It's about time.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Visiting With More RV Bloggers

Our Location today is Sugarloaf Key, Florida.

After watching the news last night it wasn’t long before we went to bed.  We could clearly hear the Tiki Bar Karaoke participants loud and clear. Suddenly we were both awakened and it wasn’t from the intoxicated singers that couldn’t hold a note but from a massive downpour that shook the trailer. The evening forecast had often called for night-time rains, but this was the first time it happened with such great intensity. After nearly twenty minutes we started hearing the want-to-be singers again even with the continuing rain. 
Every day you see this guy sunbathing by the pool.
By morning there was no longer any rain but an overcast sky that again was rocking the trailer with cooler winds from the North. The morning forecast was calling for wind gusts between 25 and 35 mph that would continue throughout the day. Shortly after breakfast I made my way outside and unhooked the sunshade before Kathy brought in the awning. Even with the wind coming from the other side of the trailer it was still less risky to take in the awning than risk it being damage by the wind. 

We had a light snack before noon hour so that it would help balance Kathy’s diabetes because we were going out for a delayed lunch. Shortly after 1:00 we were on the road heading down Highway 1 for Geiger RV Park and Marina. All along the sides of the roads there were reminders in the form of standing water puddles from last night’s rain. 

This place came highly recommended as a nice place to enjoy a reasonably priced meal and to meet someone. Having arrived earlier than necessary Kathy and I went into the patio area under the Tiki Roof and ordered a couple of sodas. 

It was only a few moments later before fellow RV Bloggers Karen and Al Lueck from Rv Travels With Karen and Al arrived. We have been following and commenting on one another’s blogs for quite some time and when we saw that we were only a few miles down the road from them we E-mailed them an invitation to get together. Their suggestion of where to meet was excellent as we were surrounded by a tropical water setting and sunshine with a natural breeze keeping us comfortable under the shaded roof. 

Their recommendation of the Hogfish for lunch was a good one. The only problem was the waitress thought they were going to share their lunch as they often did in the past but they had made sure to specify one each. Throughout the entire time the conversation flowed freely in this relaxed atmosphere and before we knew it over two enjoyable hours had passed before it was time to part our ways. We truly hope to meet them again somewhere down the road. Thanks again Karen and Al we really enjoyed our visit.

Back at the trailer we later had an Ice Cream Cone made with frozen yogurt for our supper. We are once again being bombarded by the sounds coming from the Tiki Bar over by the pool. It sounds like they are having an audience participation game tonight. 

Tomorrow we’re not sure what we’ll be doing but I’m sure it will be interesting. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Nice that you got to meet Karen and Al, we missed them by a day last year when we were in the Keys.