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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why We Missed A Blog, Visiting The Peace Fountain and Vera.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Not the way for a Daily Blogger to just miss a day but sometimes it happens so now I’ll just have to catch up on where I left off. It was strange that it also happened the day after I explained that we sometimes have a hard time to come up with things to write about when not much is happening but that wasn’t the case.
On Monday morning we were both up by 8:00 even though I had stayed up late reading Blogs into the early hours. With the seasonal temperatures back in our area for only a few days I tried enticing Kathy into taking bike ride which would help give us both some Cardio Exercise as well as to clear the Mental Cobwebs we seemed to be getting form staying inside.
Split Pea Soup along with Cookies, Oranges and a Yogurt Cup.
With a Plan to go out after lunch it was suddenly dashed when a Big Black Cloud seemed to come from the front of the building. To Kathy that was a sign that it was going to Rain even though all the media outlets were saying “No Rain”.
Monday's Reflective  Sunset.
After we did up the Dishes Kathy was too drained because she hasn’t been sleeping well and needed a Snap. Since we weren’t going anywhere I started exercising with the Weights. Not only did I do a full Three Sets but I also Doubled the Repetitions of all the different exercises I was doing.
After watching the 6 o’clock Local News we had a wonderful supper of Baked (nuked) Potatoes, Brussels Spouts and Salmon Fillets. Everything tasted wonderful.
Belle Isle, Michigan.
We immersed ourselves again on the Computers before turning on the Television just to see what was on. There ended up being a movie about with dealing with losses at Christmas Time. It wasn’t so much the seasonal aspect of it but how those involved were helping one another through tough times. We both have personal memories of that Twenty-Two Years ago. Before we knew it was past midnight and I hadn’t written the Blog. When Kathy suggested writing about it today and that we write nearly every night I shut down our Computers.
Vera's building behind the center tree.
This morning Tuesday we both had a hard time to drag ourselves out of bed by 9:00. Kathy had trouble falling asleep again last night but it wasn’t until I looked over by her desk that we realized what could be the problem. The Iced Tea drink that she has been having lately is not Decaffeinated. We look for something different for her to try.
Freighter passing by in the River.
Car Photo-Bombing on the Drive.
Noticing on The Weather Network that the Temperatures will be climbing again tomorrow for possibly the next Two Weeks I convinced Kathy that we were going Bike Riding this afternoon.
While I modified a Garden Salad by adding Chopped Celery, Ham. Onion, Pepper and Shredded Mozzarella Cheese for lunch Kathy made up a small dessert plate that would top it off.
By the time we got the Dishes washed, the supplies ready, and Bike set up outside it was nearly 2:00. Surprisingly it was starting to feel warmer then forecasted but we were on our way. At first Kathy said she just wanted to go for a ride so we turned east. Then she said she wanted to visit our friend Vera so after a quick U-turn we were heading west.
The Ganatchio Trail only goes west until it connects diagonally to Wyandotte Street. Once that happens we are sharing the side lane with traffic. Even though Kathy would be scared to do this on her own she trusts my cycling skills. Once we reached Pillette Road we headed north towards the Detroit River and Alexander Park.
Even though we only slowed for a Single Red Traffic Light the rest were all Green so by the time we reached the Park we needed to cool down. Luckily the Snack Bar was open so while Kathy walked the Tandem Bicycle over to a Picnic Table I stood in line wearing my Mask while Social Distancing to get a couple of Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones. When I got them I had to walk around the building so that I would maintain Social Distancing with those in line behind me.

The shade of the Trees and the breeze off the River along with the Ice Cream helped to cool us down. We started walking towards the far end of the Park to see the Peace Fountain which is anchored in the River until its removal every Fall. Nearby is a monument dedicated to the Canadian Military Members who lost their lives while serving with NATO to bringing Peace in War Torn areas of the world.
Our intention today was to try to visit our friend Vera so standing in front of her building and using my Cell Phone we gave her a ring. As soon as it went to the Answering Machine Kathy hung up. Lots of people don’t answer when they see an unknown number on their display so I called back only to leave a message. We started to ride away but only rode a Hundred Feet when my Phone started going off.
After Five Months Kathy and Vera wearing Masks just had to hug.
We backtracked and finally met Vera outside. We went and sat at some Outdoor Patio Furniture to continue visiting. It has been just over a year since Bill passed away so being Self Isolated is even harder on Vera then it is on us. We visited for nearly Two Hours before we said our good byes.
Visiting with Vera while Social Distancing.
Our Tandem Bicycle in the background.
Since we followed Riverside Drive most of the way back we had the Tandem Bicycle fastened back to our Balcony Rail by 5:30. Even though we worked it off the Ice Cream Cone we had kept us satisfied past the 6 o’clock Local News. Since we had a single Banana that was quite ripe and we didn’t was to waste it Kathy made us each a Banana Pancake for our late supper.
We watched another movie before turning on the Computers again tonight. Tomorrow we are hoping to do things since Plans don’t work. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

I’m not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Louisa May Alcott, Nurse and Novelist.


  1. Wow, lots of photos and a busy day.
    That was a very good looking garden salad.

  2. I can guarantee you being isolated alone isn't fun. Nice of you to stop by. At least you have many beautiful places to ride your bikes. Were it not for the heat, I think I'd be out every day.

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable bike ride and the visit with Vera, not only rewarding for you both but a very special one for her.
    The sky and clouds can sure trick us!
    Don't overdo it on the weights etc. A normal workout is better for us. Been there, done that. haha

  4. Glad you took a day off from the blog but not from your busy lives. I must admit I was a little worried not to see a post as you are daily bloggers.

    I am sure Vera and Kathy were happy to finally be able to hug and visit in person. Indeed a treat for the three of you.