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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Visit Missed.

Our Location today is Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Kathy only woke once all night and that was only when she turned over. I woke around 3:00 tossed and turned and started mentally designing the ultimate tow vehicle for our fifth wheel. No matter how hard I tried to stop thinking and telling myself to just go to sleep it wasn’t until after 5:00 that I finally managed that feat. Shortly before 7:30 both Kathy and I were looking wide eyed at one another so we knew it was time to get the day started early.
By 9:00 we had already eaten breakfast and watched the local news and were starting to get bored when the national channels started with the political views arguing back and forth on everything from the Mid-East Crisis to, Obama Care to everyone should be taking cuts in their wages except the C.E.O.s and politicians.
Shortly before 10:00 we were on our way to Welland, Ontario to go visit with our son Gary and his family. The G.P.S. surprisingly worked flawlessly taking us straight to their home. The problem was nobody was there which wasn’t so bad because we were a bit early so we figured we’d explore the area and have lunch before coming back.
We saw the Seaway Mall on the way to their home so we returned and did some mall walking. We were surprised just how big this mall really was and after walking for well over an hour and a half we figured it was time for lunch. We spotted a restaurant called Ye Olde Squires Restaurant that Kathy had seen advertised on-line it was supposed to have a good Fish and Chip dinner. The place was done up in the old Scottish Tavern theme and the Halibut Fish and Chips was the best we’d ever had.   
After walking around the mall a while longer we headed back to Gary and Jen’s place with the plans of helping Gary celebrate his birthday but after three hours they still weren’t there. Since I wanted to get some things done at the trailer we left his Birthday Card in the mailbox with a note for them to call when they got in.
Once inside the trailer the first thing we did was to turn the A.C. back on because it was predicted to be warmer than yesterday. The next thing we did was to sit down at the computers to catch up on our morning reading that we didn’t do. That is when I spotted a flashing light on the Turbo Hub indicating a message waiting so we checked it out. Gary had called yesterday telling us that they had travelled back to Essex because Jen’s sister Melissa had just had a baby boy and they were down to visit her and wouldn’t be home until later this evening. When we were on the road the Hub had been turned off and somehow the transformer for the phone was not in the bag with it so if someone calls we can’t hear the phone ring.
We had already planned on cooking our supper over the open campfire so I got the campfire going around 3:00 and kept feeding the fire. We visited with one of our neighbors who has his site reserved here from the beginning of May to the end of October for some time. Even after he left it took a while longer for the fire to be just right to start cooking the chicken over the hot Embers. Kathy went in to make a great Caesar Salad and Chocolate Berry Cream Pudding to go with the chicken. After a half hour the chicken was nicely browned on both sides with no more juices dripping so I knew it was done. The chicken was perfect and still moist and even though I tried to convince Kathy she wouldn’t like the chicken she still said it melted in her mouth and I wasn’t getting it. Even the Weber Q can’t make it taste that good.  
Gary didn’t call yet so we can only hope he had a Happy Birthday but if we had known earlier they were coming back home Kathy and I wouldn’t have come to the Falls this Weekend. We have pretty much seen and done just about everything here in Niagara Falls that can be done.  Although every so often they come up with a new show.  We are not into gambling so the casino is out.  On occasion we may splurge and each take $10.00 and play until it’s gone; might be lucky and last for 10 minutes but today we decided not to contribute to their electric bill. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.          


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  1. Too bad about the missed call, guess you don't have a cell phone.