It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Start to an Awesome Weekend.

Our Location today is Rock Glen Resort Arkona, Ontario, Canada.

Amazingly neither Kathy nor I had any Pretravel night sleeping problems. I was awake earlier than I had planned but laid in bed until nearly 7:30 this morning. As per usual it only took moments for Kathy to realize that I was no longer in bed and she was coming into the kitchen as I was making the coffee and serving our cereal for breakfast. Even though I had packed away lots of our stuff including the computers yesterday there was still things needing to be taken care of before hitting the road. 

Once the dishes were finished and I’d done my share of the inside stowing I then went outside to flush the tanks before storing the last of the utilities. Kathy finished closing the rest of the inside of the trailer and had started loading the truck for travel. We were on the road by 9:00 this morning and the temperature had just reached 50 F (10 C). 

Since our plans had suddenly changed that we weren’t going home until Sunday because we planned on visiting with some friends we were very relaxed. Mapquest and our GPS both said the quickest way to our destination would be battling the Friday traffic of downtown Toronto again like last Friday. We reset them both and came up with the shortest route instead. 

Hitting the road this morning meant we still needed to take highway 11 for nearly ninety miles before taking the less popular secondary highways. With this prolonged straight stretch of road ahead of us Kathy was able to recover some of her lost sleep. 

It was nearly noon hour when we pulled in to a Walmart parking lot in Alliston to stretch and have lunch at the A&W next door. Sticking with tradition we used one of our coupons that we brought from home and saved ourselves 40% on our meal. 
We didn’t dawdle too long because the GPS said we still had another three hours to our destination. This was different than driving on super highways. The only stopping we did was at traffic lights along our route and they were far and few between compared to the stop and go bumper to bumper traffic we experienced last week. The scenery was much more enjoyable as well as car drivers didn’t seem as aggressive like on the super highways. 
Santa giving wagon rides at Rock Glen RV Resort.
At 4:00 this afternoon we had arrived at Rock Glen RV Resort in Arkona. At the office we were told the site location of who we were looking for. Leaving the truck parked we walked around the corner and surprise Georgeand Suzie Yates from Awesome Travels who were busy reading their books under their awning in the afternoon sun. We only made the decision yesterday and never called them so they were truly surprised. We made arrangements to go out for supper after we were set up. 
An Awesome Couple George and Suzie Yates 
The site we found was directly behind theirs which George caught a picture of my better side while we were setting up. It was nearly 6:00 by the time we drove over to the nearby golf course for supper. Their special at the club house for the night was Chicken Wings and Beer. George stayed the truest of us all by having only Chicken Wings with his own Suicide Hot sauce that he added to the restaurant’s hot sauce. 

We were all well satisfied with our meals as we headed back to the Resort. George however was not finished there because when we went back over to their RV to continue our visiting he brought out some wonderful Strawberry Shortcakes for dessert. 

The conversation continued until the sun started to set and the mosquitoes started to bite but that’s okay because Kathy and I know that we are going to have an Awesome Weekend. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Enjoy the weekend! Looks like a great spot to spend time with friends!

  2. It was a nice surprise to see you guys show up like that. And a rare treat for us to go out for supper. Not sure where those mosquitoes come from, did you bring them with you? Mind you we are seldom ever outside that late either.
    Sure will be and Awesome weekend.

  3. You should have let them know you were coming and you might have been treated to one of George's famous weber Q meals!

  4. Got to be an Awesome weekend parked near the Awesome Travelers.