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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Really Wet Visiting Day.

Our Location today is London, Ontario, Canada.

Just as the day ended yesterday it started today with rain. There were actually some heavier showers throughout the night that made enough noise on the roof that it woke us up. We’ve been in plenty of storms before in this trailer and never heard it rain that loud. Knowing that our first visit of the day wasn’t booked until well after lunch we took our time getting out of bed just before 8:00 this morning. 
Water outside our door.
The entire morning during breakfast working at the computers and having lunch the rain continued creating small lakes throughout the campground including a large one at the end of our steps. Luckily it seemed to come in waves periodically easing before once again coming down in torrents. 
Our neighbor had his own lake.
Our stop for today was visiting with my sister Anna at her home in London. Anna keeps track of our daily activities and travels by reading our blog every morning besides keeping in contact by phone and E-mail. We always have plenty to talk about when we get together and today was no exception. Even though the rain was still coming down pretty good when we arrived at her home somewhere during our visit the sun came out and the rain finally stopped. 
Wipers having a hard time to keep the windshield clean.
For supper we drove up Wonderland Drive to East Side Mario’s for something we were all craving and it has been quite a while since any of us have been there. Even during the meal the conversation never ended. Anna knowing we try to save money whenever we can just happened to spot a sign showing a 10% discount for Auto Club members. By simply showing my membership card helped make eating there all the more appetizing. 

As we dropped Anna back at her house and said our good byes and safe travels the rain slowly started again ending the last of our conversation for this time. Thanks for the wonderful visit Anna and we’ll be seeing you again soon. 

Kathy and I stopped at the nearby Freshco grocery store to pick up a few things that we didn’t have at the apartment to bring on this trip. We actually managed to get a fair amount of our purchases on sale which again helped to save some money. Freshco was a good choice! Thanks Anna for recommending it. 
My sister Anna with Kathy.
Coming outside with our groceries we were once again met by brilliant blue skies but you could see the rain clouds off in the distance. As we traveled back to the campground it almost looked like we were chasing the storm down the highway. By the time we rolled back into the campground most of the water around our trailer had dissipated but had not totally disappeared. 
Just as Kathy was about to shot this picture the sun
started to blind us as well as it started to rain again.

Tomorrow our visiting begins earlier by having lunch out with my aunt and uncle. The weather should be a lot dryer and cooler making it for a more relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We had our share of rain yesterday as well. Nice to visit relatives when you can take your own house. Enjoy you time in London.