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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Comment about Comments.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We both slept quite soundly last night and we were able to get up at a decent time that we were sitting at our Computers by 9:00 this morning. After having our Bran Muffins for breakfast we again sat at our Computers having our Coffee/Tea. As per usual we read everything from E-Mails, Messages, News, The Weather Network and other Blogs.

With that completed our regular morning Chores were taken care of before returning to the Computers where I checked the Comments on our Blog. Since a number of those Comments have been similar to others recently made about CNN. I’ve mentioned that we are not that familiar with US Politics. The questions being discussed about the Impeachment seemed quite unbiased and were calmly being discussed. The more interesting things we learned as we watched first the Impeachment Hearing in the Congress and now as it has been moved to the Senate. I don’t understand how Witnesses that testified in Congress are not being allowed to testify in the Senate.

I know what Selective Editing can do after having been part of a Union Body that would work in the community helping Food Drives along with many other things that only received negative feedback in the Local News Media.

Other then a call from our Dear Friend Vera and later a call from Al’s Air Conditioning we spent most of the day watching The Impeachment Hearing. We were amazed at the Legal Wranglings that were taking place on the Senate Floor. Since we are not US Citizens our only interest in this is because it is History being made Good or Bad.

The Impeachment will continue tomorrow but we’ve got things to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I wish more Americans would take an interest in this history making event like you being Canadian do.

    It is 10:58 p.m. Central time and I am still watching the Impeachment hearings but tonight I chose to watch on MSNBC even though it is a live feed and the same thing is being broadcast on the other cable networks.

  2. Sorry to bother you, but I found your link on Bayfield Bunch's blog by Al and Kelly Bossence.
    I can't find an email address for Al and Kelly anywhere. Any chance you can (somehow) contact them and tell them COMMENTS on their blog is broken? No comments show up at all! Strange!
    Have no way to contact them.
    Thanks if you can get this message to them.
    Barb in the Okanagan

  3. History is being made,and as a Canadian or any other member of the do have a stake in the outcome of US and world politics.

  4. Personally I would like to apologize for my comment. I don't usually remark on politics but for some reason I just had to that day. And this...

    Also to Yankeeflyer: When the US stays out of the rest of the world, only then will we not have a stake.

    End nag. And apologies once again.

    1. And did you feel you had no stake in Hitler,Mussolini,Stalin,Putin,Kim Jung Un,or Basher al-Assad's view of the world with you in it.

  5. A minor point. Congress is the fee for both the Senate and the House of Representatives as a combined group. So it is the House of Representatives or Senate or the combined Congress as a whole. At least from what I remember from my Jr High civics class.

    1. I meant Congress is the term... Spell check doesn't like me.