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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ups and Downs.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario.

When Kathy woke up this morning she commented that it was cold in the trailer and kept pulling the covers back up to her neck. What the real reason was that she didn’t want to get up as it was time to pack up and head for home. Yes our week away had been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. The downs being our missed visit with our son for his birthday last Sunday, then on Monday morning when the trailer hitch didn’t lock and we dropped the trailer and the worst was both of us coming down with food poisoning. The good points were getting together with my aunt and uncle as well as my sister then topping it all off with visiting a Super Awesome Couple George and Suzie Yates. These ups and downs were not finished for this trip yet.

Closing up the trailer today wasn’t difficult and with only slight maneuvering we were out of the campground without any additional scratches to the truck or trailer. We headed back over to Camp Awesome to drop off the books Kathy want to give to Suzie to read. We knew that they would probably be away so our plan was to just leave the books on one of their chairs but that changed when we stopped on the road. 

Their host Lea came out thinking we wanted to back in and attend the party happening today. We told her about the books and having to be home today. She praised George and Suzie for the work they did to help her out and if we are ever in the neighborhood feel free to park our trailer and visit a while. Thanks for your invitation Lea. Another uplift for our week. 

Back on the road it didn’t take too long to wind our way through the back roads to make it to the 401 highway. By noon we were enjoying another breakfast for lunch at the Denny’s at the Flying J just outside London. Before leaving the lot I did a double circle check including using my tire bat even though we are running a T.P.M. Our drive was going smoothly as it had all day and I was thinking we’d unload the trailer and be home before 3:00 this afternoon. 
Damage to our trailer from a blowout on April 16th.
Half way through the final leg of the trip we drove through a reduced speed construction zone. Just as we got back to the full highway speed an hour after leaving Flying J Murphy suddenly showed up in the form of a blowout. If you remember on April 16th at 1 p.m. we blew the front curbside tire on our way home from Florida cause severe damage to the trailer that took months to fix. Today the rear curbside tire blew at again 1 p.m. destroying most of the repairs that were just completed. Definitely a major down for the week. 
Today the tire that survived on April 16th blew.
Here we were on the side of a major highway with cars and trucks flying by only feet from our location causing Kathy to almost be sick from the rocking of the trailer. She gets motion sickness easily. Calling for roadside assistance in the form of C.A.A. we were told it would be less than an hour. 

Damage from blowout.
Karen and Greg were headed to London on their motorcycle and saw our rig on the opposite side of the road. Who would have thought they would meet up with us there at the side of the 401. They took the next ramp and came back to see if they could help. Kathy explained we paid for the service and were going to use it besides she didn’t want me re-injuring the Hernia repair surgery. That helped raise our spirits slightly another up for the week. 

 After a few more calls the tire service showed up and the struggled to unwrap the outer belt from around the axle. By the time we were getting back on the road we had been by the side of the road for five hours and we were getting hungry. At the Tilbury Service Center we stopped and had something to eat before finishing our trip. 
Tire wrapped around the axle.
We finished getting what we brought home today into the apartment just before 9:00 tonight only six hours later than predicted. Monday all the original tires on that trailer are getting scraped so there won’t be any more downs. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.          


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  1. Wow that sure was and eventful trip back home. Does not that make three things happening in a row. Thinks thats enough.
    Glad that we were able to meet up with you guys and that you finally made it home safely.
    Thanks for the books.

  2. Wow! I think you've had your share of bad luck for this year, and from here on it should be all ups!! Glad you finally got home safe & sound!

  3. Yes, glad you are home safe and sound. No more bad luck for you, you have had your share!

  4. Oh my! What a trip. So sorry for all your misfortune. It is good that you are tucked in, safe and sound in our home.

  5. Hopefully there will be no more troubles from here on. Thankfully nobody was hurt in any of the mishaps.

  6. it's much easier looking at things after the fact, not so much as you are right in it. I will keep you both in our thoughts and hopefully good fortune will come your way for your next adventure! Glad you are both home safe!