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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Christmas Celebration.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After a fairly good night’s sleep I was out of bed before 8:00 this morning. Once I opened the curtains in the living room the coolness could be felt radiating off the glass doors. Turning on the weather channel only confirmed what I already knew from the appearance of the frozen puddles. I just sat in the recliner seeing how the rest of the planet was dealing with the changes of their surroundings that nature was bringing to them. By 9:00 Kathy was up and about so we continued watching the forecast as we enjoyed our breakfast. The weather has yet to break the freezing mark today and the windchill left nothing to the imagination of the temperature.
Gary openning his Barbecue accessories
Once Kathy had finished reading the blogs we follow she started dusting and while I staged the bedroom. Next I placed the gifts that will be delivered in 2 days or Christmas morning into our bedroom. This will remove temptation of little ones opening the wrong gifts later this evening. I then spent the next hour exercising wearing my hernia belt which all helps to make me feel better.
Daughter-in-law Jen opening her Kitchen and Dining room accessories.
After lunch I showered off while Kathy was able to watch another Christmas Special. More time was spent at the computers before meeting our son Gary and daughter-in-law Jen with the grandchildren for supper at Armando’s Restaurant. Since their jobs make it hard for them to be in town for the holidays we are celebrating Christmas with them today. They will also be celebrating Christmas with Jens parents Jack and Sue tomorrow.  Last year we had all travelled to Beamsville to have Christmas at their home.
Grandaughter Emma looking over her very own cosmetics and case.
 With supper completed we came back to the apartment so we could present our gifts to the little ones. The swimming pool was to have been completed by December 15th but there were problems and it is now scheduled to be completed in the New Year otherwise the kids could have gone swimming as well.
Haigan working on his Power Ranger Action Figure.
Connor and Haigan were both ecstatic with their Power Rangers that they can reconfigure into different humanoids. Emma was very happy with her new Make Up case and everything in it as she is just learning how to use it for when she is in her singing competitions. Gary loved his Barbecue accessories and Jen loved her kitchen and table accessories. Kathy and I were very happy with our East Side Mario’s gift certificate and a nice bottle of wine. It was a great visit but just too short a time to get everything in trying to catch up with what is happening with the children.

Connor working on His Power Ranger Action Figure.
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It’s about time.


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  1. Looks like a lovely evening with your loved ones. Merry Christmas to you!