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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cowboy Nachos, Dustnado, Tangled Antenna and We Have Ignition.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Because we were told there would be some Manufacturing Oils that would burn off of our new Blue Flame Heater when we would first would turn it on we didn’t think it would be a wise idea to run it last night. Instead we cycled the Furnace before going to bed then repeating the process this morning. In an effort to preserve our batteries so we would have adequate power for our CPAP Machines last night as soon as Kathy was in bed I shut the Furnace. By the time I finished shutting down all my programs on my Computer and get to bed my legs were freezing. It would take nearly an Hour before I was warm enough to actually fall asleep.
At 9:00 MST this morning.
After enjoying a cozy warm night’s sleep I just lay in bed knowing there was nothing pressing to deal with this morning. Finally looking at my watch I knew it was time to get moving. First thing I did was grab my Housecoat before turning on the Furnace. Then going through my usual routine, I had barely turned my Computer on when Kathy started coming downstairs. In Fifteen Minutes the Inside Temperature had risen Ten Degrees making it so that she wasn’t as cold.
Part of the line at the Dumping Stations this morning.
We ate breakfast before having a Two Cup Morning reading at the Computers. The Weather Network had forecasted Wind Gusts between Twenty and Thirty MPH but the way the Trailer was shaking they probably underestimated it.
Cowboy Nachos
Since this was Thursday Kathy wanted to go out for lunch so we headed to the Main Street Restaurant. They have daily specials and today’s was Cowboy Nachos that are made using Homemade Potato Chips they make in-house. I think Kathy is addicted to them because she would probably eat them everyday if she could.
That was a swirling Column of Dust about a Hundred Feet Tall.
Getting back to La Posa South LTVA as we drove down the interior road we could see a huge Cloud of Dust that seemed to move rather quickly across the LTVA disappear and restart where we first saw it. Kathy was able to get some pictures but said it appeared to having a Column effect about a Hundred Feet into the air. Looks like what we were seeing were small Dustnado.
The Dust Column cause by Swirling Winds.
Back Home we noticed our Windsock tangled in our Antenna and this was not the first time. We were worried it would damage the Antenna so I climbed to the Roof with my special Paint-Pole. It was a little tricky with the High Wind Gusts but once it was untangled I thought it better to store the Windsock for the time being.
We are parked right behind these guys so our Trailer got hit but not damaged.
While we were away we missed a call from J.T. at Leisure Trailer so we returned it. He had checked into a number of things regarding the repairs to our Trailer and highly recommends that it be returned to the Jayco Factory so all our issues will be properly resolved. This way everything will be addressed at one time and they will make certain it is done right. He also saw the Picture that I had sent of our Trailer “Off the Grid” and showed it to his Wife. They can’t wait for the day they can do the same.
Back inside the Trailer we left the door opened slightly while I hooked up the Blue Flame Heater and attempted to light it. The wind started blowing hard enough that when I looked towards the door there was lots of Dust flying in so that got closed fairly quick. Since the Heater wouldn’t turn on Kathy suggested reading the Instruction Manual. I actually spent over an Hour reading the entire thing only to read exactly what I had been doing all along.
I didn’t want to waste any more Propane with the Furnace and suggested we go to RV Lifestyles and have them check the Heater out in case it had a faulty Controller. When I explained what was happening to Buck he had me bring the Heater in and had us follow him to his workbench. He explained that the gas flow in this particular Heater was slower then most which mean it would take longer to purge the Propane Line of air. It took a few more minutes before he even got it lit for the very first time. He mentioned that because the Line that I installed was so long it would take longer to Purge. (There was no smoke from the Heater when it was first lit.)
Back Home the first thing I did was to reconnect the Heater to the Propane Line and waited for nearly Two Minutes before hitting the Ignitor. “Huston, we have Ignition.” Even on the lowest setting it made the room too hot but it’s ready to use in the evenings and mornings when it is cold. We know this will keep our Propane usage down and are looking forward to being more comfortable.
Our Blue Flame Heater keeping us warm.
Since it was so windy today we didn’t go visiting so it looks like that is what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Glad you have your heater is up and working.
    We have been having high winds here at Borrego Springs,also, several days under High Wind Warnings. The one thing we do not have is the dust Quartzsite seems to get in the wind. Hope we all get warmer temperatures and less wind soon.

  2. That blue flame sure does look nice and warm.

  3. we use a similar set up with a Mr Buddy Heater and it will get nice an toasty quickly in our 5th wheel. I used to use a long propane line that I ran from out tank clear to the back of the rig where the heater is located. But now I just use a BBQ size tank and run the hose out a window to the ground. One thing I do recommend for such a long run on the hose. Put a shut off valve where it is connected to the tank. that gas is under a lot of pressure and if something would break loose you would have a blow torch going. at least with a shut off valve you can make one turn on it and it will be off. You will really enjoy the warmth from the Blue flame heater. I got a computer fan and then a 12volt plug for it at Salvation Army there in QZ and used that to move the heat around. I attached it to the old blue flame heater we used to use. stay toasty!

  4. Love those blue flame heaters. I'm even thinking about getting one for my house!!

  5. Those Cowboy Nachos look pretty good to me, too. What are all the ingredients in it? Maybe we can recreate that dish.

  6. Glad your Blue Flame is working. Certainly will need it for a few more days.

    Still can't believe someone would sit in a line for a dump station.

    The dust makes for beautiful sunset.