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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Catching Up, Wonderful Visit, Remembering 911, False Advertising and High Humidex.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Tuesday was a busy day at Work adding a Hood to the Second Aluminium Project but by the end of the shift I was more then ready to go Home. After I had a quick shower Kathy and I were out the door heading back to Windsor to pick up our granddaughter Ashley. As mentioned before she was having issues with scheduling at the restaurant that she is working at so we had to reschedule our get-together a few times.

We headed over to the Michigan Diner on Tecumseh Road where we enjoyed our meals while keeping the conversation going the entire time. Even though Kathy and I ordered from the Seniors Menu giving us smaller portions at lower prices because we have decreased our intakes we both felt Stuffed when we left. Ashley eats like a bird so she had a take home box that will serve her a couple more meals.

We not only wanted more time to visit and to hear about her adventures she has been having while away teaching English in Spain but since she will not be Home to celebrate Merry Thanksmas with the rest of the family we also wanted to be certain she received her Gifts. She appreciated everything that we gave her but since she has learned to travel light and compact. By the time she left she had repackaged everything that had been wrapped in a very large Gift Bag into the size of my lunchbox. That just goes to show you how things are over packaged.

It was after 9:00 when we drove Ashley back home in Windsor. We definitely didn’t let her get away with out Hugs because we won’t see her until next Summer. It was past 10:30 by the time we got Home. With my early wake up I was in no shape to write a post.

Today Wednesday September 11 was not only a solemn reminder of what happen Eighteen Years ago at the World Trade Center in New York but it was also our daughter-in-law Jen’s Birthday.

At Work there was a problem when the Owner decided to add additional bracing on the unit. As I’ve mentioned before there are certain things that should be done on a flat Workbench so the Aluminium does not bow from the heat. Adding the Braces then welding them in position was more then a challenge. By doing it this way added more then Two Days work to the Unit. The fact that we were also experiencing 102 F (39 C) Humidex this afternoon didn’t help the situation.

Kathy had a frustrating day as well driving back to Windsor to check an advertised product that was far from clean that it reeked to high heaven. That’s what you call “False Advertising” She managed to get Home and turned on the Air Conditioner before a series of Thunderstorms rolled through our area.

The Rain had stopped by the end of the shift so it was clear sailing all the way back to the Park. I was only Home Ten Minutes when the next wave of storms rolled through. Neither of us were very hungry so we both enjoyed a slice of Fruitcake for our supper. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
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It’s about time.

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  1. Nice you finally got to spend a little time with Ashley! How cool is that to be teaching overseas! Good for her. Time is sure flying isn't it?!

  2. It hit 71 degrees here this morning. Hope you finally get to cool off soon!!

  3. I am glad you finally got to spend some quality time with Ashley before she returnes to Spain.