It's about time.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scenic Northerly Trek.

Our Location today is Venice, Florida.

Typical pretravel night where neither of us got very much sleep. We didn’t set the alarm but by 7:15 we were both wide awake. So once breakfast was over it was a simple matter of closing up the inside of the trailer before heading outside. 
Once I was outside I had to look around to be certain we were still in Miami Florida because the wind was blowing and everyone was bundled up with multiple layers. I instantly got back in the trailer and changed from shorts and sandals to long pants, shoes and a jacket. Kathy at that point thought that I was losing it until she opened the door. After experiencing such a shocking delay we were still leaving the park by 9:00.
Two weeks ago when we left this park to go to the Keys the GPS took us in a different direction and around a block causing us to have to hunt for a gas station along the way. Even the route we went today the first few blocks were the same but it made us drive right by the gas station I had planned on going to two weeks ago.
We were guided to US 41 also known as the Everglades Highway. We drove past both the Gator Park and Shark Valley State Park that we had visited almost three weeks before. That brought back a rush of wonderful memories. As we continued on our West to North-West direction on occasion we’d see alligators sunning themselves in the sunlight. After nearly two hours the GPS had us turn east through Big Cypress National Preserve and brought us through a Panther Habitat district before taking us north on I-75. 
It was time to stretch and have lunch so when we saw a sign for Cracker Barrel we pulled off for a rest. The location we stopped at had quite a few RV/Bus parking spots and since nobody else was using them I straddled the lines and parked in that area. It’s nice they have spots for us to park but they are only 40 foot long spots and we are running nearly 60 feet. After nearly three hours on the road it was almost difficult to walk. We enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere and even walked around their country store just looking at things that brought back fond memories.
Our truck parked across three parking spots.
Kathy's grilled Chicken salad.
My breakfast steak and eggs.
We spent another half hour on the Interstate until we were once again guided back to US 41. Traveling through many smaller communities we noticed the Myakka RV Resort as we were driving by on the other side of the highway the GPS told us we were arriving on the right to an empty field. You got to love those GPSs. 
This is a very small park with paved patios and gravel pads that could use some leveling. This will be a good spot for us to explore a few attractions that Kathy has researched. Before supper we walked around for more exercise and are glad our rear window looks out over the glades leading to the Myakka River instead of the front of the park looking at US 41.
Tomorrow we’ll hope the weather improves not just for us but all the northern states as well. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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