It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

109, Counting Down The Hours, Getting Things Accomplished and A Funny Ditty.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We both managed to sleep like a couple of rocks last night even if the outside temperature dipped Below the Freezing Mark. It seemed like someone told me it was time to get up at exactly 8:00 this morning. That gave me a chance to get my morning reading and Blood Donor Questionnaire done and printed before Kathy woke up an hour later.

After we had our breakfast Kathy sat at the Computer with her morning Coffee while I left mine to cool slightly on the table while I did my inside chores. Not only did I make the bed but I also dug things out that we’ll be needing just before we get on the road tomorrow morning.

This was not a day we could sit around waiting for the Sun to make an appearance. By 9:40 I was outside dumping and flushing our Waste Tanks, swapping out our Empty Propane Tank, packing the Weber Q in the basement, filling our Drinking Water Jugs, storing our Fresh Water System and finally disconnecting our Sewer Line.

Even though I had layered myself against the cold weather by 10:30 I was more then happy to go inside to warm up. Time was something we didn’t have so as soon as I’d removed my coveralls and change my shoes it was time to head back out the door. 
This is what our entire day looked like.
Our first destination in Windsor was the old Red Cross building on Grand Marais. We entered through the south door and into the VitalAire office. We were there to pick up our CPAP supplies before we head south for the winter. Tiara had everything ready because we had stopped in a month ago to tell her we’d be here. She wished us a Safe Trip and we were told to Enjoy ourselves.

Leaving the VitalAire office Kathy headed down the hall to the waiting room while I went to put our things in the Car. When I turned to head back inside I froze in my tracks as a wave of White Flakes crossed my line of sight. Not something either of us want to see. Turning around to see if there were any trees that might have shed some tiny leaves all I could see were bare branches everywhere around.

By the time I joined Kathy in the waiting room of the Canadian Blood Services she had already registered my arrival and gotten my Number Card. I had an 11:55 appointment but since I was early by the time my vital signs were checked out, my 109th Blood Donation was taken and I’d had my snack we were nearly ready to go by 12:15.

We were telling Mary a volunteer that we were leaving in the morning heading for Arizona. She said that both herself and her husband had been talking about doing something like that someday. We gave her one of our Business Cards so she can follow along and contact us if she needs any further information.

It was close to 12:30 when we arrived at Burger King for lunch. Our daughter Karen had given us some coupons so they helped us decide what we were having.

After refreshing ourselves we drove to Walmart where Kathy picked up a bottle of Antihistamines while I went to get a jug of Distilled Water that we’ll need for our CPAPs.

Driving across the street we first stopped at Dollarama to get a few snacks to have while we travel. Across the parking lot we tried to do the same at the Bulk Barn but they were out of stock.

We finally headed to Guardian Storage where after retrieving our Mail I reminded Carol we are leaving in the morning. If our Mail Box gets too full they will put the contents in a Box labeled with our name and give it to us when we return. If we wanted they would forward it to us but we don’t believe there is anything we can’t wait to see. She wished us a Safe Trip and told us to Have Fun. We also drove back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit where we picked up a couple pair of Gloves and Toques. After last winter being so cold we are not taking any chances this year.

We then dove to Bulk Barn on Walker Road where we finally got what the other store didn’t have. Driving across the parking lot we went to the Zehrs Supper Store where we got a Loaf of Bread and a half gallon of Milk.

We arrived at Fantastic Sam’s with time to spare for our 3:00 appointment. Jen was just finishing with her last customer so she even started working on us early. Jen has been doing our hair for years and always has to spend time fixing our hair when we get back from our trips.

On our way back to McGregor we stopped at the Gas Station to fill up with gas before heading Home.

Upon driving into the Park, we noticed quite a few more RVs had left since this morning. We were only Home long enough to leave everything we had just picked up today and to load things from the Freezer and Fridge into an Insulated Shopping Bag. Since we can’t take certain things across the International Border into the US instead of wasting them we planned to give them away.

Our next stop was our son Kevin’s house in Amherstburg to drop off not only the food we couldn’t keep but our Car as well. We know it will be in good hands with Kevin and he’ll drive it around to keep it exercised.

It was nearly 5:00 before we arrived at Pharma Choice drug store where I picked up the Prescription that I dropped off last Friday. This is a smaller Pharmacy and they didn’t have a Six-Month supply of my medication that day so they had to order it. Everyone behind the counter was volunteering to come with us but wished us Safe Travels.

We were both feeling hungry and neither of us felt like cooking so we stopped at McDonalds where we had a Sweet Chili Wrap for supper.

We managed to get Home just minutes before the 6 o’clock Local News started. As soon as it was finished I was back outside bundled up against the freezing cold. I had to go through the Garden Shed. I had stored something in there early this summer and couldn’t find it. Using a Flashlight and leaving nothing unturned it was finally located. It had slipped from the shelf and was between the Bicycles.

I also managed to finish storing the last of our Patio Furniture and prepping the back of the Truck for towing. Kathy came outside to see how I was doing and nearly froze while I was working up a sweat.

This evening when Kathy read what our friend Jan Mains from Bill and Jan RVing in the USA commented on yesterday’s blog she just had to respond.

Jan Mains: It's going to be hard to sleep tonight.

Kathy:  You betcha!

This little ditty keeps running around in my head.

While Mamma and Poppa all snug in their beds
With questions galore just dancing in their heads.
Did Poppa remember to put that aside or did Poppa forget to secure what he tied?

While Momma was sleepy and climbed into bed. She remembered to tell him to secure that instead.

They woke in the morning all ready to flee.
When they looked at the rig they were happy with glee.
Everything ready and nothing amiss and they looked at each other and then they just kissed.

They climbed aboard and were off with delight in the hopes of seeing some RV friends the very next night. 

Safe travels everyone
Kathy Rousseau

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Witty Words of Wisdom

Light travels faster than sound.

This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.


  1. Tom and I wish you happy and safe travels.

  2. Congratulations on you 109th blood donation. Must be a good feeling knowing how many others you have helped. Just like the Gift of Life! Safe travels.

  3. Safe and trouble free journey for the both of you.
    Since you are beginning your travels and we are ending ours, I will just travel along with you.

  4. Love the poem! We are wishing you safe travels and warmer weather. Fingers crossed it doesn't snow overnight :-)

  5. I never sleep the night before. I always seem to be too stressed and nervous. Don't know why ... it's not like it's the first time I've taken off!!

  6. Have a great trip, see you soon and hope that Mary isn't far behind you ;)

  7. Sounds like you are ready to go, have a great trip!

  8. Reading about the cold up there, I will stop complaining that we got down to 31 two nights ago here in North Alabama.

    Safe travels and as others have said ENJOY!

  9. Hope you have safe travels and a wonderful, warmer winter!