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Monday, July 23, 2018

Fun Visit Filled With More Visits.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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As much as I would have liked to sleep in this morning when the clock indicated that it was nearly 8:00, I knew that it was time to get moving. I managed to open all the Window Shades wide open without it being very bright inside. The heavy Clouds we had yesterday were just as thick and threatening. I’d only turned on The Weather Network when Kathy came downstairs and she didn’t even find it too bright today.

We ate breakfast and had a cup of Hot Apple Cider for our morning brew that helped us to relax while doing our morning reading on the Computers. Then, while Kathy washed up the few Dishes we’d just used I was making the Bed and getting things straightened around upstairs. When I finished I went outside to dump and flush our Waste Tanks.

We were soon heading out the door by 10:00 which was way too early for our appointment but that meant we had to slow down. We stopped at Guardian Storage to find our Mailbox empty. When we left there, we had to sit still for Fifteen Minutes for a slow-moving Freight Train.

With still too much time on our hands we stopped at the Credit Union with hopes of talking to Ashley our Customer Service Representative, about continued problems we are having with our account. We monitor our accounts regularly to be certain someone else isn’t using it. Since the Credit Union redid their On-Line Banking program at the end of May beginning of June it has been a nightmare for us. We used to be able to see any usage of our accounts within minutes of it happening but now we have to wait until the end of the month. The new statements are also not showing any balances so you really don’t know what’s in your accounts. She was away at a meeting to discuss how well this new program is working. (They should have asked us, but they wouldn’t have liked what they would have heard.) 
Waiting for Ashley.
When we arrived to pick up our granddaughter Ashley, we were still a little early but that just gave us time to sit in the Car and relax. It was only minutes later that she came out to join us. We’ve written many times about going to the Theater to see Ashley perform in Swan Lake or the Nutcracker. Lately we’ve told you how she has been teaching English to students in Spain. Since she will be heading back there in early September, we arranged to spend some personal time with her today. 
Ashley opening her gift from the two of us.
Since she doesn’t eat very much we went to the Michigan Diner on Manning Road where we all had a lite breakfast for our lunches. This also gave us time to talk while Ashley explained some of the differences of how businesses and the schools are run as well as things she did to try to make it easier for the students to grasp the English composition. 
Something that will be going to Spain.
Since I was facing the windows while listening to Ashley and eating at the same time, I just happen to look up to see our friend Vera drive into the parking lot. We had been having trouble getting in touch with her and now she was coming here. Vera was there to meet a small group but took the time to meet Ashley whom she hadn’t seen since our Wedding. She then went on to meet her group and we finished our lunch.

One reason I went to the Manning Road location was so that I could show Ashley how to come out to visit us from different directions. She was always busy when the rest of the family had come out to visit so this was a first for her. After driving around Wildwood RV Park to show all its amenities we finally brought her to our site. She was impressed with the patio and the way everything was set up. Our neighbour Maynard who is still recovering from a broken foot, was finally out for a few days and was pleased to meet Ashley. 
Ashley looking very content.
Inside Kathy gave Ashley the grand tour. She said our living area was bigger then the apartment she lives in while in Spain. Another reason for bringing Ashley to our Home was to give her the Gift Bag with all her Merry Thanksmas Gifts because she’ll be in Spain when we celebrate with the rest of the family. She loved everything we gave her and plans to bring a few of them to Spain to use. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting caught up on a number of things and we hope to get together again before she has to leave.

On the way to bring Ashley home we stopped at McDonalds for Ice Cream Cones but due to the over use of the machine they were served in plastic cups. It still cooled us down and tasted good.

After saying our Good Byes and getting more Hugs we left Ashley at her mom’s house. We were nearly at the grocery store when we realized we had another errand to run.

We drove all the way back to Tecumseh where we did some shopping for our other granddaughter Kylla. She will be celebrating her Birthday tomorrow so we picked a few things up that we know she can use. 
A Box to store your STUFF.
We made a quick stop at Karen’s house where we had short visit with Karen and Greg while leaving Kylla’s gift. Sanford made certain to come and get some attention but seemed to be sad when we got ready to leave. 
The sky outside of Wendy's.
It was past 6:30 at that point and we had more shopping to do so we went to Wendy’s and enjoyed eating from their Value Menu. Where else can you get Two Chicken Wraps, Two Small Chocolate Frosties and Two Seniors Soft Drinks for only $7.19. It was satisfying, tasty and reasonably priced. 
The bright dot is the Sun setting behind the Clouds.
Kathy realized some of our supplies were getting low so we headed over to the Zehrs grocery store. Kathy had forgotten her Shopping List but managed to get almost everything. Our shopping cart was half full when we left but our wallets were nearly empty. 
This Rainbow looks like its trying to fill that Silo.
Earlier today I had noticed that the price for Gasoline was nearly $1.30 a Liter or nearly $5.00 a US Gallon. Finally heading for Home, I noticed that the price had dropped over $0.10 a Liter so there was no second guessing to pull into the Pioneer gas station to fill up. 

It felt good to arrive Home but we were barely out of the Escape when Russ and Mike (Former Coworkers) pulled up on their Golf Cart for a short chat. By the time we had everything in the Trailer and put away it was nearly 10:00. Where did the day go? Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. What a pretty and smart girl Ashley is. She could probably get a job as a translator if she's interested. She just looks like she has a very pleasant personality.

    We had a loud thunder storm during the night. I think this is the wettest spring and summer we ever had. Susan's TV's went out during one the other day. She finally got rid of the dish and called Uverse. They will be tomorrow. We are concerned, though, because neither TV will go on. She's only had the 55" for about two years and the 36" in her bedroom for a little longer.

    I checked the breakers, but they are all in place. I've been telling her since she got them that she should really have good surge protectors on them. Hard learned lesson if they really are dead. I could not find a reset button on the them. Mine has controls--I don't know what she'd do if she lost the remotes. :(