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Friday, July 10, 2020

Hoping Works, Blue Language, Hair Loss and Cooler Temperatures Are Here.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Since hoping to wake up early worked better then Planning to wake up early yesterday we tried it again last night. The results were wonderful as we were both awake shortly before 8:00 and having breakfast minutes after.

As soon as breakfast was over I immediately started my morning chores while my Coffee cooled and Kathy started checking things On-line. Once I was changed the first thing I checked was The Weather Network where I found we were already warmer then Quartzsite but that would be changing due to a rather wet forecast.
Just as I was starting to Exercise my cell phone went off. What I got was a person that sounded to be from a foreign land telling me they were going to arrest me for delinquent Taxes. Having heard a similar line on Kathy’s cell phone just yesterday and our home line the day before set off a chain reaction. That person was informed I pay my XXXX Taxes and he could XXXXXX. Dam it he hung up on me. Was it something I said? Kathy hadn’t put her Hearing Aids in yet but figured out what had just happen.

My workout not only got rid of Aches and Pains but a lot of Frustration at those idiots as well.
Our High for the day. Quautzsite reached 111 F.
I had barely finished my shower when Kathy was serving Italian Wedding Soup for lunch along with a dessert plate at 11:40. It tasted wonderful but she has to learn to slow down. She said she was hungry.
We were on our way out at 12:55. As we walked out the rear door of the building it felt like a Blast Furnace blowing from the south but at the same time Storm Clouds were coming from the same direction.

We had barely turned on the road when the Rain started light at first but the further south we drove the more intense it got. As we headed west the Rain eased again but the Clouds looked even more threatening.
The Rain was coming down.
You might wonder why we would bother to go out under those conditions but the answer was simple we had an appointment with Julia for a Haircut. The last time we saw Julia was March 18th so we were long overdue.

Under the guidelines set forth by our Local Health Unit everyone had to wear Masks. Only the customer could be inside so even though we waited for one another we had to do it in our Car. The Chair and all Equipment used between customers had to be cleaned and disinfected even though we are from the same household. Everyone’s temperature was checked as they entered and if you showed signs of a fever you would be asked to leave. No washing or dying hair that would require the use of a Blow Dryer as it could spread germs.

It wasn’t so bad when I waited while Kathy had her hair done as there were only a few sprinkles outside. When I was inside there was Thunder, High Winds and lots of Rain were coming down and Kathy was in the Car by herself. She’s petrified of those kinds of storms but she survived.

We did find out that Jenna our former Hairstylist had a beautiful baby Boy back in May. Congratulations Jenna! We’ve already booked our next hair appointments.
From there we headed over to Guardian Storage to collect our Mail before going to the nearby Dollarama. There wasn’t anyone waiting to go inside when we arrived but there were plenty of Water Puddles. We picked up a few Groceries at half the cost of the grocery stores along with a few Carbonated Juice which is a quarter of the cost.

It was almost 4:00 so we swung over to the Arby’s Drive-Thru where we got a couple of Greek Gyros for our supper. Kathy wanted to eat her’s while it was still warm so we ate then in their parking lot. Delicious!
The Rain brought the Temps down.
When we arrived at the Apartment Building we had just gathered our purchases out of the Car when the Rain started coming down again. Luckily we had brought our Raincoats so we were only a little wet.

The 6 o’clock Local News was the same old news. We received a Thank You from our granddaughter Kylla for giving her friend our Television Cabinet. With all the Rain we’ve gotten our Temperatures have really come down. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Toni Morrison, Novelist


  1. Sure hope that weather comes our way!

  2. between us and you guys, maybe we can send Karen some rain too! :)
    It sure feels wonderful to breathe again.

  3. The last time I got a call like that I asked him to hold on a sec, then I yelled (to no one) ... WHAT? Just clean it up!!! It's blood, just mop it up!! Hold on a sec please ..... if you don't get that body out of here YOU will be NEXT!! The phone went click. It was just too funny!!! I imagine they won't be calling back.

    1. It would be my luck that if I did that cops would show up at my door in a New York second believing it was true.

  4. All 3 phones?! Wow. There is a website you can enter your numbers into, takes a few weeks but it does work. You'd have to google it, I can't recall right now. I do it fairly regularly and include my M-I-L's phone number also.

  5. We have been receiving those phone calls on our cells as well. However when we see where the call is coming from, China, or New Jersey where we don't know anyone, we just don't answer.

    Our hair stylist does wash and blow-dry. Everyone seems to interpreting the rules differently.

  6. Wow..what ridiculous rules! Yeah I don't answer any number I don't know..gotta say Nancy's comment is funny! Very nice of you to give away your tv cabinet. :)

  7. I did not realize it had been that long since you guys got a hair cut but I do remember you mentioning that your stylist was pregnant.

    Please send your rain our way!