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Thank You for following this Blog

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kathy’s Reply To Some Comments About Jayco Repair and Enjoying Merry Thanksmas Leftovers.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After having been avoiding overeating for well over a month our indulgence in our families Merry Thanksmas Celebration yesterday also played a part in how we slept last night. Neither of us had any problem sleeping last night nor did we even feel hungry when we got up this morning. We stuck to what Kathy had proclaimed that the only thing we’d have for breakfast was Coffee at the Computers, though it did turn into a Two-Cup morning.

I have been very straight forward about the issues we are facing with Jayco and the repairs to our Fifth Wheel Trailer over the last couple of days. We have received a number of comments saying we would be better off demanding another trailer under the Lemon Law but we could end up with the same problem over again. If we did take another Trailer that would hold another set of problems that Kathy decided to explain in her own words.

(In Kathy’s words) We are hoping for a good fix because of all the extras we have added such as 6 solar panels, 4 batteries and 2 inverters not to mention all the wiring. Rick and I have sleep apnea and need the extra inverter to run our CPAPs. Both are pure sine wave because no other can run the CPAPs safely. Not to mention all the wiring that goes with it. Extra shelves were added in the kitchen and new lights in the bedroom closet as well as a reversible ceiling fan in the bedroom. A hand rail on the bedroom stairs and stabilizers on the levelers. We even replaced all of the incandescent lights with L.E.D.s. We did all these changes ourselves. There are so many things I can't remember them all but these are the main ones.  It would take quite some time to remove all of that from here and I wouldn't trust them to do it correctly.

We are heading to the southwest again this winter and will have to return home early to prepare for the repair. We have to remove all of our personal possessions from the rig.  Minus the things listed above we have to rent a storage room and box everything up. It will take us a couple of weeks to do.    If Jayco does a proper job and we have no more trouble that would be wonderful.  If not then we are in big do-do. Our daughter said we could stay in her basement but we’ll need to get our bed out from our other storage room and set things up as we will be without our rig for over a month. We both appreciate her kind offer.  It will be pretty tiring for both of us as we aren't getting any younger. Thanks for commenting just thought I would let you know the problems we are encountering along the way. This has been a very upsetting situation and has put some strain on my health with all the decisions we have had to make as stress is not healthy for either of us.  We are determined to find a solution to our problems and get through this together. 
More Gifts to deliver.
Even though we had our main Merry Thanksmas yesterday we still have a number of Gifts that will eventually find their way to their rightful owners in the next Eight Days. 
Ham Sandwich with Cranberry/Orange Relish
Ambrosia for dessert.
When everyone contributes to our Family Celebrations, everyone gets to take Leftovers home to enjoy for another meal. We had purchased the Turkey so after carving the bird Melissa set the carcass Home with us knowing Kathy would make Turkey Soup from it. She only got around to cleaning it up this morning and will have to wait until Tuesday when the Grocery Stores are open for additional ingredients. Using some Leftover Ham and Cranberry/Orange Relish Kathy made sandwiches for lunch along with the little bit of Ambrosia that was left from the double batch we’d made for dessert yesterday. We ate even though we weren’t hungry which is not good when you have sugar problems. 
Kathy caught me working again.
Kathy spent the afternoon sorting files from last year’s travels and replacing them with this year’s Itinerary. I spent it sorting through packages of hardware that had been purchased for use on our Trailer. That will have to wait until we are certain of the outcome of the repairs. All the small items got sorted and put into my Organizing Storage Containers. Other items will be stored in our Garden Shed for this winter and hopefully will be used by the winter of 2018. 
Loaded Egg Omelet (before the Salsa)
For supper while I finely chopped the Vegetables and the last of yesterday’s Ham Kathy put together a wonderful Omelet. To add extra flavour to an already tasty meal Kathy added a special blend Chili to her Omelet while I added Extra Hot Salsa to mine. We both enjoyed our meal. 
Tonight's Sunset.
White spot is a window glare.
Kathy and I would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers and their families. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I really feel for you both. RVers know how much work goes into moving out and moving in to an RV. It is a lot of work. And the stress, oh my. I hope you can enjoy your winter.

  2. That's right ... I forgot about all the wiring and work you have done on your rig. Switching all that over to a new one would be even worse. Hoping you get it fixed permanently in a short time.

  3. The whole situation must be very stressful. You better take up regular walks to dissipate the stress and stay healthy yourselves.

  4. If you have a place to stay, it makes sense to have Jayco do the repairs. I would think they probably have added a few days for just in case another problem arises and you'll get it back sooner.