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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colder Here Than Home, Getting TracFone Straightened Around and Appointment Made.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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It truly is amazing just how toasty warm you can stay when you have the proper kind of Bedding. When I got out from under the covers this morning at 7:35 MST it only took seconds to reach for my Housecoat. Opening the Window Shades downstairs did nothing to warm the trailer because the Sun had just cleared the edge of the mountain range to our east. Getting everything ready for breakfast I turned on my Computer to see what was happening in our neighbourhood. When The Weather Network opened on my screen there was the sight that had greeted me many times last winter. The temperatures back in Essex, Ontario and Moncton, New Brunswick were in fact warmer then the outside temperature we were experiencing in Quartzsite. 

Another thing that I took care of was Spam Comments on our Blog. Lots of Bloggers put things in place like Prove You Are Not A Robot but it discourages legit Comments. Moderation is not too bad but some people like to see their Comments as soon as they post them. What I do is go to the Comments in the Design Section and transfer those to the Spam side. I then leave them there for at least a month before deleting them. This helps the filters recognize what is and is not Spam. If you just delete them immediately they will continue to find their way to your Comments.

Once I had finished more of my reading I figured it was time to warm the Trailer so I turned on the Furnace to take the chill out of the air. That was when I heard Kathy calling from the bedroom saying that she wanted her breakfast served under the Warm Blankets. By the time the Water Kettle started screaming that it was warm enough inside that she finally made it downstairs. 

As soon as we’d eaten we took our Coffees to the Computers to finish catching up on the world and to wait for a phone call. Instead of waiting I placed the call to Leisure Trailers in Lakeshore myself to speak with J.T. since he had taken over our file. The receptionist said he had called in sick so I left a Voice Message that he’ll get when he comes in. At exactly 9:00 Stephanie called us to explain J.T. had taken his son to the Hospital because he was severely ill with the Flu. She hadn’t been told that we had called.

I had already asked our neighbour Wayne to help me with making another attempt to running the Propane Line for our new Blue Flame Heater but just had to set a time. The other day the High Winds had too much Dust in the air then today I saw Wayne and Sue leaving minutes after 9:00 so my chance of trying again were diminished. 

For lunch Kathy was trying a new recipe that she had gotten On-Line so she had me busy chopping up Vegetables. It was a Chicken Vegetable Sizzler that was really tasty. The only thing that I noted was there was both Pasta and Potatoes in it. There’s still enough for another meal so maybe it’ll taste even better the second time around.

When we travel in the US we use TracFones that we simply buy time for. Somehow like other US companies we deal with they want you to use their Website to make adjustments to your account. Since we don’t have a permanent US Address we still have to call their Customer Services. The first associate was more then willing to take our payment but said she couldn’t fix our accounts so I asked for her Manager. The Manager listened to what I had to say and he fixed our accounts so that I can now tend to them On-line. It only took an Hour and a Half to get that straightened around. Thankfully I had Earbuds to use otherwise my arms would not have made it. 

With the High Winds we were getting yesterday our Antenna had been turned so we were no longer able to get any Over the Air Channels. I climbed the ladder, rotated the Mast to where I thought it should be and when we tried the Television it was perfect. The channels were crystal clear and we even had the channels back that we lost when I installed the lights on the Antenna Mast.

I then traded the Empty Propane Tank with the Full Spare Tank that we carry. We have only cycled the Furnace twice since it has gotten cool but that uses more Propane then what a Blue Flame Heater would use to not only take the chill out but to keep us toasty warm. 

Other Bloggers have commented that they had their lines installed at RV Lifestyles here in Quartzsite but their Technicians wanted to install our line where it would have become a Tripping Hazard for us. Figuring that I have tackled other things much more challenging I tried to do in myself. The fact that where we wanted it installed was directly over our Fresh Water Tank was not a problem because there is a space between the Water Tank and the Floor. The problem is that I can’t be inside the Trailer and underneath at the same time and as Bill from On Our Way suggested I needed help. Just as I finished changing the Propane Tank Wayne and Sue arrived home.

It was supper time so while Kathy was making sides inside the Trailer I was outside heating some Precooked Spare Ribs on the Weber. Seeing me outside Wayne came over to see how we were doing at keeping warm. After a few minutes we made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to give it One More Try. Part of the reasoning is that there will be little Wind (Dust) to deal with and tomorrow’s temperature will be slightly warmer to work. 
Not a cloud in the sky.
After supper we watched the 6 o’clock News before watching another Movie that we purchased at Walmart. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I think we all got the same spam. I rarely get any, so I just delete them. We'll see how it goes!!

  2. Nice that Stephanie called you to update you on J.T. Chicken Veggie Sizzler sure looked good. I love food that tastes even better on the 2nd day! Hoping you and Wayne can get your line installed easily.

  3. Have my fingers crossed for you and Wayne to get that hose through, good luck.

  4. In addition to my above comment, after physically seeing for myself, where you want to run the hose, makes perfect sense, I totally agree. Again good luck.

  5. Sometimes it's a pain for me not having a helping hand. Yuma just won't help😂. Thanks for the spam advice. I'll try putting them in the spam file next time.

    Good luck with the propane line.

  6. Good luck on the propane line... perhaps include a "sediment trap"? We kinda ruined our first catalytic pad because of yucky stuff in the propane line... So the technician at the heater place said we should have a sediment trap on the line to keep any infiltration of junk out of the propane. It happens when refilling at various places around the country. Some supplier's bulk tanks are not the best condition.

  7. I hope you and Wayne can get the install done tomorrow. I know down here we are getting really cold temps during the night and the days are only in the mid 50's.

    I read you can call Amazon, I really need to talk to some one about a problem I'm having with them but can not find a number. sure would appreciate it if you can send it to me at TIA Jo