It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finally Finished and A Great Visit.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Just like a night before we travel I spent most of last night waking up only to fall asleep to repeat the process over again. It really was my own fault because yesterday Kathy had reminded me of my doctor’s appointment this morning. When I went to bed I told myself I couldn’t sleep in. That was all it took for me to keep waking to check the time. When I finally got up at 7:45 this morning I truly felt like going back to bed but what good would that do other than make me late for my appointment. 

Kathy’s been fighting a cold the last few days so she stayed at home while I headed across town. Taking the Expressway I was very surprised that the construction that bottlenecked the traffic for miles this summer was finally finished and totally cleaned up. At the doctors office all my blood tests came back with everything within the proper limits so he wished me safe travels and said he’d see me in another year unless something came up before then. 

Back home I quickly checked my E-mails and morning blogs before heading back to my workshop in the living room. The stain I had applied just before going to bed last night had dried nicely so now it was time to assemble the final pieces. I was surprised when some of the pieces that had gone together so nicely were giving me a hard time now that they had been stained. After a little shaving here and there everything went together much tighter than before. 

Kathy interrupted me for lunch and commented that she was finally starting to understand what all the pieces were for now that she was seeing it going together. We did the dishes together before I returned to my job. I now had to finish piloting and fastening everything. Once the bookshelves were completed I then had to mount and fasten them to the cart we made for the trailer. When Kathy saw it completed she was jumping for joy saying it came out just the way she wanted it to. 

When we travel in the U.S. the last few years Kathy ends up with severe Kidney infections by drinking the water. Last year we were drinking dispensed water but just boiling the campground water for tea and coffee. The infections continued but not as severe but the water damaged our water kettle. This winter all our drinks will be dispensed or bottled water. 

The design of the cart allows for two five gallon jugs of water on the cart plus a place to store bottled water if guests preferred it that way. Our kitchen counter is not that large so now the jug will no longer use valuable counter space and if Kathy needs more counter space she can use the top of the cart. By adding the bookshelf at the end of the cart eliminated a magazine rack we had on the floor of the trailer. 
With the cart completed I was able to take many of the tools and materials out of the living room this afternoon. Kathy didn’t feel like cooking so after we stopped at the trailer to drop off some things and retrieve the magazine rack we went to Wendy’s where we used a coupon for supper.

Since this was Wednesday we headed out for our weekly visit with our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa in Amherstburg. I took the time to put all the tools I had brought to the apartment back where they belong while Kathy started visiting without me. Kathy had brought some of the rice squares that she made yesterday for the kids to try and Melissa had made a great tasting Apple Crumble to top it off. Even with all the calories consumed we still had a great visit that was topped with laughter as little Boots thought playing with my shoelaces was a lot of fun. 

It’s a big relief now that the cart is finished so that we can get back to doing other things on our to-do list before heading south in 72 days. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Wow! what a fabulous- functional - fancy cabinet...I must confess watching its progress and your descriptions during the course of construction....I really didn't know what the function was going to be....BUT all is clear now & it looks terrific - congratulations on a job well done.........

  2. Great water/book cart Rick!! You may have to start taking orders for them!!

  3. We have always drank purified water since we went full time, nice that you finally got you cart done.

  4. Great idea and great job. Glad Kathy can get some counter top back.

  5. Nice woodworking. That cart will clearly serve your needs well.

  6. Your finished cart turned out great!

    Love little Boots, such a cutie.