It's about time.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

It Didn’t Look That Big.

Our Location today is Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

Last night neither Kathy nor I had any problems falling asleep but Kathy was suddenly aware of just how much traffic passes by this park in a night. She woke a few times from the noise the traffic makes here. Because this is a race town not too many of the local vehicles have quiet exhaust systems on them. We were both awake and having breakfast before 8:00 this morning and then we spent a short time on the computers before getting ready to head out the door shortly after 9:00. 
Looking from the door of our trailer.
Looking across the street. 
The small side of the Flea Market
Since I found those Interior LED lamp fixtures for our trailer down at Big Pine Key Flea Market if there is one in the area I want to check it out in hopes of adding to our conversion. As it happens the Daytona Flea Market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is located directly across the street from the campground so we didn’t even take the truck we just walked over. From our campsite Kathy said it didn’t look too big so we’d probably be back to the trailer in about an hour. 

The first stall was a business selling new tires and installing on the vehicles right outside their stall. Further down there was a small mixture of new and used goods. Next was a huge stall of fresh fruits and vegetables that put most grocery stores to shame. Kathy was very surprised at the length of the first building but we were only getting started. The main buildings and the cross aisles all had vendors on both sides plus center tables making it impossible to just see everything in one pass. We used the rule of sticking to the right and on the return pass we did the other side of the building in order to see it all. 

Luckily there were many buildings that had air conditioning while others had lots of fans to move the air with only a few outside stalls that depended on the breezes provided by Mother Nature. By 11:30 we hadn’t even seen half the vendors and stopped to have a Pogo Dog for our lunch. We totally struck out looking for those LED Lamps for the trailer but we did stop back at the produce vendor and walked back to the trailer with a few bargains just before 2:00. Kathy said she couldn’t believe how big that place really was. 

We worked on the computers for a while just so we could cool down inside the trailer. Around 3:30 I fired up the Weber to warm it up. Kathy wanted me to grill a small Pork Roast on it. As soon as I seared the outside I turned the grill to low just as George is always coaching everyone to do. I sat outside reading for nearly an hour with only a slight breeze our roast cooked up beautifully and went well with the pasta and corn sides that Kathy had made to go with it.   
Kathy enjoying the cooler temps outside after supper.
Once the dishes were cleaned we sat outside just enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures and people watching some of our new neighbors in the park. We already have plans for tomorrow and they don’t include all the walking we did today. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Love wandering that Daytona Flea market, cheap entertainment and fun people watching too.

  2. Sorry you struck out again on finding your lights. Have you looked on e-Bay? I always find what I'm looking for there.

  3. We really enjoy a flea market like this one. You never know what you might find.