It's about time.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Busy Birthday and Chicken Pox.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After having such a busy day yesterday rebuilding the bed in the trailer Kathy and I didn’t have any problems sleeping last night. What we did have a problem with was waking up this morning. I actually got up after Kathy this morning and feeling quite stiff in my back because I haven’t done that kind of work in a while.
Kylla unwrapping her gifts.
 It was past 9:00 by the time we finished breakfast so we finished our coffees at the computers. It almost felt strange getting caught up on my reading in the morning considering I had chores to do. 
Kylla holding the Birthday Cards that both grandmothers chose.
It was just after 10:00 this morning that I had all the laundry sorted when I remembered that I had run to a Ford dealership to get some parts. The other night when I activated the windshield washer nothing happened. Thinking it was low fluid I added some with the same result. Looking under the hood fluid was spraying all over but through the nozzles. When I touched the fluid line it fell down because the inside connection had dried the plastic with time and just broke off. Going to Rose City Ford I was back in less than thirty minutes with the new parts. 
Kylla with a simple Ice Cream Cake.
Now back to the laundry I managed to get all the dirty clothes from before our trip the last of our trip and since our trip into the wash. I came back to the apartment to find Kathy researching more places to visit and see but not for this year or this coming winter but for the winter of 2015/16. She really does like to plan ahead and she doesn’t want to miss a thing in the area because who knows if we’ll ever get back there. 
Greg's parents Rose and Ray
Kathy and I
Once I had the wash in the dryers we had our lunch before I had to go fold the clothes. When I got down there I found one of the dryers had not activated so after I folded the rest of the clothes I had to wait for the rest of it to be dried. 
Kylla and boyfriend Noah.
With the clothes all put away I then went out and installed the new washer nozzles on the truck. Kathy had cooked a nice Lasagna with a nice bean salad for a side for supper. 
Sanford trying to see if any of the gifts were his.
By 6:00 we were over at our daughter Karen and son-in-law Greg’s to celebrate our granddaughter Kylla’s 19th birthday. It’s hard to believe how fast the grand children are starting to grow into young adults. Greg’s parents Ray and Rose were also there to help with the celebration as was Noah Kylla’s boyfriend. 
Tyler being examine by Karen and Greg
After the cake was served and the gifts were opened Tyler expressed to his dad that he was experiencing a lot of itchiness on his back. When Greg looked at it he wasn’t sure but by the time everyone else had seen it and Google was referenced we knew that 12 year old Tyler was coming down with Chicken Pox. The worst part of it is that his two sisters Ashley and Kylla have not had Chicken Pox and they were all together for the last few days. Chances are very great we’ll have to young ladies wanting to kill their brother in the next couple of weeks. 
Sister Ashley scared to think she could be getting sick soon.
Sister Kylla Not liking the news.
I never did get back to the trailer to clean up my tools or finish sorting the boxes in the living room but I’m sure that won’t be all I’ll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Boy is Kylla a cutie pie!

    Oh my. I haven't heard of anyone getting the chicken poxs for a very long time. Was he vaccinated?