It's about time.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This Is Summer?

Our Location today is Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

Kathy managed to sleep throughout the night without the use of any pain medication for her injuries and we both stayed covered under the blankets in an effort to stay warm while we slept. As the title of today’s post suggests the temperature dipped well below the norm for this time of year and I’m not just referring to the night-time low but the daytime high as well. 

After we finished breakfast we returned to the computers first to do our morning reading then to do more research about Tandem Bicycles. We weighed the pros and cons on a couple of the different models and finally decided that we’d just have to see them in person.

Cleaning the fridge of the last of the leftovers we had accumulated it wasn’t long before we were on our way to the town of Huntsville. Our first stop was the Canadian Tire Store where after looking at all the road and mountain type bicycles they had in stock we asked someone in sporting goods if they could order a Tandem Bike. It surprised them when they searched for Tandem Bikes on their homepage and it transferred them to the Walmart sight. 

Looking at Walmart there was far less of a selection of bicycles than Canadian Tire had and we were told the Tandem Bike would have to be ordered. They suggested trying the local cycle shops in the downtown district. 

At the Algonquin outfitters we looked around and were about to leave when one clerk suggested the bicycle specialist who repairs the bikes downstairs in their basement. Who knew they had a basement! When we finally talked to Craig the bike he tried to get us to order was insanely expensive in fact we could have bought a good compact car for the price. He did however suggest that we not look at just a Tandem Bike but a Folding Tandem Bike. This was a very good suggestion. 
Kathy working the stiffness out her shoulders in Algonquin Park.
It was two months since our last bicycle rides.
We were starting to think the price was ridiculous when we went to the other bike shop across the street. They had bicycles that you could ride on the beach or on snow that were as expensive as the tandem that Craig wanted us to order for us but they had no Tandems. 

Of course as soon as we went outside the rain started coming down with torrential force. The forecast had been for light spring like showers not this. We started driving back to the trailer and saw another Sports shop so we stopped in to check it out. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, Lacrosse, golf, and skiing equipment they had it all but no bicycles. Some sports shop! 
Large campsite but not for our trailer.
Back at the trailer we went back on the computers and found a number of companies that produced Folding Tandem Bicycles and some of them were cheaper than the others we had seen online yesterday. The big advantage is transporting this bicycle is much easier. We’ll wait until we get home to look into this further. 

After resting a bit we went back into town as we were starting to get a touch of Cabin Fever because of the cold wet weather we’ve been getting. It didn’t matter that just hours ago we had been out. We were starting to feel closed in. 

We indulged ourselves by going to Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill for supper. We were sitting there enjoying the atmosphere and suddenly the rain stopped and the sun started shinning in the windows. The place was packed so it took a while for our meals to be served but that was fine with us. The food was done to perfection and were just happy to have gotten out of the trailer for a while. 

Tonight the temperature is supposed to go down to 50 F (10 C) but will feel cooler because there is a wind chill. Sounds like winter weather to me! Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

All pictures taken in Algonquin Park
while riding bike with one hand
except for Kathy stretching.


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  1. Such a beautiful area there in Huntsville and Algonquin. enjoy the great scenery.

  2. My kids yell at me when I try to take pictures while I'm riding my bike!! I must admit, it's not easy to do, and definitely not easy to get straight pictures!