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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monster Under The Bed, Heavy Tow, Thick Smoke, Getting Trimmed and The Overnighter Is Back.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Well we didn’t have any further problems last night with “Not Me” and all our bedding stayed in place so we both got a good night’s sleep. We did manage to see the Monster Under The Bed again this evening doing a commercial for Turbo Tax. 
This was the most we saw of the Sun today.
I was up before 8:00 and had everything ready for breakfast by the time Kathy came downstairs. I even managed to get a picture of the Sun struggling to peak through the Heavy Clouds before it did the same as yesterday and went into hiding. 
Taken last Friday in La Posa South LTVA.
We seem to have developed a new habit of having a Second Cup of our morning Coffee/Tea while at the Computers. This morning we had something else that held our attention. Since the other day when we spotted the Semi Trailer being off loaded to a bunch of Enclosed Utility Trailers things have been slow. The Rain we had last night wasn’t like last winter where we could practically watch the grass growing for entertainment. We had barely sat at our Computers when a Semi pulling a Flat-Bed Trailer started coming down the Path from near the Cross Road. Recognizing what it was we knew someone had a big problem. 
Slowly making his way around the Washes.
We watched as the unit and an assisting pickup pulled behind an older A-Class Diesel Pusher. With a lot on maneuvering they finally rolled the wheels forward on the Trailer then back fed air into the RV to raise the Airbags and release the Air Brakes. Even though we had things to do for ourselves periodically we watched what was happening. Bit by bit we started seeing the RV appear above the roof of the Semi. 

We managed to complete our reading on the Computers, get our inside Chores completed, ate our Lunch, cleaned the Dishes and were on our way out the door as they were just fastening the RV on the Trailer for transportation. 
La Posa South LTVA.

Our destination today was to Parker where we had a few stops to make. As we drove north on Arizona 95 off in the distance we could see a large plume of Black Smoke. Even as we got closer it seemed to have grown but we didn’t see any activity being made to extinguish it. By the time we got to our first destination the Smoke was straight down the street from our location. 
Arizona 95 heading toward Parker.
Out first stop was to get Hair Cuts at Coni’s Corner. We had been going to Blythe but the last couple of Hair Cuts we got we weren’t too happy. The first time we thought she was having a bad day but after the last time we started looking elsewhere. Going On-Line Kathy found Coni’s Corner located on 12th Avenue in Parker and the best part was that her son is a Barber. 

While Coni was trying to straighten the hack job that had been done to Kathy’s hair her son Allen was busy thinning the hair on the side and back of my head that had been left way too thick. We both felt Lightheaded in a good way when we left and will definitely be returning before we head for Home in March. 
Smoke from outside of Parker.
Our next stop was Walmart but as we were driving closer on Riverside Drive Kathy spotted a huge Rainbow but I couldn’t see it at first. I was driving and glancing up in the sky while this Rainbow was low over the Colorado River which gave it the effect that it was barely off the ground. 

Last winter when we came to Quartzsite for the first time Kathy found a Hot Apple Cider Drink that she really liked. I tried to convince her to stock up before we left but she insisted we could get it back Home in Ontario. She had me driving to every Grocery Store in our county but she couldn’t find it. There are things that we can only get in Ontario that are not available in the US that we have to stock before heading south. Returning to the US this fall she started checking all the Grocery Stores for this powdered drink and couldn’t find it until she went to Walmart. 

Last Tuesday evening when we went to Walmart in Parker there were carts in all the grocery aisles piled high with stock that made shopping difficult. When we finally located the Hot Apple Cider Drink it wasn’t in the middle of the Aisle like before so we only got four boxes. On Wednesday morning I was up before Kathy so I thought that I would repack these packages into our storage container. As soon as I opened a box I knew we had a problem. Taking a better look at the box there in the corner was a small picture of a Keurig Pod. We don’t have a Keurig Machine because they take up space we don’t have and they raise the cost of each cup we drink. Since the box was open we have been cutting open the pods to use up that box. 
Seeing the low Rainbow in Parker.
Today we returned the other three boxes to Walmart and after a brief wait the associate was more then happy to give us a refund. She stated she doesn’t have a Keurig or a Drip Coffee Maker either. We started getting other groceries that were on the list until we reached the Coffee Aisle. Kathy went down to the end where we got the Pods while I stopped in the middle and immediately found what we wanted in the first place. Kathy didn’t stop me from stocking up a few extra boxes this time. 

We also met John in the Produce Aisle who took an interest in my Quartzsite T-shirt. When we explained we were in our Fifth Wheel in La Posa South LTVA Off the Grid” he had lot more questions. So now John might be reading our Blog to get even more information. Nice meeting you John. 

Since Walmart didn’t have the milk that I use we went across the street to Safeway. As soon as Kathy had walked a few of the Aisles she admitted to preferring to get her groceries at Safeway but because we could only get the Hot Apple Cider Drinks at Walmart that is why she had shopped there. Safeway has more selections of the products that she likes. 

We went to have supper at Taco Bell. As soon as we asked for the Senior’s Discount our total dropped by $2.00. Why we also like Taco Bell is it’s fast, inexpensive and the things we do order don’t overfill us. 
Sun just before it set.
When we turned back on Riverside Drive the thick Black Smoke was still rising nearly Three Hours later beyond the end of town and nobody seemed very concerned about it. Later when Kathy would go On-Line to see what had happen She would find out that it was a Controlled Burn that included some old Railroad Ties. 
The Overnighter keeps coming and going.
The remainder of the trip Home was uneventful and the Sun remained just a Glow behind the Clouds. When I went out to get a picture of the solid Cloud Cover our Overnighter Neighbour was back. Around 9:00 we turned the Generator on for an Hour to make up for the lack of Sun today. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Gosh I hate to see those big trailers coming to pick up RV's. I just know there's a big bill in someone's future.

  2. Sounds like another great day. I guess your overnighter just likes your company and doesn't want to leave :) The rainbow is lovely, just seems to go on and on. Sunset pic is gorgeous too!

  3. Always wondered how they handled those huge rear double axle RVs when they needed help. Now I know. Expensive tow for sure.

    Sounds like a lot was accomplished in Parker. Always nice to get chores done.

    Never seen a rainbow so low before. Beautiful.

  4. I saw that flatbed picking up that rig yesterday, never a good sign!

  5. I like Safeway produce and their milk. Great picture of the rainbow