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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Other Memories, Short Family Visit and Frozen Foods.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Once again nature ruled this morning by making certain that we got the amount of sleep we need. I barely left the bedroom when Kathy was right behind me thinking that she had overslept. With that in mind we sat at the Computers enjoying our Coffees well past noon before wondering what we should consider for lunch.
It felt good recalling those undocumented memories from the past in yesterday’s Blog. If I can every locate all the Pictures that are stored on our Portable Hard-Drive they will help us to recall a few more of those Memories. That is the beauty of Digital Pictures as they can be stored as well as backed up with little problem. The original method of taking pictures everything had to be filed and categorized and could easily be be lost.

Prior to Fathers Day in 2004 Kathy had been trying to organize Pictures and Negatives so they could be passed on to our Children. After a wonderful day together I had to go to work for my last week on the Midnight Shift and Kathy was home alone. When I called to say good night she mentioned hearing sounds from our Back Yard that I said could be checked in the morning before telling her that I loved her before hanging up.

It was at that time that Kathy’s world turned into a living Hell. The Power suddenly went out and she was hearing more noise coming from our yard. When she stepped onto our deck to investigate she was faced by a wall of Flame. Luckily people passing by helped her get out with our pet Mr. T. I was notified at work and even though the Windsor Fire Department were fighting the blaze it was sobering to see Flames shooting Twenty Feet above the roof or looking at the Stars through where hours before was your kitchen ceiling.

Witnesses spotted young males running from our yard that night. The next day the Fire Marshall deemed the blaze as Arson. It took years to get our lives back together. Our Basement had flooded with over Two Feet of Water. All the old Photos and Negatives were simply scooped up and disposed of. The Memories are in our hearts but the main thing is we still have each other and our Love.

We were in the process of making a late lunch today when our daughter Karen called telling us to drop by because she had some Rhubarb for us.
Lunch was Pulled Pork on Toast from Lou’s Kitchen. Kathy figured it would be our large meal for the day so there were no Leftovers. We also had our dessert plate.
Kathy with Sanford and his Blankie.
Shortly after doing up the Dishes we were soon headed out the door for our daughter’s house in Tecumseh. We headed into the back yard but no one was outside. With the lack of a breeze and the extreme heat we visited inside. Sanford was really excited and when Karen finished her chore we had a nice visit.
When we left we drove over to the Zehr’s grocery store. There was no line up and we had our Masks when we entered but another woman did not. She was stopped by the Security Guard and told to wear a Mask or leave. Our Local Health Unit has made wearing a Mask Mandatory. It didn’t take long to get our Salads and Meats from our List. We’ve been wanting Chinese Food lately so when Kathy spotted some in the Frozen Food Section she thought we’d try it.
Back at the Apartment once everything was put away Kathy started heating up the Chinese Food for supper. Like very few other processed foods this one made it on our List that we would keep on hand for a quick meal.
Banana Split
Our 6 o’clock Local News was again preempted by Golf so we’ll be watching it at 11:00. We watched The Good Witch. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. That's so sad that you lost all your early pictures in the fire and how scary for Kathy ... we are so glad she made it out safely.

  2. That was a sad blog to read about the fire from 2004. I can't imagine losing things to some devastation like that and caused by someone else on purpose. :(
    Cute picture of Kathy and Sanford. Thank heavens for memories.

  3. Fires are never good. I just don't understand why people think it's funny to start them. Sanford is a cutie. He certainly does love that blanket!!

  4. That was a sad story about the fire. Sanford is just too adorable! Glad you found some Chinese food you like!

  5. A campfire is nice to sit around, never a house fire! Glad you were both safe! We have Chinese food in our freezer too.

  6. Oh my, what a horrific and sad memory. As you say the most important things are still having having each other and your love. I understand how it took years for you to rebuild your lives. Was the house a write off?

  7. We had a big house fire in 1998 and lost all our family photos too.