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Monday, February 19, 2018

In Search Of The Sun, Watching Others Bundled Up and Our Antenna Gets Moved.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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With a cool nighttime temperature, I wasn’t in too big of a hurry to getting out of bed this morning so when I first opened my eyes at 6:10 MST I immediately closed them. When I looked again and my watch read 7:50 I felt much more comfortable about getting up then. After opening the Window Shades and getting things ready for breakfast I started repacking some of the Organizing Containers that Kathy had in the Pantry. That was exactly the time when Kathy started coming downstairs for breakfast. 
That is not fog but Dust in the air.
With more strong Wind Gusts again today, there was blowing Dust all around us. We could only make out shadows of the Mountains. The few people we did see outside walking their dogs were completely bundled up as if against a Snowstorm. It was strange to look straight up to see sections of Blue Sky while closer to the horizon there was just a cloud of Dust. 

Looking at my list of things I needed to do today the first thing I did was to call Leisure Trailer and speak to Stephanie. Due to the way that Jayco has taken to handling our warranty issues one of the Managers J.T. has taken over our file. He worked last Saturday so he had today off but will be calling us in the morning. 

For lunch we enjoyed a nice warm bowl of Soup, a Cheese Stick and some Cole Slaw that we picked up the other day. As we were eating we saw our neighbour Wayne outside his trailer wearing a Hooded Sweatshirt and Long Pants. We’ve only seen him dressed that way three times this entire winter so it had to be cold. 

Looking at The Weather Network after lunch on the Computer it indicated a temperature of 57 F (14 C) outside but with winds gusting up to Twenty-Seven MPH it felt like 54 F (12 C). Seeing the Sun shining through the Dust I decided to take a few pictures of the Mountains. Stepping outside without a Jacket I had a hard time seeing the Mountains or the Sun. In the one minute I was outside I felt frozen. 

Preferring to stay Home rather then go out we decided to watch a Movie that we picked up at Walmart yesterday. Thank goodness there is a Pause Button on the player because it was a long one. When the Movie was over we planned to watch the News but couldn’t get a channel even after reprogramming the Television. Going outside I saw the Antenna was turned by Ninety Degrees and was being waved back and forth by the Wind. 

For supper we had some Salad, Chicken and Mandarin Oranges on Cottage Cheese that we topped off with a piece of Chocolate Cake. As mentioned recently grocers are now selling Cake or Pie in what they call a single serving. We purchase a single serving because they are so large and share it. Treats like that are not too bad. 
This is the Sun shining through the Dust.
A quick run outside for Sunset pictures showed just how much Dust is in the air. Because we watched the Movie and the Sun didn’t properly charge our Batteries we ran our Generator for an hour this evening. Tomorrow will be a cooler but calmer day. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. You certainly had the wind and dust today. We had the same thing down in the valley.

    Going to get down right cold for the next few nights. Years ago I made insulation panels for my windows. Put them on this evening for the first time. Wonder how they will do.

  2. All that dust and the wind blowing so hard means there will be extra cleaning to do in the trailer.

  3. We had wind and dust all day too, with overnight SNOW!!! It melted as soon as it landed, but SNOW?? In the desert? Stay warm!!!

  4. It isn't any warmer along the Central Coast, either. Wind is ugly anytime of year, but it sure is adding a layer of chill. Temps are low.

  5. What a change in weather you guys are getting down there! It is everywhere it seems so no escaping it, just bolt down the antenna and hunker down! BTW, it is snowing in Campbell River, BC!

  6. Boy that wind and dust is something else! Still sounds like you two made the best of the situation! Stay warm.

  7. It’s been cold in Gold Canyon, too. Windy, but not as bad as you have been facing. When I went for the mail a couple of days ago, another resident said “This is a hell of away to run a desert! I agree.