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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Making Him Practice.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Having taken ZzzQuil last night to help me sleep worked. I woke feeling refreshed this morning with no lingering side effects.

There were no jobs pending at the start of the shift so I had Sorough doing more clean up. When working with Powdered Metals there is a lot of uncontrollable waste in the form of loose powders and over-spray droppings. He wasn’t impressed, but since I told him what I went through during my Apprenticeship, he is more accepting of it. As I tell him, “I won’t have you do something that I would not do myself”.

I was given the task of touching up a Feedscrew that is close to being shipped for chrome. When Sorough had completed his chore, he started watching how I was doing my task. That had me thinking that he needs more practice for both TIG and Stick Welding. If I don’t have him doing that when I’m there to coach him, how will he manage when he is on his own.

The first welding task I had him doing, was to add Lugs to a couple of New Units while I was finishing another job. With that out of the way, I had him take over the touch-ups. He was having difficulty determining the proper Filler Rods to use. I used that time to Stick Weld a tool that Kaline created for his job.

When I spoke to Kathy at lunch, she had run her errands, but said the Winds were cold. Today’s temperature was above the Freezing Mark.

Mile was waiting when I returned with Two Jobs needing quick attention. The first was adding a Lug on a Unit to be turned in the Lathe. The other needed a Flame-Harden Bearing Surface built up. Mile, accidentally over-ground part of it. That one was mounted in the PTA and built with 420 Stainless Steel powder.

We had already built the Bearing Surface higher then necessary, but when Mile saw it at 3:00, thought it was better to add More to it. Sorough is still dependent on rides at this time so he left at the end of the shift. After completing the second pass and burying the Screw in the Sandbox. I only added an extra Hour to my day.

When I let Kathy know that I was on my way, she suggested picking up supper. I stopped at Pita Pit and brought home each a Caesar Pita. Not only were they tasty and healthier then most Fast Foods, they were also quite filling. No snacks were needed tonight.

The 6 o’clock Local News shows a drop in our temperatures in the next week accompanied with Flurries.

Seventeen Days and counting down.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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