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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Completing The Basement Wiring Project but We Have A Problem.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

Having made plans to get up early to complete the basement wiring should not have been the last thing I thought about before going to bed last night. I managed to get three continuous hours of sleep before tossing and turning as I worked on the wiring in my dream to the point that I’d wake up to fall back to sleep even for a short while before watching a rerun of the same dream that had already awakened me over and over. Looking at the clock just before 7:00 I thought about just getting out of bed and having an early start to my day. That was when my eyes seemed to blink and the clock was now showing the time to be past 9:00. 

Infuriated with sleeping in because the outdoor thermostat is forecasted to drop slightly below the normal average starting tomorrow. Kathy heard me cussing at myself and told me I must have needed the sleep. What I needed was to sleep when I mentally want to and not when my mind allows me to. Today’s weather was to be more like an early spring time day. 

After eating breakfast, I spent more time checking the extended forecast than reading anything else. The forecast yesterday had been for afternoon showers today but suddenly they were gone from the radar. 
Same picture as before but that's the area I needed
to run the Wiring Harness up to the Control Center.
After shutting the furnace off because it also heats the basement I was outside by 10:00 emptying the basement so that I could once again remove the rear basement wall. Today I wanted to install and connect the switches that would operate the Inverter Solenoids. Luckily for me when our trailer was built a few of the options were not installed so the technicians simply placed a cap over where those switches would have been. By removing two of those caps I was able to install my own rocker switches and connecting them to the wiring harness that I’d created yesterday. Within a half hour I had the cupboard and control panel back together which gave Kathy a sigh of relief knowing everything was back to normal. 
Labels indicating which Inverter is being turned on.
In existing Control Center.
Kathy used her little labeling machine so we could easily decipher what the new switches are for. Too bad Jayco hadn’t been so fancy in their design and made the rest of their control center easier to read as well.

Having had a late breakfast Kathy didn’t call me for lunch until 1:00 which allowed me to finish stringing the wiring harness through a loom, hanging it all the way to the Solenoids and reinstalling the rear basement wall before I had to stop for lunch. 

Kathy had been busy researching more places that we may be visiting along our route. This year will be more of an exploration seeing where we can really feel relaxed about returning to. She’d also been busy making Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from the Chicken that she’d cooked just yesterday. With the upcoming cold temperatures, it will help take the chill out of our bones. 
All the wiring and battery cables connected.
Returning to the confines of the basement I managed to get all the control wires connected to the Solenoids and continued making, then installing the last of the Battery Cables. I could tell what Kathy was doing by the vibrating sound of the vacuum directly over my head. The batteries were all connected and I was just beginning to run the wires to the bedroom when Kathy called me for supper at 5:00. 

Besides doing her research today was a cooking day for Kathy. Supper tonight was Homemade Tomato and Cheddar Soup along with Homemade Chunky Apple Sauce for dessert.  
Orange wires run through the floor bringing power from the Inverter to our CPAP Machines.
Using the camera this looks like a lot of space.
While Kathy washed the dishes I returned to running the wires in the basement to our Bedroom. These will run power to our CPAP Machines so that we can sleep soundly not having to worry that there is no power at the pole or when we are Boondocking. In order to get the wires through an existing opening I needed to remove our Propane Tanks in order to squeeze my hands between the floor and the Landing Gear Drive. Once that was completed it was starting to get dark so I simply closed up shop outside. 
Newly installed outlet box and plug connected to an Inverter.
This is how much space I had to work with.
Once inside my work didn’t stop. Remember we’re just over a week away from hitting the road. Since I had managed to run the wires through the floor to our bedroom now I had to mount the plugs. I had to bring the Bedroom Slide completely in to be able to reach the wires using a section of my Wire Pulling Tool with a hook attachment on it. I also didn’t mention that I needed to lay next to the bed with my head partly under the slide to see what I was doing. 
The other newly installed outlet box and plug connected to an Inverter.
It was after 8:30 before everything was ready to be tested and I was not happy with the result. Due to it being dark outside I only checked a few possible reasons for it not firing up but when it started to rain I knew it was time to call it a day. Hopefully after a good night’s rest everything will work the way it’s supposed to. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.


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  1. I know how you feel Rick, sometimes its hard to turn your mind off when you have a project to do the next day.

  2. Egads...I wouldn't know where to begin with that project. You have a mind for wiring that is for sure.
    One suggestion...If we could go back and do our first year over, we would change how fast we traveled. We acted like we were in vacation mode all year. We were so excited to see the country that we moved way too fast. Please remember, you two will be doing this full-time traveling adventure for a very long time. Make time to stop and smell the roses.

  3. Sounds that you had a hard time. I too have experienced many things in my dream. This happens when we keep on thinking about something and sleeping.