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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kathy’s Mucinex-D Side Effects and Keeping Cool.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

Kathy was a little surprised when she heard the Water Kettle whistling this morning. That meant it was definitely time to be getting out of bed but when she got downstairs I was still scrambling to get things ready for breakfast. The reason was because I had slept way past my normal time for starting my day and had only been up Fifteen Minutes when she appeared.

It was in the Mid-Fifties while we had our breakfast which was very welcoming compared to what we had for nearly a month. No need for any heat in the last week and everything was looking good. That is everything but Kathy’s Congestion issue that just won’t go away. 

Having taken the new Mucinex-D after we had gotten Home yesterday her Twelve-Hour Tablet had expired through the night so she was once again Congested this morning. She was going to suffer throughout the day until I convinced her to take another tablet. With time her breathing improved but then she was stricken with a few of the Side Effects. The Mucinex-D contains ingredients that may cause Drowsiness but for Kathy that is a certainty. After having a lite lunch of Soup with Cheese on Crackers and sitting back at our Computers it wasn’t long before Kathy was reading the inside of her Eyelids compliments of Mucinex-D. 

Even though this is our second winter in the southwest we are still learning little tricks at being “Off the Grid”. RVs are insulated in such a way to keep warmth inside when it is cold out up to a point because they are far from “Air-Tight”. Now waking up to a cooler interior you can use that for keeping the Heat of the dessert out. Later as the temperatures rise before they become uncomfortable all the Windows and Vents are opened but the Window Night Shades are closed. The only Window the Shade is not closed on is the one on the North side of the trailer where a constant breeze continues to keep the inside of the Trailer cool. With the outside temperature reaching 79 F (26 C) we were quite comfortable. 

When it came time for supper this evening we used a part of the Boneless Pork Rib that we had leftover from the other day to make a Sandwich that we shared along with some Nacho Chips with Spinach Dip. 

We even managed to watch the 6 o’clock News on CBS. Since we don’t have any TV Guide for Over the Air television we are slowly documenting what channels are available to us in this area. 

Kathy plans on using the Mucinex-D as a night time treatment so we don’t become prisoners in our Home and can get back to the exploring we want to do. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment and click on the pictures to enlarge them. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Lovely sunset or sunrise pictures. It's too bad that connection of Kathy's won't just go away. I wonder if she is allergic to something in the air. Lots of dirty dust particles.

    Would be nice if it would cool abit. Normal winter temps would be nice.

  2. We have just recently discovered Mucinex and it sure seems to clear congestion. Sorry Kathy is experiencing side-effects. That is just no fun.
    It sure was a great sunset tonight. You captured it very well.

  3. Love the color the sunset gives the mountain.

  4. Hmmm every time I take an antihistamine for a cold, I get a sinus infection that just won't go away without antibiotics. I sure hope that's not the problem ... it's NOT fun at all!!

  5. I had to go to the Dr. for some lab follow up and he checked out this sinus problem which turned out to be a nasty infection I also am taking antibiotics. Maybe Kathy should get checked out for her chest problem it has been a long time.

    Now for something more important, did either of you try to contact me by e-mail? They were blocked for some reason. If you did try I will try and find out why this happened. Please let me know Take care

  6. After dealing with three weeks of pneumonia,and three courses of different antibiotics, the ONLY thing that gave me relief and rest was Mucinex D. I hope Kathy starts to feel better soon!

  7. I agree with Doug about the allergies. It may not be in the outside air though, perhaps a new hand cream, or air freshener, or something new in your home that may be giving off a scent, even something as simple as a different kind of dryer sheet. Hope Kathy feels better.