It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Morning Delays, We Found The Sun, Looking Around The Painted Desert, Scrambled Eggs The Hard Way and Crazy Computers.

Our Location today is Winslow, Arizona, U.S.A.

Getting used to the additional hours we are gaining as we pass from one Time Zone to another seems to be taking longer to do then expected and the proof was shown by the way we kept waking through most of the night. As mentioned before we have gotten so used to the sound of RVs and Semis moving around us that we no longer hear them when we lay down to sleep. Combine both those facts and we were both getting up to start our day by 7:00 MST this morning. 
Frosty start to the morning
We took our time packing everything up for traveling before we headed over to the Denny’s restaurant for Breakfast. As soon as we stepped out the door we could see the Frost on all the Windshields of the vehicles that had spent the night. Seeing our breathes and feeling the chill had us walking faster then we had in while. 
Wild Horse running free.
Ordering off the 55+ Menu leaves us feeling less weighed down while we travel down the road. Our waitress Amanda was really interested in the way we were traveling and wished that her Three Teenaged Sons would be leaving home soon so she could travel. She filled our Travel Mugs with Coffee and wished us Safe Travels. 
Natures Beauty.
Since the Sun had cleaned most of the Frost off our Windshield by the time we got back we were able to maneuver over to the Fuel Pumps. Once the Diesel was flowing into our tank I took the time to clean all the Truck Windows. That took over Ten Minutes and the Pump had only dispensed Twelve Gallons of Fuel. Heading inside to complain there was a lineup of people dealing with the same problem. The Manager came outside and had everything running properly in a minute saying it was a Vapour Lock in the Line. After a few more adjustments we were soon on I-40 West leaving Jamieson, New Mexico behind. 

This restaurant even had a Jukebox playing Oldies.
Today we were both happy to see the Sun which definitely encouraged us to continue pushing ahead since we've barely seen it on this trip. In less then an hour we were in Arizona heading for our destination. It took just over Two Hours before we pulled off at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert Cut-Off.  We headed inside the Visitors Center where after watching the Twenty Minute Video that showed how the Earth is constantly evolving around us and how this area has helped in that research we headed over to the Giftshop/Restaurant to have Tacos for lunch. We also took time to look around the Giftshop and saw lots of Beautiful Natural Gifts that would be nice in a Sticks and Bricks but not in an RV

We finally paid the admission fee for the Pass to enter the Park itself where we found plenty of pull-offs that we could take pictures of the Painted Desert. It was similar to the Grand Canyon but on a smaller scale. We even stopped to look around the Painted Desert Diner where we met a young Native American that was making Beaded Necklaces. As soon as we said where we were from Matia started making all kinds of suggestions of places for us to see. 

We drove further down the road but wanted to see the Petrified Forest before heading to our campsite for the night. According to their Map was it back near the Entrance on the opposite side of I-40. After turning around when we got there it was only the Ramps for the Eastbound Traffic. Knowing the we wouldn’t be far and our Pass will be good for a week we headed towards Winslow

We stopped and looked around the Giftshop at Geronimo before getting to our destination at Meteor Crater RV Park just outside Winslow, Arizona. After towing our Home for 179.7 Miles today we just wanted to relax but that doesn’t happen right away while you are setting things up.

When Kathy went to check the Fridge for what we’d have for supper around 7:00 MST things had shifted and the Dozen Eggs that she bought in Amarillo can crashing out to the floor. One Egg was in perfect condition, Four Eggs went straight to the Garbage and the other Seven that were only cracked became Scrambled Egg with Cheese Sandwiches for our supper. Now we have to add Eggs back on our Shopping List.

While Kathy was doing her Data Entries after supper her Computer started giving her problems. When I was about to upload today’s pictures my Computer just wouldn’t cooperate. Then when I went to check my E-Mail it was telling me my Dial-Up was not available. I’ve never had Dial-Up so I finally had to Reboot my Computer to get everything working properly again.

Thanks to Peter for noticing that Tucumcari is in the state of New Mexico not Texas as stated in yesterday’s post. After a High Mileage Day my geography got mixed up. For the next few days we’ll be playing Tourist so that we’ll have more things of interest to pass along. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.
Pictures taken mostly
by Kathy.
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Words of Inspiration

But a lifetime of happiness!

No man alive could bear it.

It would be hell on earth.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright and Critic


  1. Enjoy the area and being tourist.

  2. Welcome to sunshine. We loved the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert area. It's small but beautiful.

  3. Cleaning up eggs is the worst! It was great to see the pictures from Petrified Forest. We debated stopping there on our way down but in the end we passed ... looks like we made the wrong decision ... oh well there is always next time :-)

  4. Nice that you saw the Petrified Forest, one day we'll have to see that too.
    Too bad about the eggs, we've had crashing things too this trip no matter how we seem to pack them in.

  5. I loved the petrified forest. It's just fascinating to walk the trails and see what the forest used to look like!! You're moving right along!!

  6. On our second trip to see the Petrified Forest just as we entered, we heard loud noises under the truck. Turned around and found a Ford dealer. We needed new brakes and rotors. So glad for the noise, would not have wanted to travel much further with no brakes.

    Do you put stretch rods in front of your food in the fridge? We always do and never have a problem.

  7. Welcome to AZ enjoy being tourists this week the weather has finally cooled down.