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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Another Dreary Day, Another Time Zone and Donating To A Good Cause That Was To Our Benefit.

Our Location today is Jamieson, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Last night was one of those Typical Pretravel Night’s Sleep where your mind won’t shut down and keeps you thinking of the lamest things instead of just letting you sleep. We both had the same problem but at least Kathy got Four Hours solid sleep compared to my Two before getting up this morning. 
Leaving Amarillo RV Park this morning.
I had closed off most of our Utilities last night before going to bed which meant that I only had to struggle with our 50 Amp Power Cord in the 34 F (1 C) temperatures. We were pulling out of the Amarillo RV Park shortly after 9:30 this morning but we chose to drive in a bit of a circle. We drove Eastbound to the Loves Truck Stop where we fueled up before getting on I-40 Westbound
Can you see the Mountains ahead?
As we were leaving the Amarillo area the entire area was blanketed with Fog. After attempting to take pictures that only came out hazy Kathy commented that we’ve hardly seen the Sun this entire trip compared to last year. Last year we were walking around Nashville in bright sunshine. By the end of this day we may have had Six Hours of Sunshine in Seven Days.
Finally in New Mexico.
Not wanting to drain our Main Fuel Tank down too low we’ve been stopping more often which also gives us the chance to stretch our legs and have our meals. We stopped at the Flying J at Tucumcari, Texas before we entered New Mexico. We felt like we did last week when we were back in McGregor and the temperature was only 37 F (3 C). I sent Kathy ahead to get warmed up inside the building while I fueled the truck and scrubbed an unbelievable number of Bugs that were smeared on our Windshield from just the stretch of road we had covered this morning. 
Saw a lots of these Yellow Trees but don't know what they are.
Trying to be a little more conscious of the food we are eating we both ordered the Soup & Sandwich off the 55+ Menu. When you are only sitting in the vehicle loading up on heavy meals is uncomfortable and not needed. When we were paying for our meal they talked us in to making a Three Dollar Donation to feed Hungry Kids and they gave us Twenty Dollars worth of Coupons. Not bad for doing something good. 
Very Ornate Overpasses.
Since the next thing that Kathy had on our agenda wasn’t until we reached Arizona and it was still fairly cool outside we decided to just keep going. We had practically driven through Albuquerque when I noticed it was time for more fuel. With not knowing when the next Truck Stops would appear we drove to a local Giants gas station where I managed to maneuver through their lot with no problem. A couple of locals first asked where we were headed then started giving us ideas of places to see. (With the cold temperatures in the area the thought of heading further North at this time was not too appealing.) Kathy had to guide me back so we had room to swing out of the station. Five minutes later we were back on I-40 heading west. 

If we had continued we would have probably ended up at Gallup, New Mexico for the night, but we started getting Rain and since the Driving Lights on the trailer are not working at this time when I finally saw a sign for yet another Flying J we called it a night. 
This was the clearest part of our day but
that is the rain that finally caught up to us.

We went to the Denny’s Restaurant and both tried a different Sizzler tonight. Since this meal will carry us over until breakfast we didn’t mind. Besides we got to use some of those coupons we got at lunch and we already saved Seven Dollars. 
This was all the Sunset we saw this evening.
It was when we were heading back to the Trailer that we realized we were now on MST. When we came outside Kathy only managed to get a single picture as the Sun was setting. After driving 420.3 Miles today which is not what we had planned we’ll wait to get fuel in the morning. We will spend the night in Jamieson, New Mexico where we are expecting 27 F (-3 C) tonight and have a short travel day tomorrow along with some Sightseeing to boot. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  2. Safe Travels tomorrow as you continue your trek west.

  3. Isn't Tucumcari in New Mexico?

  4. Love to see that wide open country.

  5. I know that road well. It's fun to think about what I saw as I follow you guys down the road.

  6. 27? Not a temp I would like. Don't you just love coupons, especially when they can be used on something you actually want or need.

  7. The sun is shining here in AJ so hopefully you'll see some before too long. Need to get further south so you can thaw out.