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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Long Short Move, Talking About Fulltiming and Funny Dinner Show.

Our Location today is Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Arizona, U.S.A.

Being parked in the Overflow Section at Dead Horse State Park with a forecasted low of 41 F (5 C) had us getting to bed earlier then we normally do and when it was time to get up this morning we waited as long as we could before getting out from under our toasty warm bedsheets.

Kathy decided having Hot Cereal along with her Coffee was a more practical way to warm up. Even though we had to pack up to move to another sight for the remainder of the week. We still had time to get some early reading in. When we started packing our CPAPs and Computers away we didn’t have to stow them the way we do for the long hauls.

We were ready to go before 10:00 this morning but thinking that the RV that was over on our new Site might still be there we took the time to go say Good Bye and Safe Travels to our Neighbours Ken and Lynn from Collingwood, Ontario. It was then I found out that they were also moving over to the Cooper’s Hawk Loop for a few more days. It was at that moment that Kathy noticed that Checkout at this park is not until Noon. That meant we’d have at least Two Hours to wait around and the Sun was warming things up.

One of the things this park allows is Tent Camping and there seemed to be a Church Group of Hispanic Origin that had gotten together and were camping in the Overflow Area. This morning after they had a brief service under the Pavilion. After their service, since the Overflow Area is set up on a Loop they had Races. There were Races for Boys, Girls, Men and Women of every age group. Nobody got to sit out and it was all focused on Family. For the smaller children the races were set up as Relays. One child had to run part way using a Skipping Ball, then his team member wearing a Potato Sack would hop until they reached the last team member who had to Balance a Ball on a Spoon with only one hand until they cross the finish line. Since we still had to wait for our Site to become available even Kathy and I sat there cheering on the contestants.

Around 11:45 Park Attendants showed up to remind us we had to Leave but Ken had used his Scooter and found the tenants on the sites we were supposed to move to were far from ready to go. Besides we were enjoying the Races. Once the Races were over this Church Group all gathered for a final meal together before leaving. As we pulled out they waved and thanked us for waiting.

Watching the Odometer we traveled 1 km over to our New Site. The Park Attendants were there telling these people that had to leave. Their excuse was nobody could Check-in until 2:00 and the Site was a mess. The Attendants suggested we park over by the Lagoons and they said that they would come for us as soon as our Site was ready.

We pulled into the first of the Parking Lots where I put up a Safety Triangle so we could partially open our slide. Since we’d had breakfast over Four Hours before Kathy made us a lite lunch. We each had a slice of Ham along with some Macaroni Salad. Not being too active today it was more then enough to eat. 

Not feeling like looking at the inside of our Eyelids while waiting to move we sat at a Playground meant for small children. Kathy was really bored and tried one of the Swings. When she started feeling Dizzy from the motion she realized why she hadn’t done it in sometime. 
Parked by the Lagoons near the Playground.
Minutes later we were joined by Tex and his young family. He inquired if that was our Truck and when we said that it was attached to our Home both he and his wife started asking more questions. They had both considered such a thing but wanted to wait until their youngest is out of grade school. We might have just met more Future Fulltimers. It was around that time the Park Attendants stopped to tell us our Site had been Cleaned and was ready for us.

This is a nice State Park but we have never been here before. All their Signs are painted Brown with small Yellow Writing and it only faces traffic coming from the Main Entrance. We missed our intersection and had to turn around by the Dump Stations near the Entrance. Heading back up the road we could easily read the signs and within minutes were pulling onto a very clean Site. Our .6 Mile trip today ended with us towing our Home for 3.5 Miles.

It didn’t take long to get set up on our Water/Electric Site. It was an Emotionally Draining Day but it wasn’t over. 
Kathy thought the sign was cute.
We had reservations to attend a Diner Theater at the Blazin’ M Ranch which is about a half a mile up the road from Dead Horse Ranch State Park. The Blazin’ M Ranch has a small Souvenir Shop, a Small Special Foods Store that has quite a selection of Jalapeno Sauces and Jellies.  There were other things there that would interest future Cowboys as well. 
Kathy had me locked up.
Inside the Dinning Hall we had sat at our assigned table where we were soon joined by Greg, his Wife, Daughter, S.I.L. as well as their Two-year-old Granddaughter. They are all on Vacation from Canada because you can’t Farm much when it’s snowing. They had just driven in from Quartzsite today and could not believe what we were telling them happens there in January because most of the Businesses are still closed down right now. 
Supper served on metal plates.
The meal was Prickly Pear Cactus Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Dinner Rolls, Baked Potatoes, Barbecued Chicken and Spare Ribs. While everyone was busy eating the Staff was walking around offering seconds. Then they finished it off with Apple Crumble topped with Ice Cream
Two Year Old Birthday Girl.
The show “Hot Flash” was funny and entertaining put on by a Three Person Cast. Tonight was their final show until after the New Year so if you want to attend one of these performances you’ll have to wait until then. 

The only problem I had was you are seated at very solid Picnic Style Table. With all the Back Injuries I have had I was in agony by the time we got back to the Truck.

We have lots to take care of tomorrow. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment and click on the pictures to enlarge them. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. To me your day sounded pretty good over all. Waiting for your site to empty shouldn't be too stressful, although waiting isn't one of my strengths either. The dinner looked interesting. I've never heard of Cactus Cole Slaw, bet it was pretty good though. Glad you're settled in and looking forward to the adventures ahead.

  2. Another good day. Keep the nice pictures coming I'm enjoying the ride.

  3. It irritates me so much that people think they can overstay their reservation, even if it is for just an hour. I see it happening all the time. Glad they got you in and settled.

  4. You must be patient people. One needs to be to succeed in fulltiming.

  5. I was looking at Dead Horse Ranch SP this morning. Doesn't look like they have any availability next week though. Still looking for our next spot... seems a never ending cycle.

  6. Enjoy not moving for a while. I agree with the comment about over staying check out time. It is especially rude if you know someone is waiting for the site.