It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

We Saw The Sun, Another RVer With A Problem, Tasty Nachos, Cleaning Up, Getting Organized and Sharing Water.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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As soon as I got up at 7:20 MST this morning I opened all the Window Shades and barely could see a glow behind the Clouds where the Sun was hiding. After preparing for a Lite Breakfast because we were planning on having lunch out I headed to my Computer. I managed to check The Weather Network to read not only the forecast for here in Quartzsite but also for McGregor back in Ontario. Then it was on to the Windsor Star to read all that was happening in the Essex County Region. Checking my G-Mail I read all the Comments on last night’s Blog all before starting to read the Blogs on our Sidebar that have recently posted. 

Kathy has really been staying cozy warm because of the winter bedding we are using and instead of waking when the Sun starts to peak around the Window Shades she pulls the covers over her head. So she doesn’t sleep too late I’ve learned how to break down her defenses without saying a word. I open the Upstairs Window Shades which really brightens the room then I use the Igniter on the Stove to warm the water for our morning Hot Beverage. Kathy says that is way too much information, but she’ll let it go! 

Within a minute Kathy is normally heading downstairs to have breakfast. While we were eating the Clouds started thinning allowing openings of Blue Sky to appear. It would be a short while later that the heavier Clouds seemed to gather above the Mountains and the Sun was finally shining brightly on our Home. Since we had barely seen the Sun for the last few days this was definitely a welcoming sight. When I checked the Charge Control Monitor our Batteries were taking all the energy the Sun was sending their way. 
Picking a Slide-In Unit off its side on the ground.
We headed out the door shortly after 11:00 and headed through the Wash we use as a Shortcut back to the main road in La Posa South. As we approached the gate we noticed someone else was having problems today. A lot of RVers using Pickup Slide-In Units actually take them out of the Truck Bed to drive around the area empty and leave the Slide-In standing there on its own Jacks. This morning there was another Low-Boy Trailer using Casters to pull the Slide-In onto the Flatbed. Apparently with the little bit of rain the area had last night, it caused the Slide-In to roll over on its side. That’ll be a costly Tow and Repair. 
We arrived at the Mainstreet Restaurant just before 11:30 and as soon as we were seated we simply put the unopened menus on the edge of the Table. Michelle came around and already knew what we wanted. Within two minutes we had our Unsweetened Ice Tea and three minutes later our Cowboy Nachos arrived. We noticed a slight difference in the presentation and were informed they were training a new Cook because the other one just walked out on Monday. The taste was the same and we still enjoyed our meal. 
Cowboy Nachos.
We made a stop at Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop and saw this unusual RV next door. With All-Wheel Drive that thing can go nearly anywhere. As for my package I’ll have to call Amazon. 
All Wheel Drive RV.
We were back Home shortly after 1:00 so while Kathy started reorganizing the Library Shelf where she keeps the books she reads I loaded the Truck with the Barrels and started doing some outdoor chores. Even though we have gone Two Weeks before dumping our waste I haven’t been totally emptying our Grey Tanks. After propping the end of the Barrel up I managed to totally empty all our Waste today. 

Not waiting until Dusk today I had a Five-Minute wait before being able to Dump our Waste Barrel. When I went to fill our Fresh Water Barrel I had a slight delay when a “B” Class RV figured that the One-Way signs didn’t apply to them and came in from the Exit. 

Kathy was still busy when I got back to the Trailer and started transferring Fresh Water to our Tank. Not wanting to leave the Fresh Water Barrel in the back of the Truck I drove over to Wayne and Sue’s where we were only able to transfer about Twenty Gallons. Wayne and I started talking shop comparing the different engines that Ford had used over the years. We also talked about a host of other things nearly like having our own personal Happy Hour all while standing around. It was during our visit that the “Overnighter” pulled back in the area near our Trailer. He comes and goes quite often! 
Wayne and I looking at his Engine.
It was 4:00 by the time I unloaded the Barrel and closed up the back of the Truck. When I went inside Kathy had pulled everything out of the Pantry and was rearranging everything. She was having trouble reaching some of the Containers in the back so after I washed up she enlisted the use of my long arms. 
Leftover Jell-O Parfait and Tuna Salad,
For supper tonight, we had Leftovers. Yeah! With a slight adjustment to the Tuna Salad Kathy made yesterday we had that along with the Leftover Jell-O Parfait for dessert. 

With the Clouds starting to fill the Sky again we managed to get a few interesting Sunset Pictures. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Yikes ... that camper is going to cost a lot to repair. I bet they learned not to do that again!

  2. If the camper was occupied, he must need his heart started too!!!! What a nightmare!! Literally!

  3. You've seen your share of people with RV problems lately. I bet those people were shocked when they got home. Sad and expensive.

    Thinking of ordering from Amazon while here. Is that not a good idea? Delivery problems?

    Maybe I'll wait till Phoenix area.

  4. Our problem is not with Amazon or its vendors. The problem is if the Vendor ships through the United States Post Office. The Workers here in Quartzsite will cause the elimination of their own jobs.
    If you ship to Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop for small packages it cost $2.00 cash each and more for larger or heavy packages. Here is how you would have to address it for shipping.
    Your Name
    C/O Quiet Times
    90 E. Main Street - Box 2813
    Quartzsite, AZ 85346
    It is important to put the address exactly as above. Do not put PO Box but be certain Box 2813 is in place.
    Good luck with your purchase.

    It's about time.

  5. Wow..that cab over camper was something else. We just leave ours on the truck, or sometimes we tow it on a small trailer if we don't want it on the truck. (yes we do get some looks)..Those nachos look amazing, those would definitely be my downfall. Dinner too! Beautiful sunset, once again!

  6. Is that the camper that was parked near the entrance? I heard it had caught fire (fridge we heard). There was a tow truck looking it over a few days ago. I guess they had to move it now.