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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Telemarketers Wake Up Call, Plans and Winter Weather.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Even though Kathy slept soundly she didn’t feel very rested when she got up but that was better then my staring at the ceiling most of the night. When we have those kind of nights we always seem to sleep later to make up for that lost time recharging our bodies but we didn’t do that this morning. Why you might ask? Some Telemarketer decided to call Kathy’s Cell Phone then hung up by the time we finally answered it. (Note To Self: Shut Cell Phones Off Before Going To Bed.) That won’t be happening anymore.
It seemed quite dim when we got up so the next thing to do was to open the Balcony Blinds. According to what we saw the Weather Guessers were possibly going to be right about that Big White Monster. Everything was White and it looked like my plans for the day would actually come true.
After having Cereal for breakfast and Coffee/Tea at our Computers we saw that our weather was about to change. Even though the Plows were busy trying to clean the parking lots it would have been easier if they had just waited. According to the Weather Guessers our temperatures would be rising throughout the day.
By the time we sat down for lunch the temperature was above the Freezing Mark and it was Raining. Chicken Noodle Soup with Toasted English Muffins as the side were quite satisfying. Kathy stepped it up by adding Date Squares and Yogurt Cups for dessert along with Cherry Tea for our drink.
Cleaning the parking lot.
As soon as lunch was over I had one more thing to do before starting on my plans. I was planning on cleaning our Vehicles off then returning to work inside the Apartment. Kathy wanted to make her version of Pepper Steak but with her Arthritic Hands needed some chopping done. She cleaned the Celery and Peppers while I did the chopping of those as well as the Onions and Steak. Once that was all done and the Crock Pot was doing the most important part I was relieved of duty. It was at this point that Kathy realized we had no Rice in the Apartment to put this mix on.
With the List in hand and my Raincoat on I did finish cleaning off our vehicles before heading off while Kathy stayed behind to keep an eye on supper.
Look closely and You'll see Rain on the Glass.
I stopped at Dollarama to pick up some Fine Tipped Paint Brushes and Acrylic Paint for our very small Mailbox before heading over to Zehr’s grocery store. With List in hand I was able to find everything written and a few more like Muffins.

I was especially happy to get back to the Apartment because my Shoes absorbed some moisture from the parking lot. By the time I had my Shoes off Kathy had the Rice cooking. By the time I hung up my coat and emptied my pockets Kathy was serving supper.
Anyone that ever watched the Cooking Channel years back will remember how Emeril LagassĂ©i would “Kick It Up A Notch”. When Kathy was seasoning the Pepper Steak that was what she did but she got distracted before I left. Now that we were sitting down to have supper her Eyes lit up from the intensity of the seasoning. For me it was perfect but a little breathe taking for Kathy. There’s at least another meal of the Pepper Steak.

We did watch the 6 o’clock Local News before watching a Hallmark Winter Movie. The temperatures have dropped below the Freezing Mark again and the Wind is really blowing. So just think what is happening to the Rain. Hopefully Tomorrow I’ll do what I planned Yesterday to do Today. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogues.

Hal Borland


  1. Check your cellular phone settings.

    iPhones and perhaps other cellular phones have a 'Do Not Disturb' which 'holds' all calls, texts and notifications between the hours you set. Ours is 11pm - 6am for example.

    You can also set it to allow your Contacts to get through if they call more than once from the same number should there be an emergency.

    Google it for your phone and see if this is an option for you.

    For me its important to be reachable by family/friends in an emergency so turning the phone off is not an option I can sleep with.

  2. Glad to hear the BIG one hasn't happened ... yet!

  3. My phone goes on mute before bed every night...too many dumb things happening and scammers calling.

  4. My partner has a service business. It's amazing how early people will call in the morning to make an appointment for the following week.
    We had a good lot of snow from the storm. When we opened the drapes this morning the across the road neighbour was in our lane with his plow truck. We sure are thankful.

  5. Growing up in NJ, my mother used very little seasoning. Then I met my Cajun hubby. That's not the case with Cajuns. Kick it up a little? You bet. We use Tonys on just about everything. Well maybe not ice cream. But most everything.

  6. I'm good at putting lots of seasoning on my food. Whatever tastes good. Messy weather.

  7. G’day from Michelle of Robbiebago. I'm not doing much blogging anymore even though we still traveling. Others have told you about the do not disturb seeing. You can select to have no phone calls between certain hours. My daughter has it on her phone that she can elect a few exceptions. So if I call her after 10pm, I have to call 3 times I think it is and it will go through. See if you have such an option. Iphones and Ipads have it.
    My husband gets those annoying phone calls where no one answers. It occurs when unethical telemarketers have to meet a quota. They just call anyone and it registers as a call for their quota. They don't have to actually talk to the client.