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Friday, February 9, 2018

Verizon’s Catch 22 and Weather Cool Down Coming.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.
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I was out of bed once again to start my day by 7:30 MST this morning. By the time I had all the Window Shades opened and everything ready to make breakfast the Sun had peaked over the Mountain Range to help warm things up. Kathy was on her way down the stairs even before I had the chance to turn on my Computer. She felt very rested and claimed to have slept like a rock. She was again noticing a slight improvement with her breathing issues. 

Bringing our Coffees to the Computers we spent the better part of the morning reading E-Mail, the News, Blogs and doing our inside chores. That still left me with enough time to pay our Verizon Bill. Because we have no fixed US Address, Verizon has made it impossible for us to go On-line to make any adjustments or payments to our account. That meant that I had to use their 800 Number and within minutes I could pay our bill without even talking to anyone. This morning however Verizon really messed things up. Using first my TracFone then Kathy’s TracFone as soon as it connected to the same 800 Number that I’ve been calling for the last Five Years a Computer would say we were not a Verizon Customer and to call *611. When I finally tried that Number, it connected me with TracFone. 
Our new Neighbour (Overnighter) had visitors.
I went On-Line to the Verizon chat which is now also controlled by a Computer that would not recognize that I was a customer either and wrote back that if I want to speak to a Live Person to call the 800 Number that was telling me we weren’t customers. Every Verizon site I checked all gave me the same Number to call. This was definitely a Catch 22 situation. 
Omelets on Wraps.
Only getting more frustrated we worked together to make lunch. Kathy had me chopping Onions, Celery and Bacon nice and fine while she grated Cheese and broke the Eggs to make a big Omelet. Instead of making Toast we used Wraps to roll them in. Kathy had hers with Ketchup for flavouring while I used Hot Salsa Sauce. They turned out great. 
Heading for Blythe on I-10
By 12:30 we were heading out of the LTVA and heading to Blythe. Back in early December when we were having issues with our MiFi Hot Spot a Verizon Tech had identified that location as the closest Verizon Outlet to Quartzsite. Within Forty-Five Minutes we were walking in their door. The Store Manager couldn’t believe that could be happening so I called Verizon Customer Service on Speaker Phone only to be told I wasn’t a customer. She found another 800 Number to Customer Service that does connect as well as processing our Payment. As I explained, we need a Number that we can call from Canada. 
Passing Dome Rock after returning from Blythe.
We stopped briefly at McDonalds to freshen up before heading over to the Dollar Tree. Since the southwest Sun is very intense even when it’s cool, with it being 82 F (28 C) it felt good to walk around in the Air-Conditioned store. We only found a couple of things we needed but just as we were about to leave we noticed they had an Ice Cream Cooler. We each got an Ice Cream Sandwich and were surprised how Thick they were for a mere Dollar. 
This guy was transferring stuff to Enclosed Utility Trailers
in La Posa South LTVA.
Back Home we stayed inside, where it was cooler getting other things done on the Computers until it was suppertime. When Kathy made the Manwich yesterday she split it in half so tonight we had another meal of Sloppy Joes. 
Sloppy Joes with grated Cheese.
On the 6 o’clock News the forecast is showing this area will be getting cooler weather along with some much-needed Rain. Summertime is known as the Monsoon Season here in Arizona, but last summer they hardly got any Rain. Then this winter we only experienced one day of Rain Showers which was completely different then last winter where we had so much Rain the plants were getting very Green. We can only hope they get enough Rain to help deal with the Drought like conditions. With all the Snow our kids are experiencing back Home I’m certain they wouldn’t mind sharing. 

We didn’t make it to Parker but we still had a small adventure going to Blythe. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Hmmm ... that truck makes it look like something clandestine is going on!!
    I hate having to contact Verizon for anything. Glad you got it taken care of!

  2. Glad you were able to go to Blythe to get your problem handled, but it was too bad you had to go to Blythe to do that..geez. I like the fact that the real "Dollar Tree" you know you're only paying $1.00 for whatever you buy. Ice cream sounds good! Breakfast and dinner both look wonderful!

  3. Wacky weather in Arizona. Been a hot one so far this winter for sure.

    Too bad you have to have such problems with Verizon. You'd think that with all the Canadian customers they have they would make an effort to make things easy.

    Glad Kathy is feeling better.

  4. All these cell phone companies hAve glitches now and then. Verizon still seems to have the best overall coverage though.

  5. I quit verizon years ago to many problems with customer service.
    Happy to hear Kathy is feeling better now.

    Usually Jan, and Feb. are winter monsoons but we have had rain 2 and it wasn't much. They claim a big wet storm is coming in next week. We shall see