It's about time.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Comfy Morning, Amazon Changes Our Address, Chilly Wet Afternoon and Tasty Supper.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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It almost felt strange getting out of bed before 8:00 MST and not feel like we were freezing but having left our Blue Flame Heater on its lowest setting last night might have had something to do with it. Opening the Window Shades, adjusting the heat up another notch and getting things ready for breakfast was all I could do before Kathy joined me downstairs.

Looking outside there was plenty of blue Sky with Clouds starting to form along the Mountain Ranges. As soon as we’d finished eating we joined our Coffees over at the Computers to get our reading done. Looking at The Weather Network it indicated that we were already at 57 F (14 C) with mostly sunny skies but that was all going to change. By the time we finished our Second Cup at the Computers the temperature had already dropped to 54 F (12 C), the sky was totally Cloud covered and the Winds were picking up. 
Last night the “Overnighter” showed up as they’ve done many times in the last couple of weeks and then between 9:00 and 10:00 they leave. What Kathy and I suspect is that they do not have a valid LTVA Permit so they leave before the Ranger drives around checking for Permits. Right on schedule at 10:00 this morning he pulled out and the Ranger drove through at 10:30.

When I got to my E-Mail I was disappointed to see that the Item that we had ordered through Amazon on January 6th, that the Vendor had shipped using USPS had left Phoenix and was sitting just outside San Diego. “WT?” I figured I would wait until after lunch and its location would be In-Transit being returned to Quartzsite. Instead what we got was the message that it was being returned to the Vendor because of an Incorrect Address.
If you recall the Post Office here in Quartzsite doesn’t like people using Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop as a Parcel Pickup Service. Even though if you stand by Main Street and look to the east you can see Quiet Times but if you don’t have the address just perfect they return your package. None of the other Courier Services cause that kind of problem. 

When I called Amazon after lunch I explained the situation to Carl and was very specific Telling him Word for Word, Line for Line how the address had to be. I even had him repeat it to me. He put me on hold briefly to review the file then came back saying E-Mails had been sent to the Vendor and I would get a Confirmation within an hour. 
I had planned to do a chore outside but decided to check my E-Mails before going out the door. Right at the top was a Confirmation of the message sent to the Vendor instructing him to send the package to the very same address that started this Nightmare. Kathy had to remind me to calm down when I got back on the phone to Amazon. The person at the other end could not understand why the first words out of my mouth was to speak to a Supervisor. 

When the Supervisor came on she said that the Earlier Representative would never do something like that but she then read the report that he had sent me. Then when we looked at My Addresses they had been changed from the correct address to the incorrect one. Word for Word, Line for Line I told her how it should read and she still messed it up. She finally allowed me to Edit my address myself and she saved it. (Because we don’t have a permanent US Address we are not allowed to write our own Addresses. They say that is to protect us from others using our accounts Fraudulently.) As for our package the Supervisor thought it was better to just Cancel it and Refund our account even though we want it and its not shipped to Canada. 

Trying to use up our Food Stocks from the Freezer Kathy had me grill a couple of Steaks while she worked on the Sides. The Wind was blowing so hard the Temperature Gauge on our Weber never moved. Looking around at all the Clouds I was certain that it was Raining over the Mountains. I barely got a few pictures of the Clouds when I found out it wasn’t just Raining over the Mountains because I was suddenly getting very wet. Because the Wind was so strong the Steaks came out perfect even though the grill was on high. Supper was delicious and because we prefer thin Steaks they weren’t overfilling. 

As we finished eating the Rain stopped and the Sun came out for the last Half Hour before it set. I managed to get in a short Workout and the Chore completed before it was dark. 

Even though we are leaving La Posa South LTVA this weekend we are not heading Home just yet but we are going to be busy for the next few days. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Q: What happened to the lawyer who was thrown out of a saloon?

A: He was disbarred.


  1. I would cancel the whole thing and two days later, start all over. It's SO frustrating to go through that mess. You can also, immediately after ordering, call Amazon and ask that it be sent UPS or FEDEX. You'll have to pay more, but at least you will get it!!

  2. Sounds like a real hassle with the mail. I think I would just make friends with a resident in Q and have it sent there. Or specify a courier as Nancy suggested. Life is too short for that headache.

    We got rain overnight. I think the Arizona ​residents are thankful for the snow in the upper elevations. Haven't had much this winter.

  3. George, that steak looks like it came out perfect.

  4. Hopefully you got that mess straightened out with Amazon. I used to get texts on my phone of delivery stuff I never ordered..somehow it quit but I complained several times. Frustrating! Dinner looks awesome! Beautiful sunset!

  5. I understand your frustration over the order.

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