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Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Friday, November 10, 2017

Meteor Crater and Remembrance Day.

Our Location today is Winslow, Arizona, U.S.A.

It felt wonderful just to sleep in until 8:00 this morning. We had plans for today and one of them involved not being in a rush. After enjoying our morning Coffee/Tea at the Computers and checking comments on the Blog, E-mails and other things we were out the door shortly after 10:00. 
That's the two lane road we came in on in the middle of the picture.
Our morning drive didn’t involve getting on the highway or towing the trailer but it did involve another Adventure. Five Miles back from our RV Park is the reason for its name known as the Meteor Crater. Kathy had found this while researching things to do on the Computer and marked it on our To-Do List of things to see. 
Staying on the Rim Path.
After paying our Entry-Fee we headed up to the next level where we had a quick introduction by reading the Signs in the courtyard. We thought that we’d take in the Introductory Video that would start in Ten Minutes but the next Guided Tour to the Rim of the Crater would start in Six Minutes. Years ago people were allowed to wander freely but wouldn’t follow the Safety Rules and many had to be rescued from the bottom of the Crater. Now the only way anyone is now allowed long the Rim of the Crater is by taking the Guided Tour which is covered by your Admission
Our Guide Jeff.
Jeff our guide was very informative on the History of the Meteor Crater from its discovery to the time settlement in the area. The land that the Crater is located on is Privately Owned and receives No Government Funding. He talked about so-called experts that had said this was created from Volcanic Eruption. It wasn’t until after the development of the Atom Bomb that a Scientist studying the effects of the Nuclear Blast deemed that the only thing that could have caused this Crater other then a Nuclear Bomb was a Meteor
Early settler's home, Destroyed by Fire and 185 MPH Winds
The walk along the Rim was only a Half a Mile out along a Paved Trail that had its ups and downs and the same on the return trip. The Guided Tour took just about an Hour to complete. We learned how Astronauts trained at the Crater prior to their Moon Missions so they knew what to expect and things to observe and take samples of while on the Moon
Kathy and I in front of Meteor Crater.
Back inside the Museum we freshened up and then we both enjoyed a Six-Inch Submarine Sandwich from the Subway located at the end of the Gift Shop. Feeling refreshed we returned to see the Video depicting the creation of the Crater. Once that was complete we then walked around the Museum gaining even more information about Meteors. This Crater is the most intact Meteor Crater in the World which has helped determining whether other Craters were made by Meteors or Volcanoes. It is only a fraction of the size of the Meteor that caused the Dinosaurs to become extinct. The estimated age of this Meteor Crater is Fifty Million Years Old where out of the Five Meteor Craters in Ontario, Canada one is only Thirty-Five Million Years Old
Taken from the Upper Observation Deck.
You see the Overhanging Platform to the right.
We then went out to the Outside Observation Decks. Kathy stayed on the Middle Level while I went up to the Upper Level. This was not a Windy Day but climbing the stairs the Wind actually felt like it was sucking the breath out of me. There was no way to wear a hat on at that level and you had to hold the Handrails so you wouldn’t get blown over. Even though there was a Spotters Scope set up I only took a few pictures and headed down. On the Overhanging Platform the Wind was less intense but felt Colder. Here there were multiple Scopes focused on specific points of interest. On the lower Level you were partially inside the Rim of the Crater so the wind didn’t bother you as much. The Scopes here were moveable. 
Overhanging Platform from the Middle Level.
We were both froze by the time we got to the Gift Shop. We again got more Christmas Shopping done for next year. 
Focused Points of Interest Scopes on Overhanging Platform.
Inside the Courtyard we checked out an Astronauts Hall of Fame which listed names of all Astronauts along with the Missions they flew. 
There are water bottles, hats, cameras and phones
that people have dropped on the rocks.
From Kathy’s research it should have taken Two to Three Hours to see everything. We made it in Five. It felt good to be sitting in the truck when we left. Our bodies will surely be screaming at us tonight for the all the climbing we did today. 
A former mining camp looking for the meteor.
Crater is over 500 feet deep.
We stopped at Home for a short while to get our Shopping List and to check The Weather Network. The Wind for our area was only gusting to 24 MPH but it was much higher then that at the Crater
Upper Level Viewing is atop that ridge.
Hard to breathe up there.
We headed back to Winslow where we stopped at Karl’s JR to have their Chicken Strips and Onion Rings for supper. After looking at Christmas Decorations we then got most of our groceries at Walmart. Even though I’d replaced the Fuse and Relay under the hood of the truck for the Trailer Driving Lights, since we towed it the other day the Fuse has blown again. We stopped at O’Reilly’s to pick up additional Fuses
Kathy checking out this Space Capsule.
We used over a Half a Tank of Fuel in the last two days so tonight before we entered the Park we topped up our Diesel at the Marathon station. We tried to make reservations using our Computers tonight and they kept telling us to use letters to spell our Name. That was what we thought we were doing. By the time we found a Phone Number they were closed for the day. 
That's not a picture but a wall opening
with mountains in the distance.
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States. It’s a day we honour those who have fought for the Freedoms that we enjoy today. Some paid with their lives and we should never forget their Sacrifice. To all those and those who returned to their families we say “Thank You for your Service”. “Lest we Forget”.

We are on the road to our next adventure tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

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Does the winged life destroy;

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in Eternity's sunrise.

William Blake, English Poet


  1. Sound like an interesting day of sightseeing. We will have to keep that spot on our "to see list".

  2. My friend Howard and I really enjoyed visiting Meteor Crater and the nearby Rock Art Ranch. We got some great pictures.