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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hawk Eyes Kathy, Hunting For Supplies and We Can See Our Lights.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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With the High Wind Gusts that we got yesterday not only did it rotate the Antenna on the Mast so that we couldn’t finish watching a show we had waited to see but when I went to start the Generator last evening, its cover was gone. I had piled Firewood on it but the Wind Gust just ballooned the cover causing the Wood to fall off and the cover was Gone with the Wind.

I then told Kathy that if I woke early enough this morning I’d go in search of it and that was exactly what I did. Before leaving I turned on the Blue Flame Heater to warm the inside of the Trailer. To say it was cold at 7:15 MST was close because the Wind had died down and there wasn’t a Cloud in the sky. You could tell I wasn’t thinking too clearly when I left the trailer without the Camera and missed a beautiful Sunrise.

I was certain the Wind had been blowing from the west so I started checking through the Washes and looking towards RVs in that direction. I walked past Jim and Barb’s Cardinal just looking and not wanting to start the dogs barking. I also walked past Steve and Diane’s Trailer but did not see any sign of our Cover. Walking up the road leading to the Fresh Water Faucets I kept my eyes pealed towards the Creosote Shrubs but nothing. After an Hour and a Half along with at least Two Miles of back and forth searching I just headed back Home.
I had the Window Shades open, Breakfast ready, and had just gotten to The Weather Network on my Computer when Kathy got up. The outside temperature that had warmed by then was 39 F (4 C) feeling like 37 F (3 C). Kathy asked how I made out and told her of everywhere I had checked with no luck. That was when she squinted out the Window and asked “What is that in the Shrubs by our neighbour?” Putting my shoes back on I went out to check in those Creosote Shrubs and sure enough it was our Cover. It had traveled in a Southerly Direction, not Easterly and was only a Hundred Feet from our Trailer. Well the walk did me some good. 
At 9:30 MST.
After breakfast and our Two Cup morning at the Computers I headed back outside to do a couple of things. The first was to rotate the Antenna back to the position that we could get the channels we wanted after yesterday’s High Winds turned it. Having noticed that the Fresh Water Tank was indicating that it was empty I then set the Fresh Water Barrel up in the back of the Truck

Kathy called me in for lunch where she had made some Soup and a toasted Tomato and Bacon Sandwich that we shared. Checking the Television, we had our channels back.

I headed off to the Fresh Water Faucets to fill our Barrel while Kathy washed the Dishes. After a brief wait there was finally a faucet available. Clarence was next to me filling his Water Tank and we started chatting. He is from the western shore of Michigan near Grand Rapids and used to drive through Windsor. Small World. 
Propping the end of the Barrel using stackable Leveling and Chock Blocks.
This makes the Barrel 96% efficient. instead of 80%.
Having found a different way to transport our Barrels I’m able to put more into them and since or Fresh Water Tank on the Trailer was indicating it was Empty yesterday we still had more then enough for showers. By the time the Tank was once again full I had added 45 Gallons with very little left in the Barrel.

Kathy had researched how to Deodorize our Grey Tanks On-Line so we headed to Family Dollar for the Supplies. They had part of what we needed but not the other so we went to check out Dollar General with the same results. Someone said we needed to go to a Large Store with a Pharmacy and recommended Walmart in Parker. It hadn’t been planned but that was where we went.

It was nearly 5:00 when we arrived at Walmart so the first thing we did was look for the product. We looked on all the shelves in one area then another we looked up but it wasn’t until Kathy spotted something turned on a lower shelf that we found what we were looking for. We also found a few other things that we should have gotten months ago. We also managed to get extra walking in. 

It was after 6:00 when we drove across Riverside Drive to the Taco Bell where we had supper. We find the Combo we order to be satisfying but not overly filling. 

The sun was already setting as we were leaving to head back to Quartzsite. Kathy tried getting a few shots but they all had the Crack from her side of the Windshield in the picture. 

Heading down Arizona 95, we hadn’t even gotten out of Parker when a Sherriff’s Patrol Truck suddenly passed us on the outside lane then threw on his Flashing Lights before speeding away down the road. He really wasn’t travelling that fast because we kept seeing his Lights ahead of us until we nearly reached Quartzsite itself. 
It needs a good cleaning.
We were Home in La Posa South LTVA before 8:00 and I was curious just how far away we could see the Solar Powered LED String Lights that we’d installed on our Antenna Mast so I took the first Wash Cross Over. We’d barely crossed the Culvert and we could see it which is about Three Quarters of a Mile away. Guess we won’t have a problem finding our way Home in the dark. 
Just as we were leaving Taco Bell.

Since we aren’t sure how well the Grey Tank Deodorizing and Sensor Cleaning will work we’ll wait to Publicize the results after we try it. You’ll have to be patient because it requires us towing our Home around to make it work. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. You did a good job walking by quietly as neither Barb, I or the dogs saw you! Good thing for Kathy's sharp eyes!

    I feel bad that we did not get a chance to visit more this year but between Kathy's illness and ours, time just flew by!

  2. I'm anxious to hear about the concoction.

  3. Wow must have been some wind. Glad you found the cover though, even if it was in the wrong direction. It will be interesting to see how the deodorizer works. Very clever with your water barrel..

  4. Glad you found your cover. I lost my lock for the tow bar and didn't find it. Bummer. Kathy has the sharp eyes. Wish she were here 😂.

    Never have tried deodorizing the grey tank. Be interested in how it goes.

  5. Wow, must have been some wind out there. Good for Kathy. Hope you reward her well!!