other plans that included finding out why the Driving Lights were not working on the Trailer. Going back under the hood of the Truck I accessed the Fuse/Relay Box that controls the Trailer Lights. Since we don’t have an endless supply of these special Fuses I created a Pigtailed Fuse-Holder with a Resettable Fuse. With power flowing both the Plug Connections on the Truck worked. Checking the Line Resistance in the Trailer, it could have been better, but what was causing the loss?
(Without the Lens) Rust mark on socket shows
how much water filled the light.

As I was walking around the front of the Trailer a younger woman walking by pointed to our Front Plate on the Truck and asked “Are you the “It’s about time” Blog People”? She said she liked reading our Blog but doesn’t have one of her own nor does she comment. I “Thanked her following us and we appreciated it”. Before I could ask her name she headed off. 
Red Arrow shows burnt contact.
The problem with the Trailer Lights coincidently started shortly after we started our southern trek but there had to be more. The last thing I worked on Electrically on the Trailer was changing the middle Marker Lights to Marker/Signal Lights. When I looked at the Curbside Lamp I noticed a lot of Condensation inside the Lens. When I looked again I noticed the Lens was Three Quarters Full of Water. The Gaskets that came with the lights were cheap so the Rain we’ve been getting seeped its way in. 
End ready for New Plug.
Once I had the light dried out and cleaned my next step was to move the Truck so the Trailer could be plugged in. Keeping my fingers crossed didn’t help the lights go on. 
We carry the Tools we need.
Thinking since there was Plenty of Power coming from the Truck but Very Low Power at the Trailer I decided to look at the Plug. I Should have looked at that before. The Contact on the Molded Male Plug seems to have been Burnt Away. I’ve never had that connection come apart on me so either it’s a fluke or. I always carry a spare Plug when we travel so immediately started replacing the old. 

It was at that time Kathy who had been getting things ready for Supper had me start grilling a Steak on our Weber Q for us to share. Since it was still frozen I put the heat on Low but it was nearing 5:00 and it starts getting dark shortly after so I needed to start putting tools away along with watching the Steak. Kathy had sautéed some Onions and nuked a Potato along with a Mixed Vegetable side dish. Everything turned out perfect and tasted great. 
Steak, Vege-Blend, Sauteed Onions and Potatoes.
As we were leaving to go to the Ice Cream Social at the Activity Center we could see a light near the rear of our Trailer. Investigating we found the Backup lights that I had installed last year were suddenly lit. I hadn’t touch anything to do with those today. The relay had failed in the closed position and turned the lights on. Another Quick-Fix tomorrow
Tonight;s Sunset
We were early for the Ice Cream Social which was scheduled for 6:00 but everyone else there was just finishing their snack and there were exactly Two Bowls left. “Sold”! The cost was only one dollar each but the Slice of Ice Cream was double the size we’ve ever gotten anywhere else. 
Everyone was enjoying their Ice Cream.
Tomorrow I’ll complete the Electrical Repairs before we take off to do some Exploring. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment and click on the pictures to enlarge them. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. The work seems to never stop for a full time rv'er.
    Stay safe

  2. Your knowledge of electrical issues always amazes me. First thing I do every morning is open all the shades to let the sun warm the trailer. Then close them as the day progresses to help keep the temps down a bit. Dinner looked excellent.

  3. That electrical work is SO far above me!! I'd have to go to the local shop for a fix!!

  4. Be sure to drive the high, winding road (I think it 81A) over to Prescott. Quite a drive.

  5. Check on Amazon for the Mountain Directory West for Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers. It's out of print, prices vary widely, but it has saved our bacon on many occasions. It will give you the grades on most of the roads in the west so you can tell if a route is safe for you or not. Thank goodness you did not take the route through Jerome while towing!