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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Worst Night In Ages, Sunshine and Slowing Numbers.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Getting to bed before midnight last night I never expected to have as little sleep as I did. After lying awake until 3:30 I finally got up feeling stuffed up. Using a Halls Cough Drop help ease the problem but it was past 4:30 before I started feeling tired. Back in bed the last time I looked at the Clock was past 6:15 and I was still awake. Developing a Headache the likes not felt in Forty Years I finally took and Extra Strength Tylenol. I must have dozed but was again looking at the Clock by 8:00. I convinced myself to roll over and slept until 9:25.

I had barely opened the Balcony Blinds and the room was flooded with Sunlight. I wanted to cheer up but my head hurt too much. Kathy joined me just as I was getting breakfast ready to serve. She’d had a bad night as well but not as bad as I did. We thought about what we ate and drank yesterday and found nothing that could have caused this. I took another Tylenol to stop the pounding.

When I checked The Weather Network besides the low temperatures I noted the 73% Humidity level which is low for this area. Our Apartment has Electric Heat in the floors which also lowers our Humidity. When I looked at the Weather Gauge on the wall it showed the Humidity level below 50%. That could have caused the congestion that led to our lack of sleep.

We opened the Balcony Door for Five Minutes and both started to breath better. As for the Headaches due to lack of sleep it would take the better part of the day for that to go away.

For lunch we had Italian Wedding Soup with Orange Slices and a piece of the Brownie Cake Kathy baked yesterday for our dessert.

That Headache felt like it was returning so with the help of another Tylenol and more fresh air we both started feeling better.

We didn’t make it to the Storage Yard but we managed to get a few things resolved On-Line. Still having issues with our Home Answering system. Hoping Bell can finally get it fixed.

For supper we had Meatballs with Gravy on Egg Noodles with Niblet Corn for a side.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they announced that even though numbers are going down compared to what they have recently been there were 55 New Cases with 8 more Deaths bringing the total for the Windsor/Essex area to 300 since the start of the Coronavirus. With colder overnight temperatures for the next few days we’ll be letting some fresh air in before going to bed.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory.

All I did was take a day off.


  1. Brad is scheduled to go to the sleep clinic in a couple of weeks as he hasn't been 'checked' since the 1990s and has been having some trouble with sleep. Likely not a related note but thought I'd mention it anyway...

  2. Hope you figure out your sleep problem soon and I hope it's temporary. Maybe two Tylenol will help.

  3. Here's hoping neither one of you have fever. If you don't, I'll bet it's the fresh air problem. Hard to get fresh air when it's so cold. I hope you have a better night ahead. Bad sleep nights, as the young people say, suck big time.