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Monday, August 19, 2013


Our Location today is London, Ontario.

Our son Gary finally called just after 9:00 last night saying that they had just gotten home so all we could do was talk for a few minutes and made plans to get together around the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Again we wished him a Happy Birthday and we said good night. I started closing the office last night so we wouldn’t have to worry about in the morning.

We were both awake around 7:30 and just relaxed and enjoyed our breakfast. With that out of the way we started closing up the rest of the trailer in earnest and by 9:00 I was outside starting to close off the utilities. By 9:30 I was hooking up the truck and storing the last of our gear. As I was doing my circle check I saw Kathy already sitting in the truck programming the G.P.S. and for some unknown reason I just got in the truck and thought we were good to go.
After moving only five feet there was a loud crashing sound that had campers from other sites quickly gathering and running toward us to see what had happen. I had failed to put the safety lock on the fifth wheel hitch and the trailer had come crashing down causing damage to the rear left corner of the bed rail and the bottom of the cap on the front of the trailer. Everyone around was saying we’d need a tow truck to get hooked back on to the trailer as it was sitting down on the ground but using the forward landing gear and our jack pads I had the trailer reconnected and locked in within five minutes without the use of a tow truck. It was a very shocking situation.
I felt like crawling under the trailer because I have safely towed trailers and farm wagons without this ever happening since the age of ten. The saying that it can happen to the best of us holds very true. It just takes one little mistake to make a big mess.
It was a somber ride down the Q.E.W. until we passed Brantford on the 403 as we were both still in a bit of shock. Just before noon we stopped at the Kitchener Service Center on the 401 to have lunch, relax and stretch our legs. Another fifteen miles down the highway and we were exiting at the London K.O.A. where we’ll stay for the next three days to visit with family and friends.

Reading other RV bloggers that talk about bumps in the road lately well both Kathy and I feel we’ve had our share of them in the last year and it’s time to start with a clean slate.
For supper tonight I grilled a couple of Chicken Kabobs while Kathy cooked a Butternut Squash and Asparagus to go with them along with a small dish of Mixed Berries with Whipped Cream for dessert. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.          


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  1. So glad your incident didn't involve injuries. That makes it so much more serious and scary. I don't know how long y'all have been on the road, but after 12+ years we still go through our check off list each time we head out. Even then it's a huge relief when we are a mile or so down the road and nothing bad has happened. Again... you two weren't hurt, no one else was... the rest can be fixed.

  2. Things can easily be fixed, even though it sure scares the daylights out of you when something like that happens. I have this idea too that it happens from time to time when towing a fifth wheel. Just a lot of stuff to remember.
    It's kind of like....remembering to put down that antennae.
    Get 'er fixed, and don't worry about it.

  3. Not the best of ways to start the day Rick, glad it wasn't more serious.

  4. Sorry to hear of your mishap. I guess we both have had an unexpected day. At least you're on the road again and we have to sit and wait to hear from our insurance company.

  5. We have seen that incident happen a few times in our years on the road.
    At least nobody was hurt and you are still mobile.
    Keep on camping and enjoy your time with friends.

  6. Accidents happen. Yours, fortunately, could have been alot worse. I remember one of our first times out Ken side swiped one of those gas station protectors they have at the end of the stations. He was mortified and also wanted to crawl under the RV. But it was fixed and chalk it up. No one was hurt with you guys and that's the main thing.

  7. That's one of my #1 fears . . . glad to hear you were able to quickly recover and move on. You'll get it fixed, and someday remember the incident and laugh! Hope the rest of the trip is uneventful!