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Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, November 9, 2017

300 Million Years, Standing On A Corner and Pleasantly Tired.

Our Location today is Winslow, Arizona, U.S.A.

When we woke to 37 F (3 C) this morning we were happy that we were plugged in and could run our Electric Fireplace to warm up. We had cereal for breakfast and ended up at the Computers to finish our Coffee/Tea. With plans for the day we didn’t sit for very long before we gathered our Cameras and headed out the door. 

Our first stop was at the Office to add another night to our stay. We also pulled up to the gas Pumps to top off our Diesel. We planned on doing some exploring today and the last thing we needed to do was to worry about our Fuel

Petrified Wood Polished.
We were backtracking today with plans to see the rest of the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. When we approached the exit ramp from I-40 to Holbrook that was the direction we headed. We knew this would bring us in to the National Park from the southwest end. Holbrook itself looked like a town that was continuing to thrive and is kept clean in an effort of attracting people to not only stop to visit but even to attract business. 
These would have been the Predecessors to today's Squids.
All the Brown Pieces are Petrified Wood.
Following the posted signs, we were soon heading east on 283 enjoying the Two-Lane Road that had very little traffic. We probably drove Thirty Miles before we finally reached the entrance to the Petrified Forest. Because we had forgotten our Free Map of the Park back at Home we thought that we would stop at the two Museums by the Park Gate and get another. 
Kathy by a nearly intact Petrified Tree.
Huge Crows acting like Sentinels at each stop.
Those of you who have been reading our Blog for sometime know that we don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting things done. You might also remember that we just recently celebrated Merry Thanksmas with our families. (This celebration according to the Urban Dictionary has existed since before the Second World War as a way for Families to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time because someone would be away at the time of the second occasion date.) We know that many get stressed over the thought of shopping for Christmas Gifts. Later this evening Kathy reminded me that we have officially started our Christmas Shopping for 2018. We can’t find the things we buy as gifts here in Ontario just before we leave so this guarantees that there won’t be any Duplications from our family. 
You could only view the Petroglyphs from the veiwing platforms,
In dedication that Route 66 went right through where the park is today.
As mentioned in yesterday’s Blog the Video that we watched at the Visitor’s Center explained how Earth has been constantly changing the way it appears for the last 300 Million Years. Where there once stood Lush Forests, today there remains Mysteries that leave many gasping in awe over the outcome. What many believe to be only Rocks are actually Fossils giving us a look at our pasts and Petrified Wood that is Breath-Taking to look at. Wood is Petrified when it is submerged under Minerals. The first thing it does is to absorb Quartz then it can also absorb other minerals that give it colour. The Petrified Wood also becomes very brittle and breaks like Rocks do. 

We stopped at each of the lookouts today and walked miles of trails. One of the rules is you are not supposed to pick any of the Parks Natural Resources. We broke that rule by simply picking a piece of 300 Million Year History, photographing it in our hands and then putting it back the way it was found. Seeing many of these items polished in Museums, Trading Posts and Gift Shops is one thing but seeing the same thing that has only been polished by the passing of time and the elements of nature as you walk the trails gives you a better understanding of how it was made. 
I got caught taking her picture.
We stopped at the Newspaper Rock where Kathy had planned on staying close to the Truck because she was getting tired from all the walking. When I checked it out a saw this was where the Petroglyphs covered many of the Large Boulders near the overlook. Mentioning that to her soon had her right next to me checking them out using the available Spotting Scopes made available for public use. Thank Goodness for Zoom Lenses on a Camera

We know people that have said there is only Rocks and Sand to see in the Desert. Taking your time to go through Parks like the Painted Desert and Petrified Forests even once in your life will have you wanting to go back to see more. 

Even though the day started out Sunny but Cool the Sun warmed things up to a comfortable 73 F (23 C) by the time we left the Park after 4:00. The park is open daily from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. 

We have read many Blogs from Fellow RVers that have talked about stopping at the corner on Second Street and Warren Street. If you are an Eagles rock fan you may remember the song “Taking It Easy” that refers to Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. We missed it the first time but traveling in the opposite direction we almost missed it again because there was a steady stream of tourists wanting to get their pictures taken there with the Bronze Statue. A woman happily took our picture together. 
Kathy and I with the Standing on the Corner statue
and Mural on the building
It was nearly 5:00 so we went across the street to the Relic Road Brewing Company where we had a great Meal with great Service at a reasonable Price

The Sun was already set by the time we got on I-40 heading back to Meteor Crater RV Park and our Home. We are expecting another cool night with another day of playing Tourists before we leave on Saturday. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


A fine line by Mark Twain:

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.


  1. Wow what a day, you two wore me out this day.
    Thanks for a good time.

  2. Glad you got to visit the petrified forest. Isn't it just amazing? One of my favorite pictures is standing by that old car. Winslow is another fun town. Check out La Posada if you have a chance. Great place for lunch.

  3. I had such a great time on a day trip from Lakeside, AZ to Winslow. We stopped at so many places and one of them was Homolovi (place at the little hills) very interesting with some ruins and a small museum.

  4. We hope to be out that way early next week. Thanks for showing us what we need to see! We are in Flagstaff as a home base for a week. Winslow and area should be an easy day trip from here.

  5. Winslow is on our bucket list. Maybe this will be the year. Thanks for showing us the highlights. Safe travels.