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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Colder Still, Filling Propane Tanks, Finding A Hidden Cavity and A Visit From A Fellow Blogger.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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After going to bed and getting snuggled up under our Warm Winter Bedsheets for some reason I could only sleep for a short while then lay awake an equal amount of time. It wasn’t until my watch indicated that it was past 7:30 MST in the morning that I decided to get up and start my day. After sitting on the edge of the bed for mere seconds to remove my CPAP Mask and to put my Slippers on I felt like I was frozen. The few seconds it took to dawn my Housecoat seemed to take hours because it was Cold. 
Feels Like 30 F.
As soon as I could reach the thermostat I turned the Furnace on. The only reason I that couldn’t see my breathe was due to the lack of Humidity in this region. Next the Window Shades were opened before I started getting things ready for breakfast. Since I wouldn’t have much time to spend on the Computer this morning I started by checking The Weather Network. Today our temperature was nearly the same as back in Canada but when it showed it actually felt Six Degrees colder then it actually was I understood why I felt so cold.

Wanting to get things done before Wayne would arrive to help me, I cheated and used the Igniter on the Stove to start warming the water for our Hot Drinks and to wake Kathy. The inside temperature had already risen Twenty Degrees from when I had gotten downstairs until Kathy joined me. She also enjoyed her Hot Cereal.

By 9:30 we started our Second Cup at the Computers but I started getting my inside chores completed while mine cooled on the table. I wanted to go fill our Empty Propane Tank this morning so headed out to double check the other Tank that was getting low the other day. Since we pay for our Propane by the Gallon here in the US unlike back home in Ontario I put it in the back of the Truck to have it filled as well. Since we have stayed close to Home for the last couple of days Kathy came with me just to have a change of scenery.

When we arrived at RV Pitstop there was a lineup of people needing to fill their Propane Tanks. Looking at their Employees they were all bundled up wearing layers of clothing including Toques and Gloves to keep warm. With so many people coming in the workers were filling the tanks right in the back of the vehicles to save time. 
Sasquatch in Quartzsite.
Back Home Kathy was happy to get back inside while I put a second Propane Tank in place. At least this way if one goes empty the Automatic Regulator will just switch to the other. Feeling the Black Cover on our Weber was warm from the Sun I put my Coveralls over it to warm them up as well. 

I’d barely finished that when I saw Wayne walking over. He was just making certain that we were still going to work on the Propane Line. After I explained that I still had to pull the Propane Line and open the Underbelly he said he’d be back. 

Even though I had tried to accomplish this on my own it was impossible to see where the Line was. With Bill’s (On Our Way) suggestion to have someone help I set up Wayne inside the Trailer with the Endoscope while I lay underneath trying to locate its position. Having Wayne move the Scope I could hear where it was but still couldn’t see it. With my hands jammed up inside Wayne mentioned seeing movement on the Scope. Keeping my hands inside I had him move the Scope back and forth. When he did that I felt the Scope above another layer of covering rub against my hand. After making a cut into another Cavity I was able to pull the Scope down through the opening. That was the reason I couldn’t see where the Propane Line was heading. 

Taping a String to the Scope Wayne pulled it back inside the Trailer. Kathy was just as happy as we were. We then released the Scope and taped the Propane Line to the String. Back underneath the Trailer I slowly pulled the String while Wayne fed the Line back into the hole. It was a great moment when I pulled the Propane Line through the opening below the Trailer. Thanks Wayne for your help we appreciated it and couldn’t have done it without you! 
I took the Coveralls off and took a much-needed breather. People pay to have Massages when all they have to do is lay on a rug under their RVs and all the Stones and Rocks will give you more then you bargain for. 
After Wayne headed home Kathy and I went to RV Lifestyles to pick up some needed fittings. When I told Buck the fittings I needed he checked his stock and recommend we go to Herb’s Hardware. That’s what we like about this town, if a business doesn’t have what you need they’ll recommend somewhere they believe does.

At Herb’s Hardware it was slow so we got plenty of attention and were soon on our way Home with our bag of goodies. 

As soon as we walked in the door I suggested having something to eat then because I wasn’t sure how long it would take to finish the job up. Kathy made Toasted Bacon, Tomato and Cheese Sandwiches. 

As we were eating she noticed a Jeep pulling up to our site. It was Lorne Greene from A Place Called Away coming to visit. We met Lorne and Sue at Blogger Fest last year then a number of times through the winter as we all moved around. We had Lorne come inside to visit while we finished eating and he understood why we were rushing. He also had to head back to La Posa West and gave us instructions on how to find them. Thanks for stopping by Lorne and we’ll try to get a visit in at your place!

After shutting the Propane Tanks off I had to get more tools from the basement before getting back underneath the trailer. It was a lot easier getting everything connected after removing the Manifold Block from the Trailer Frame then reattaching it. Closing up the Underbelly was made easy because of the Wooded Frame I made before Christmas. 

When I walked inside Kathy couldn’t believe it was finished. We won’t run the new Blue Flame Heater tonight because it still has to burn off the Manufacturing Oil so we’ll do that after we open some Windows tomorrow. 

Laying on the ground made me feel even colder then the it was outside. Talking a few minutes ago we realized we forgot to take a picture of Wayne and Lorne today. That’s a bad habit we’re getting into. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Nice that you finally got your heater hooked up now to enjoy it. We won't run ours at night, because the instructions say not to.

  2. Congratulations, I'm sure it feels good to get that job done!

  3. I bet you're happy to have THAT job done! It pays to be persistent!! Now you will be warm.

  4. Rick and Kathy I know you are so relieved to have this job of running the propane line finally behind you. I thought that the title of your blog for this job was very fitting. ;-) Enjoy the warm air it will produce!

  5. I can see the smiles on your faces to have that line through and now hooked up. Enjoy the heat and the using of less propane.

  6. Yay! A job well done! You will love having that heater to keep warm. We run our heater in the evenings and now that it is dropping below 50 at night, we run it through the night. Always with a window cracked. On the second to lowest setting, it is very comfortable for sleeping and still just needs a bit of adjustment when we wake up in the morning. We love it and you will too!

  7. Congratulations! It must really feel good to have that finally done. With the cold temperatures we have been having how nice it will be to have it keeping you and Kathy toasty warm....yeah!

  8. Nice that you were finally able to get it done! I'm sure Kathy was happy to get out with you for a little bit, home is nice but sometimes just a little outing makes you feel better.