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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Worn Out Getting Ready.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

It didn’t take long getting to sleep last night, but as earlier this week the problem was staying asleep. We had the windows open and there was plenty of fresh air but the dream of wiring up our Battery Bank, Inverters, Charge Controller and Electrical Management System just kept flashing in my head. Telling myself to stop dreaming and go back to sleep had no effect until the sky seemed to be getting brighter. That’s when I managed to sleep past 8:30 this morning. When I had taken the sleep aid earlier this week I really needed to sleep in order to recover from our Unexpected Gift. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. 
Getting ready to leave this morning.
As we ate breakfast what we needed to accomplish today was discussed. Kathy was planning on letting me go back to Kevin’s in Amherstburg by myself but she had some errands that needed to be run afterwards. With logic I made it clear to her it would be a time saver if she visited with Kevin for the few minutes as I would be there and we’d carry on with the errands from there.  
More trees are starting to change colour in our area.
We were on our way to Amherstburg in the truck shortly after 10:00 where we discussed a possible way of resolving our under powered compressor issue. When we had originally purchased it the plan was that it would be carried in the tool cabinet in the truck bed so that limited the size of machine we could get because it could not be taller than the sidewalls of the truck-bed. When we arrived at Kevin’s I showed her the portable unit he had and reminded her that it was the same one we had originally looked at, capable of pumping our tires with ease. Kevin also has a very large upright compressor in his garage and only uses the smaller one periodically. We bartered our smaller Aluminum compressor that he can handle much easier for his heavier-duty portable unit. Kathy and Kevin visited for the next fifteen minutes it took for me to recut the pieces for the bicycle rack to the shorter length.

It was past 11:00 when we left Kevin’s and headed to our new drug store Pharma Care so we could give them a list of all the prescription medications we’ll need filled before leaving on our six-month trip south. I’d hoped to have them for the twenty-eighth but because of the amount of medications required they will try for sooner. 

Kevin had shown a deal he had spotted advertised in the Amherstburg Echo to Kathy showing we could buy a half rack of ribs with fries, a salad and soft-drink for ten dollars so we stopped in at Gyros and More for lunch. It took some time before we got our orders even though many other customers came and went purchasing only the normal luncheon fare but the wait was worth it. The ribs we could cut with the plastic knives we were given. The Greek salad was piled high covering over the reasonable number of French fries we had been served. None of the salad left on the plate as it was just too delicious. Only a very few French fries along with at least half the spare ribs made it into take home containers for tomorrow’s lunch. We could have shared a single order and have been more than satisfied. We also enjoyed a balaclava delight.  It was very good! 

Next stop was at Walmart where we needed to pick up Kathy’s antihistamines for our trip and a few groceries. We also needed to add a few more Christmas Gifts to our shopping. When we celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas this weekend we’ll be giving out gifts to our children and grandchildren. Our two oldest granddaughters will be bringing their new boyfriends to meet the family and Kathy didn’t want them feeling awkward sitting there while everyone else is opening gifts so we found simple but practical gifts they can use and will make them feel like part of the family. 

Across the street we stopped at Canadian Tire where Kathy found a new lid to fit all her frying pans as the one we now have has seen better days.

We were starting to run short on time so I parked in the No-Frills grocery store lot where I went in to buy coffee and some pop while Kathy went next door to the Shoppers Drug Mart to get skin cream for her Rosacea which is due to an allergy to the sun. We were both back at the truck in fifteen minutes. 

The backseat of the truck was getting quite full so we decided to head for Home to unload. Backtracking slightly to avoid construction we stopped at Lynn’s Variety store where we tried our luck at the 649 Lottery as well as getting a couple of Drumstick Ice Cream Cones. We needed them to cool down from the 79 F (26 C) heat we had this afternoon. 
Unloading everything at the trailer didn’t take long. Kathy had the food all put away before I had our new compressor safely stored in our basement with room to spare. Due to warm temperatures we both changed into cooler clothes before heading back out.  
Golfers playing the 19th hole.
The next stop was at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594 in LaSalle to pick up my new membership card. Heading further to West Windsor we went to Williams Food Equipment on Huron Church Road where Kathy tried to find a replacement milk container holder. We had purchase our holder there, years ago but they are no longer in stock. As advertised they are the “Candy Store for Chefs” so we didn’t quite walk out empty handed. We found some vertically square storage containers for our instant coffee that will help save space in our pantry. 
Inside the Michigan Diner
It was after 4:00 by this time so we took the E.C. Rowe Expressway and headed to the Credit Union to do some banking on the east end of town. Being in the same parking lot we also went to the Bulk Barn where we stocked up on the Sleepy Time Tea as well as the Lemon/Ginger Tea that helps heel what sometimes ails us. Heading back west we stopped at the Home Depot where we purchased Protective Wire Tip Covers for some of Kathy’s clothing hangers. 
Anyone remember the Juke Box Table Top Play selectors.
We finally made it to Guardian Storage where after getting our mail we went and did some shopping in our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. Kathy picked up a number of her long pants she’ll need for the cooler winter weather and a hair brush. I gathered some heavy gauge print paper that we’ll use when we need to make special surprises for people. 
Kathy just trying to relax.
It was 5:30 when we were leaving and we were starting to feel hungry so we went to the Michigan Diner on Howard Avenue for supper. Every day between 3:00 and 6:00 they offer a Senior’s Menu which is a more reasonably sized and priced meal. Because this was Friday we had their delicious Halibut Fish and Chips. Even though the place was packed we were both satisfied and not stuffed when we were leaving at 6:30. 
Lots of memories on those walls.
There was yet another stop at Staples where Kathy needed a couple of refills for her Labeling Machine which is a very important tool in her organizing skills. 
The sun was setting as we drove Home where we found the park filled with weekend campers planning on celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving around the campfire. This will also be the last weekend open to non-seasonal campers until next spring. 
Safely tucked away in our trailer Kathy reminded me that some people can’t understand why we are tired at the end of our days. If you counted, we only made seventeen stops today and all of them were important. Good thing we weren’t busy. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.


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  1. I'm tired just reading about all those stops!! You will be looking forward to a relaxing winter south for sure!

  2. You sure you weren't having nightmares instead of
    I think you make at least 17 stops every time you two go out.

  3. So I did miss this. This is Canadian Thanksgiving. I was confused--forget you're in Canada. I think you did more traveling doing chores than I did driving up to Creede!