It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fabrication Complete, Got Stung and Generator Home.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

After having a fun evening celebrating Halloween at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melisa’s home last night it was a no brainer that we’d sleep sound the entire night. The only time we partially stirred was around 2:30 when the sound of rain started tapping on our roof. It only took seconds to recognize the sound before rolling over into an even deeper sleep. As the rain intensified so did the depth of our sleep. Finally looking at the clock I was up and calling to Kathy before my feet hit the floor.
Our son Kevin at last night's party.
It was past 8:30 and we were expecting a morning visit from our daughter Karen and son-in-law Greg so we had to start getting things partially straightened up before their arrival. We’d finished breakfast by 9:00 and moved to the computers to finish our coffees and get caught up on our reading. Moving on I got my morning chores finished before putting my raincoat on to make certain everything we needed was out of the car. Greg was having to get some major repairs done to his truck so he was borrowing our car until he gets his truck back. Then he’ll have to top off the gas tank and bring it to our son Kevin who will take care of it until we get Home in the spring. 
All the parts to be assembled on the rear of the trailer.
They arrived around 10:30 and only stayed a short time as they had to head off for one of Tyler’s hockey games. With so much still needing to be completed before we leave we had to pass up this last game. Karen really held her mom tightly wishing her a safe and enjoyable trip. She turned to me and said to “Make sure you take good care of my Mom.” Can’t say she’s too dependent on Kathy can we! Maybe she just likes having her Mom close to her! 
These are the brace arms.
Kathy continued with her research and almost made a reservation but decided to hold off until we are closer to our destination. It’s a new way of traveling for both of us and one that is hard to get used to. 
Added brackets at rear of Bicycler Carrier.
The rain finally stopped and we’d finished having lunch by 12:00 so I bundled up and headed outside to work on our project. Even though the outside thermometer showed it to be 52 F (11 C) with the cloudy sky and a cold northerly breeze it surely felt less than that. Bit by bit I finished drilling and welding all the brackets and braces. I had to make a few adjustments where the pieces fit just a bit too tightly. Since there was no sign of the sun the entire day I had no idea what the time was when I started repainting the Carrier, Mounting Brackets and Braces 
Added brackets on the left will better support the Bicycle Carrier
on the rear bumper of the trailer.
Since Kathy hadn’t yet called me to supper I got all the tools put away and started putting the firewood our neighbour had gifted us on to our firewood rack. It was easier to take the rack cover off by removing my gloves but without thinking I started grabbing the top chunks of wood to put aside bare handed. I suddenly felt this stabbing burning sensation in my hand. I’d just been stung by a Yellow Jacket Wasp who had chosen to make a home in our wood rack. He died a quick death before I went inside and sprayed my hand with Peroxide which seemed to do the trick as far as stopping the burning sensation and swelling. I managed to finish putting the remaining wood under the cover while wearing my gloves before calling it a night. 
All our Firewood is on that rack.
That was when Kathy handed me the last of our Johnsonville Brats to grill on the Weber Q for our supper. They always turn out perfect on the grill. Kathy had prepped the sides and buns for when they were ready. As we ate supper we discussed picking up our Honda generator tonight so that we would stay at Home tomorrow. After a quick call, we were soon on our way to Amherstburg. 
Johnsonville Brats on the Weber Q.
It was nearly 7:00 when I backed the truck into Kevin and Melissa’s driveway. I had tools and a box of surplus wiring to return to the garage. I also had a wire frame Shower Caddy that I had to reshape so it would properly hang over the shower walls. Having tried to shape it without a vise on the picnic table had not worked out too well. I was able to repair the mistake I had made using the vise and got it evenly shaped so that it will hang over the wall properly. Now I’ll put some heat shrink on it to make it waterproof and to stop it from scratching the shower frame. 
Johnsonville Brats with potato chips and Beets.
Hot chocolate helped take the chill out.
For dessert we had leftover cake from last night's party.
Kevin helped me to load the generator in the back of the truck before we went inside for a hot cup of Tea. We had our last short visit with them discussing how last night’s party went and a few other things. It was past 8:30 when we said our good byes which will have to hold us over until next spring before we will see them all again. 
Our Honda Generator in the back of the truck.
Back Home by 9:00 the Shower Caddy fits better than any we’ve had in the past. Tomorrow we have so much to get ready before we leave we’ll have to do three things at once to get it all finished. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Classic bumper sticker #259 

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  1. Getting excited to hear about your travels and your adventures in the US....

  2. I see you are still deep into projects. I just got through, finally, washing and waxing the trailer and will start on the truck tomorrow. I had a yellow jacket sting me on the knuckle many years ago and never forgot how much it hurt!! Can't wait to hear about your travels!

  3. Have an amazing start to the 2016/17 road trip!!!!