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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Detailing Completed, Personal Notes About The Coconut Oil and A Bike Ride Around The Park.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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When I opened my eyes at 7:00 this morning I should have gotten out of bed at that very moment but instead my eyes blinked and the clock suddenly read 8:00. I have to stop blinking my eyes like that.

Once everything was ready for breakfast the first thing I checked on the Computer was The Weather Network. I was surprised to see that we were going to have seasonal weather today not all that inflated Humidex that we’ve been experiencing lately.

Kathy was downstairs by 8:30 and was feeling much better than she has in a while. Once breakfast was over I started my inside chores while my Coffee cooled next to Kathy at her Computer. Once again I looked at the Seven Day Forecast. I want to get all my outside chores completed because we are in for some real scorchers coming our way.

I was outside by 10:00 getting only the Tools that were necessary. My plan was to finish detailing the remainder of the Trailer with the Coconut Oil so I started with the rear wall. By the time I finished that even the Ladder was sparkling. There were parts of the upper side Walls that I could not reach from the Ladder because they were over the Slides. So I climbed to the Roof and worked from on top of the Slides themselves. Having thought ahead I used my old work rug to kneel on. I barely touched my hand to the Slide Topper and was surprised not to have burnt it. On the Roof itself I was able to clean up the Roof Trims, Air Conditioner and Vent Covers. They all looked like they were new.
Seeing our Car's reflection.
Having already drank a full bottle of Water as soon I was back on the ground I started detailing the rear corner that would be next to be in the direct Sunlight. The heat that I felt in the direct Sunlight felt like the Arizona Sun this past Winter.
When I went inside to refill my Water Bottles Kathy was already getting things ready for lunch. She wanted something filling but lite so she made Split Pea with Ham Soup for lunch along with giving us each a Yogurt Cup and Orange for dessert.

Back outside I worked on detailing the Kitchen/Living Room Slide. It took over an Hour but the result was a very shiny surface that no longer had a gritty texture to it.
In the Shade you see the true colour of our Trailer.
I like the reflection.
There have been Comments asking if the Coconut Oil attracts Dust or Dries Up. What I have noted is that by using Microfiber Clothes to apply the Oil and wipe it down I am able to remove the excess Wax Build Up and to get it smooth and shiny. On the darker areas where the Coconut Oil had dried it left a White Residue that was easily wiped off with a Microfiber Cloth. When I double checked later this evening there was no further Residue that had appeared.
Direct Sunlight makes it look White rather then Tan to the Camera.
That spot was on the Lens not the Trailer.
A number of our neighbours were asking if I could clean their RVs for them. Considering that we’ve had all kinds of appointments and the temperatures have been extreme it has taken me over Two Weeks since I started this project. The fact that I don’t want to have a messy looking finish also added to the time. I tried wetting a small spot and the Water does bead up on the surface. It was past 3:00 when I finally stopped for the day.
For supper I grilled a couple of Hamburgers that Kathy added a bit of Potato Chips to and some Bing Cherries for dessert.

Once the Dishes were cleaned and put away we headed out for a bicycle ride around the Park. It’s been a while because of the Heat and today’s Humidex only reached 88 F (31 C). Since this is Summer it’s also funny to see as many Adults as the Children stop and stare as we ride by on our Tandem Bicycle.

Tonight we have to set the Alarm because Kathy has an early appointment. We tried explaining that we were Retired (Really Tired). Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

The oil spot on your driveway can be seen from Google Earth.


  1. Nice job on the RV, it looks great!

  2. The rv looks wonderful! So many uses for coconut oil and I won't be without it.

    1. Just an add-on. I'm glad to read that you don't need to wax first - life is too short to do both that and the c.oil! ;)

  3. Yup it looks great!!! I may just have to try it!!

  4. Your home looks wonderful! Alot of work for you so hoping it lasts a long time!

  5. The RV looks better than brand new. I have three questions though. Am I correct in saying that you did a part of the RV only with wax, then you did wax with C oil on top and finally you just used the C oil? Does the RV shine consistency all the way around or are some areas better than others? What do plan to do re future maintenance and waxing?

  6. I bet you glad that job is done. It looks beautiful