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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Changing How Things Are Done, Another Day Like Quartzsite and Toronto Got Hit Hard.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Just before we headed off to bed last night our area was hit but some Thunderstorms. Not enough to give us a real soaking but enough to wet things down and to leave a few puddles here and there. We managed to wake a little earlier today and the reason we did is because we wanted to accomplish something before it got too Hot today. After a quick breakfast we only took long enough to have our morning Coffees while checking for messages on the Computers before we got ready to leave.

The Weather Network showed how Quartzsite and Windsor would both feel like 108 F (42 C) for some time this afternoon. Quartzsite feeling cooler then the actual temperature while Windsor would feel warmer. I unfortunately wasn’t home to picture those Temps.
It's normally hard to find a parking spot but not now.
Our first stop was to Green Shield to drop off Kathy’s Claim Form from Healthy Heals that Mary works for. Most times we’ll have the reimbursement within a week but who knows how long it will take now. It was not surprising to see only a Dozen Vehicles in the Employees Parking Lot that normally holds a Hundred. Those Dozen probably belonged to the Techs and a few Department Managers since most of their employees are working from home. We know a few of those people.

Normally Kathy has to bring the Form inside but with the door being locked and instructions to use the Mail Slot that’s what she did.
Since we weren’t too far away we stopped at Guardian Storage to find we had no Mail before we headed to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. We thought that we’d bring our old Television Stand to our daughter’s garage. We gave it away but the persons had not moved into their apartment yet. Since they visit with our granddaughter every few weeks they can pick it up there.

There was a Problem that we didn’t think of. We stored the Television Stand at the back of the Unit. Even though it was cool inside the unit I would have to move a lot of the things from our Trailer that were stacked in front of it I had mistakenly wore Shorts and could not locate my Back Belt. We’ll go back tomorrow.
We swung by the Trailer and found a large Water Puddle in front of all the trailers in that section but otherwise the Trailer looked secure.
As we were heading towards Jefferson Avenue we were again stopped by a Train but at least this one was moving at a good clip. We actually saw something encouraging when we looked across from where we were stopped to see a building that had been Leased. With the downturn due to the Virus that’s a sign of encouragement.
Once we got rolling we drove to Wendy’s to have lunch. We had Two Chicken Wraps, Two Small Chocolate Frosties and Two Seniors Sodas all for $7.41. As we sat in the Car eating we also saw a couple of brave souls enjoying their orders at the Picnic Tables out front.
Driving across the street to the Tecumseh Mall I dropped Kathy at Shoppers Drug Mart before parking the Car. She accidentally scratched herself last night and found out we were running low on Band-aids. We were in there less then Five Minutes but the cooler air felt good.
Our cooler evening temperature.
With no other stops we were soon back at the Apartment. We spent the afternoon getting caught up on our Computer reading.
We cooked up a Store Bought Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza for supper. After watching the 6 o’clock Local News we had a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows as a snack. If you live in an area badly needing Rain please don’t get upset with Toronto. I’m certain they would have liked to share.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. We are west of you in southern Michigan hope this heat does not stick around. Setting up this afternoon was not fun. Take care, stay safe, and healthy.

  2. You guys got a lot accomplished today but then again you always do. Amazing how hot it is there.

    Lucky Toronto would have loved to have gotten a bit of that rain.

    Enjoyed today's Words of Inspiration.

  3. It is somewhat disappointing when you get thunderstorms but no relief from the heat. We hope to get some storm and rain overnight tonight and a drop in temps soon. Fingers crossed.

  4. That is a good deal of rain in as short period of time.