It's about time.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Going Down Under and Air Quality Advisory.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Due to the warm weather that we experienced yesterday it was a no brainer to leave the Air Conditioner on last night. We slept fairly sound and woke feeling quite refreshed this morning. Watching the Weather Channel while having breakfast they showed we’d be having temperatures in the mid 80s that would feel more like the mid 90s. Due to Kathy’s allergies and breathing problems that meant we stayed in this morning catching up on our reading. 

After lunch Kathy had a few chores she needed to work on while I had mine. Kathy continues to clean and organize things in the apartment in an effort of getting rid of more STUFF

Back in May when we had the yearly safety check done on truck the mechanic noted our Airbags were deflated. Since I had explained their importance of how it cushioned the ride when towing the trailer to him previously he pointed it out to me. Because we were only days away from heading to North Carolina we had to put up with the slow air leak that was in the system. This afternoon I went over to our daughter Karen and son-in-law Greg’s house to make use of their driveway. Since Greg is working the midnight shift I’d asked yesterday if I could run my compressor to test the Airbags without waking him. Having permission I backed the truck in their driveway and busied myself setting up. Once the Airbags were inflated I used a soapy water solution that I had premixed at the apartment and started spraying the system with it. Using a rug I carry in the truck  I continued my search by lying underneath the truck until it happened. What happens was the soapy water solution started to create bubbles thus showing me where the leak in the system was. The same solution can be safely used to test for propane leaks in an RV. 

I was home in less than an hour which surprised Kathy but I’d accomplished what I set out to do. Now I had a bunch of phone calls to make. First I called Vehicle Venture where we had the system installed on the truck five years ago. John was supposed to get back to me this afternoon so I’ll be calling him back tomorrow. 

Next I had to call some local donation depots about donating some older medical equipment that is collecting dust and taking up space in the apartment. They are supposed to get back to me tomorrow. 

Lastly I had to contact Rand McNally to get the status on our GPS which would no longer shut off while we were in North Carolina until the battery went dead. The person taking my call said they had sent me E-mails but I never received them. Later I even tried E-mailing them to report the nonexistent E-mails. So far today I’ve received no response to the messages that I sent them. Guess I’ll be calling them again tomorrow as well. 

For supper I grilled a couple of Johnsonville Brats on the Weber Q to go with a wonderful vegetable pasta salad that Kathy cooked up. Watching the local 6 o’clock News the weatherman talked of how we were under an Air Quality Advisory by Environment Canada due the smoke from Wildfires in Saskatchewan. It’s a good thing that Kathy wants to stay inside for the next couple of days. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken by Kathy
in North Carolina.


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  1. Hard to imagine that Saskatchewan smoke can reach your area!!

  2. Too bad about your air quality there it is excellent here in the Kawartha's.