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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gusty Winds, Shopping In Parker, Hot Dipping Sauce and Change Of Weather.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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When I got up before 7:30 MST this morning the inside temperature didn’t quite seem as cold as it had been throughout the night. Opening the Window Shades I was surprised to see the Sun was still hiding behind a very low hanging Cloud that seemed to be attached to the top of the mountain range. This morning I had everything ready for breakfast as well as having half my morning reading on the Computer completed before Kathy would make her way downstairs. 
This back seat driver was watching everything they passed.
As we sat having breakfast there would be the odd Gust of Wind that would shake the Trailer hard enough that they startled Kathy. By the time we were sitting at the Computers with our Coffee/Tea those gusts became the constant breeze and the Gusts were coming in closer to Thirty MPH. If there is one thing that really scares Kathy weather-wise it’s the Wind. It was starting to get a little difficult to hear one another talking inside so we made plans to go out for the afternoon. Kathy even checked the Movie listings at the theater but couldn’t find anything of interest. 

For lunch today, we only had Soup and Salad trying to keep things inline with our activity levels. Kathy cleaned up the dishes while I went outside to check to make certain things were secure. Yesterday we only had a light breeze from the back of the Trailer. Today we were having higher Winds blowing straight at our door. 
Long road to Parker, Arizona 95.
We arrived in Parker shortly after 1:30 and headed straight to Walmart. This trip was more to get out of the Trailer while the High Winds were blowing. We did have a shopping list for a few groceries but most of the time we were just walking around looking at some of the new products. A lot of Bloggers have been writing about how handy their new Instant-Pots are. As we were looking to see if Walmart had any, another woman was also looking. We spoke for a short while and the big issue was storage space but if we were to get one of those we could shed a few of the appliances that we already have. 
Chicken Fried Rice,
It was past 3:30 when we were leaving Walmart and Kathy suggested that we stop for Chinese Food at the China Garden Restaurant on Riverside Drive. When we looked at the Menu the prices were reasonable but their meal combinations were different then what we are used to. Kathy had a craving for Lemon Chicken so she ordered for us. They served three small Egg Rolls on a plate with three different sauces so we each dipped our Egg Rolls into a different sauce. I like spicy foods but this sauce was so HOT it felt like someone had stuck a hot poker up my nose and that’s not where I stuck that Egg Roll. Good thing Kathy didn’t try that one. The rest of the meal was great and not overfilling but I kept belching that Hot Sauce until after we got Home. 
What's left of the Lemon Chicken.
We were back at La Posa South LTVA by 5:00 and found the Trailer to be a bit warm inside because we had left it closed up while we were gone. It was 73 F (23 C) outside so we left the door open just long enough to bring our purchases in. With the 27 MPH Wind Gusts we had to close the door as soon as we finished because we started to get cold inside. 
The only Clouds in the sky.
We watched the 6 o’clock News and found out that even though we have another Windy Day coming tomorrow and a few days with highs only in the Fifties in the upper part of the state of Arizona they could get up to Six Inches of Snow. We are glad we are in Quartzsite. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We didn't get the high winds this time but it was windy. Stay warm

  2. We got an Instant Pot last November and it instantly became my favorite kitchen item!

  3. My daughter in law loves her Instant Pot! She uses it almost daily. Your winds sound like ours, Chinese food looked good! We love a good hot mustard, but we've got to make sure it's evenly distributed or brain freeze..and teary eyes.

  4. Nancy likes her Instant Pot, she even baked a cake with it.

  5. Not that you want to order anything else from Amazon, but I got a 5 quart Instant Pot (versus the 6 or 8) that is not as tall so it fits in my cupboard, taking the place of my big spaghetti pot and my slow cooker, since it can be used as both. LOVE it!!

  6. Those winds are a bother, but I guess the sun helps keep the blues away. Our winds came in the night last night, but only around 12 mph gusts so not bad.

    Tonight we will all need extra blankets for sure. Maybe all week. Hope the sun keeps things nice during the day for outdoor activities.

  7. We love love love our electric pressure cooker! Inh the motorhome we have the 8qt GoWise USA with the stainless steel inside cooking pot. In the house we have the 11qt Nesco brand. Remember when shopping for size, you can not fill them much over half or 2/3 ... Otherwise it can bubble up and clog the pressure relief valve. We use ours most for ribs, roasts, and stew meals. Also to cook up chicken breasts or pork roasts to shred up for the tender meat... Or rice. Perfect rice every time. I know with all of Kathy's cooking skills, she will LOVE one!