It's about time.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Getting The Confirmation From Jayco, Packing Up, Neighbour’s Bad Luck and Tasty Supper.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we were both in bed minutes after posting the Blog last night we both slept until nearly 9:00 this morning. The rain that we had throughout the evening and early morning hours did act to sedate us both into a relaxing mood. We were that tired from the late nights that we have been keeping, as well as restless nights but also from the stress over getting our Jayco Fifth Wheel Trailer repaired. 
Looks like Fall has arrived.
We had barely moved from the breakfast table to enjoy our Coffees at the Computers when the phone rang. Stephanie was calling us back with the latest correspondence between herself and Jayco. Jayco had been pushing that it was up to Leisure Trailer, one of their Authorized Dealers to pay for the shipping costs to have it towed back to the factory. I personally would have told them where to put their products. Jayco finally agreed that due to their Poor Workmanship and Quality Control that it is their responsibility to fix what is wrong. 

That was nice to hear but what we were not happy was the amount of time we’ll be out of our Home for. We will have returned from the southwest earlier than originally planned, remove all our personal belongings out of the Trailer and deliver it to our Dealership on April 10th. It will then be transported to the Jayco Repair Center (next door to the factory) in Middlebury, Indiana. Jayco has scheduled April 16th to May 10th to make the necessary repairs to our Trailer. That means we will be out of our Home over a month.

Since our Home is classified as an RV it follows a different set of building specifications then a real house or apartment. By using the term Recreational Vehicle most RV Manufactures say the RVs are not meant to be lived in Fulltime so they will not pay for any lodging costs we may incur. We’ll figure that out when we get to that next spring but at least we now have a time frame.

Even though we realize that Stephanie and Leisure Trailer are fighting on our behalf just dealing with Jayco’s non-caring attitude continues to take its toll on us. We just want our Home back so we may continue to enjoy our dream. They had better fix it properly because we can always refer to the RV Lemon Law.

We needed to destress and one of the best ways to do that is to Exercise. We hopped on our Tandem Bike and rode down every street in the Park. We also wanted to get some information from Val at the Office but when we rode by we saw that she wasn’t in today so we put off our stop. 
Leftover Homemade Ham and Split Pea Soup.
along with Leftover Grapes as well as
Leftover Nanaimo Bars.
For our late lunch we raided the refrigerator and ate Leftovers. We had Leftover Homemade Ham and Split Pea Soup, Leftover Grapes as well as Leftover Nanaimo Bars. It was a mixture of goodies that not only taste good but helped us get through our afternoon projects. 
Kathy Bubble Wrapping our Garden Decorations.
After lunch Kathy wanted to pack away our Garden Decorations and I wanted to put away our Solar Lights for the season. Since it rained last night I busied myself wiping everything off while Kathy wrapped them with Bubble Wrap and just put them aside. I started removing the Lights by the Firepit Trees showing Kathy how to retrieve the stakes and how to clean the mud off. While I cleaned and disabled the batteries in the upper parts of the lamps themselves Kathy gathered the remaining Solar Lights. 
Under all that Bubble Wrap is our Garden Decorations
that will be boxed and stored for the winter.
It was past 5:00 when we finished packing the Solar Lights away but we needed to have supper. Kathy prepped the Spare Ribs while I cut an Acorn Squash in half. After I had the Ribs on the Weber I finished packing our Garden Decorations away for the season. 
Busy disabling the batteries in the Solar Lights.
Kathy had cooked some Corn as well as the Acorn Squash when she heard our neighbour Hugh talking to me. Yesterday while putting out his awning he nearly took the tip of his finger off. After spending most of the day in Emergency they managed to save it for him. 

Our supper tasted great and we enjoyed every bit of it. We weren’t supposed to get any Rain until after midnight but it’s been falling since 10:30. Looks like we’ll be sleeping like a couple of rocks again tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Seems like a long time (24 days)for them to undertake the fix of your trailer. Would the time be less if you take it to the factory yourself. Have dealt with Thor factory service before. |You sleep in your RV overnight and they come and get it in the morning and drop it off late afternoon. I| know your repairs are pretty major, but if you showed up with it they just might spring for a few nights in a local hotel/motel.

  2. Sorry about all your problems with Jaco. It really makes you want to buy from them....not.

  3. I looked back to find what was the issue with the fiver but only found one about getting paint done. What repairs are you getting? We have a '14 Jayco 361REQS and so far no major issues I can't handle myself.

  4. It's so stressing to deal with that kind of thing. I had to claim Lemon Law on a Chevy truck I purchased. Ended up with a brand new truck, but it took forever. Hope your repairs go fast!!