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Monday, January 27, 2020

Trying To Clean Up, Lies On Television, Helping A Fundraiser and Finally Getting It Done.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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I was up shortly after 8:00 this morning with plans of getting my chores started early. Unfortunately Kathy had struggled to sleep through the night only to take a Tylenol Night Time Tablet at 4:00 in the morning which meant she was sleeping quite soundly when I opened the Bedroom Blinds at 9:30. Luckily we had a solid Cloud Cover so she woke slowly.

By the time I had changed the Bed Sheets and treated the rest of the Laundry it was past 11:00. Knowing that it would take hours to do this much Laundry we opted for an early lunch. Cleaning up the Leftovers Kathy made us open faced Shredded Beef Sandwiches with a French Pastry for dessert.
It was 11:30 by the time I made it to the Second Floor Laundry Room only to find it packed with people and all the machines in use. When I checked the First Floor Laundry Room it was the same. Rather then sticking around I headed back to the Apartment so I could check things out On-Line.

Returning to the Laundry Rooms at 1:00 it didn’t look any different then before. Most of those people I recognized as those who normally went to work every day. What the heck were they doing home? Starting the Laundry any later then that I knew it wouldn’t be finished on time so again I returned to the Apartment.

Kathy had CNN on watching the President’s Legal Team trying to tear apart the proof against him. When the testimonies had been gathered against him we were watching and not everything they asked helped their case but they had presented what they could in their allotted time. What the Defence Team did is only focus on the parts that had nothing to do with the case. Guess you would call that “Selective Editing”. Some of their statements were outright lies. The Senators all had to swear on the Bible but not the Legal Teams so I supposed they can’t be charged with Lying.
We were out the door by 5:00 so we could meet our daughter-in-law Jen at a High School Fund Raiser being held at A1 Chinese Restaurant in the town of Essex. Since the parking is On Street and there were plenty of cars filling the street we had to park around the corner in order to find a parking spot. We were the first to arrive and found a table that would sit everyone. Soon Jen our grandsons Connor and Haigan along with our granddaughter Emma accompanied by her friend Will arrived. Even though we paid the Buffet Price Kathy and I were careful not to overeat. We felt satisfied but not stuffed. We had a chance to visit and contribute to a Fund Raiser for a worthy cause.
How many towns have an Olar Tree Store?
Since Kathy will be using the Car this week to help Vera we stopped at the Pioneer gas station on Manning Road at County Road 42. We were happy to see gasoline at $1.039 a Litre a big savings from $1.249 we saw just over a week ago.

I dropped Kathy at the Front Entrance before parking the Car. That meant I could check how busy the Laundry Rooms were on my way to the Apartment. As soon as I got rid of my coat and coached Kathy how to run the Television I grabbed my Laptop and headed downstairs. Between the time the Washers were going and the clothes being dried I managed to write this Blog. Time to go One of the Dryers just stopped. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I do not know why Dollar Tree always manages to have one or more of their letters out and it takes them forever to fix.

    Once again you beat me to the laundromat. I was watching the Attorneys for the Defense make their case but as soon as the lies started flying I turned off the TV.

  2. I know this house we're sitting has cable but I'll be damned if I can get it to that setting. Rusty from 2.5 years of not using cable. Anyway the wifi works and that's good enough for us. Although CBC or even CNN would be nice on this 72"er... 1st world problems, shouldn't complain I suppose. I see your snow has left you.

  3. Nice that you supported the fundraiser and got a good dinner too!

  4. It would have been helpful if you had identified the lies. I also watched the TV and did not hear any lies, but then I am an advanced senior and not as sharp as you young fellas.

  5. Sorry, but I have to agree with Charles and would also like to know the "lies" you heard from President Trump's defense team.
    I thought they did an excellent job in professionally and respectfully pointing out the weaknesses in the House Impeachment case. I didn't hear anything but facts that they supported, and questions such as why some of their witnesses statements were ignored and why if they wanted witnesses they didn't call then when the ball was in their court? They were in such a big rush to impeach but then sat on the impeachment documents for 33 DAYS!

    AGAIN, you're getting your "NEWS" from CNN and they are well known to hate the President and are nearly as biased as MSNBC or as I like to call it MSNBS.

    I am attaching a clip from your CNN which shows very clearly that they think anyone who supports the President is an idiot who can't spell, read or even know basic geography. This reminds me of Hillary's DEPLORABLE comment which only served to PISS OFF AMERICANS. Don Lemon is one of your beloved CNN's more popular talk show hosts and he behaved like a 14 year boy telling fart jokes.

    Please watch the clip. I for one am an AMERICAN who was highly insulted by this.

  6. I've got to agree with Charles and Karen and Al. I, too, am insulted.

    1. Karen and Al, I respectfully disagree with you. I can tell from this comment that you are a supporter of this administration and watch Fox News. Thankfully, this is still a free country even though I do not know for how long.

      I would like to clarify I am not a Democrat or a Republican...I am an Independent. I do not base my views on any news network...I do my homework so I have the FACTS.

      With that said I find that CNN and MSNBC are the only ones that bring forth those facts and have representatives from both parties to express their views.

      Fox News HATES Ana Navarro because in case you did not know she is a registered Republican. I respect her views because as a Republican is not blinded by what this president has done and sides with the Constitution.

      I have been offended by so MANY of the things this Administration has done too many to enumerate but the latest Pompeo the US Secretary of State berating a female NRP journalist even to the point of cussing her out for asking strong questions that he did not like...THAT Karen and AL...OFFENDS ME.

      So what does this President do? He laughs and applauds his shenanigans and if that was not bad enough Alan Dershowitz then pats Pompeo in the back.....SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      P.S. In case you did not know Don Lemon is a southerner.