It's about time.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Great Views and an Oops.

Our Location today is Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

Last night Kathy slept like a rock and I spent a couple of hours staring at the ceiling so instead of waking at a decent hour it was past 8:30 before I woke up. Since Kathy was catching up on lost sleep from the night before she didn’t wake until she felt me moving about the trailer. We had planned on an early start because we were heading into Algonquin Provincial Park for the day. We both had prepared a number of things last night so by the time I finished loading the truck Kathy had packed our lunch to go.

In the last few blogs I mentioned how it had been ten years since the last time we’ve been to Huntsville and Algonquin Park. I also mentioned how time has not stood still and there have been many changes to the area. What didn’t change were the breath taking views during the hour drive into the park. We thought finally something didn’t change. 

After getting our Senior’s day pass we headed down the road to the Two Rivers Store which is at the end of the Railroad Trail. Anyone who camps in the park that needs any kind of supplies and doesn’t want the long drive to town this is where you do your shopping but make sure that your wallet is well stocked because it will not take long to get empty. Since it was almost noon we decided to grab a grilled cheese sandwich with fries for lunch and keep our food to eat along the trail. 

By 12:45 we had our bicycles loaded with our supplies and were taking the bike paths back to the old Railroad Trail through the park. We had notice that there had been a few hiking trails that crossed the Railroad Trail which had been added since the last time we were here. Once on the trail it was nearly 4.5 miles to Pog Lake Campground and even though it wasn’t too warm it was quite a challenge for Kathy who has a heart condition and because we haven’t ridden our bicycles since we returned from the Escapade in May. 
We checked out the campground and were amazed that they had Camp Hosts in each loop. We found site 310 where we spent the month of July in 2001 on our honeymoon. We continued riding through the Pog Campground until we crossed highway 60 which runs through the lower part of Algonquin Park. We did that so we could go to the Kearney Lake Campground to find the site 132 where we first experienced tent camping in the park. (Also where we found bear paw prints around our tent a few mornings.) There had been a number of sites added to that section. 

We returned to the Pog Campground where we took a short break before returning to the Railroad Trail. Kathy suggested we just ride back towards the truck as the ride was really tiring her out so that’s what we did.

After riding along for a while we came to a fork in the trail that we had never seen before and there was no sign for directions. Strange! One side went up a hill and the other stayed fairly level so we stayed on the level trail. We continued riding for quite some time until we finally came to a park bench in the middle of nowhere with a Placard Map on it. The X that said you are here showed we were near the end of what was called the Trail Extension that was not here ten years ago. We had ridden 5 miles since the fork in the path and the only way to the truck was to backtrack. 

By this time it was past 5:30 and Kathy’s sugar was starting to drop but she didn’t want to eat on the trail. The next thing she knew her bike was in loose gravel and she took a bad spill. After getting her partly cleaned up she insisted on continuing back to the truck.

It was a sight that she was happy to see and once she was seated in the truck I got things loaded. It was already past 7:00 and she suggested I get a couple of hamburgers and a pop before we drove home. After her shower and an extra strength Tylenol we patched her up so that she’ll ride another day.

Instead of riding our bikes ten miles today we rode them twenty and the round trip in the truck was a hundred miles. That means we did a lot of traveling for a simple day out. Guess what we’re having for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Sorry to hear about Kathy's spill, but it sounds like you covered some beautiful country.

  2. That is a nice bike trail and we have ridden it many times, from Pog to Lake of Two rivers and also Rock Lake.
    Plus really awesome canoeing through that area as well.
    Too bad about Kathy's spill, hope all is good today.