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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Customer Service and Long Drive.

Our Location today is Williston, Florida.

Kathy and I were both up shortly after 7:00 this morning and both of us were very tired. Now after a whole night’s sleep why would we be tired you might ask. It was a pretravel night and most RVers know that you can’t get a decent night’s sleep because your mind just starts thinking about anything and everything that makes no sense and could easily have waited until you were bored in the middle of the Day to think about. 

After breakfast it didn’t take long to pack everything inside and outside the trailer for travelling. As soon as we started hooking up the trailer our neighbor from across the street came out and moved his truck making our departure much easier. 

We were heading northbound on highway 41 before 9:00 and within minutes we were headed towards I-75 to start our northerly direction. Our destination at this point was not to leave the state of Florida but to return to Ard’s in Winter Haven. We had them custom make the storage skirt for the trailer back in February and everything looked great that day. As we started using it we saw a few flaws in our design that we needed to have changed. Last month I called Dave Ard and told him what we needed to do and he said no problem to bring it back and they’d gladly fix it. 

It was 11:45 when we pulled into their yard. After a brief meeting with Dave and telling him that we were paying for this because they were our modifications he immediately put Mike on the job. The only delay was they needed to move one car in the lot before I could park the trailer and unhook so if they needed to use it they could. With the truck unhooked I quickly reviewed what we needed done with Mike. 

Kathy and I drove back to a Mom and Pop restaurant we had been told about back in February called Nell’s. Kathy ordered a cheeseburger and coleslaw while I ordered a spanish omelet for lunch. Kathy had a hard time to eat all her burger and I was delighted with my omelet because I think they used more Jalapeno peppers than eggs to make it. All this plus great service at a reasonable price. This was our second time there and we enjoyed both experiences. 
I was so hungry I started eating before taking this picture.
These were the Jalapenos, Sausages and Ham for only the last third of the Omelet.
Back at Ard’s Mike was still working on our trailer when we got back while the other employees had gone for lunch. There was already a noticeable difference in the fit of the skirting. Kathy sat in the trailer and I again readied the truck for towing while Mike continued to work his magic. By 1:45 the adjustments were completed and we were told there was no charge even though we had said we were paying for it. The company policy is to be sure the customer is totally happy with the product. They did a terrific job. 

If anyone reading this needs any kind of Awnings, Boat covers or Storage skirts made for your business, boat or trailer and you want a company that believes in customer satisfaction Ard’s Awning, Inc. in Winter Haven Florida is the place to go. I will be putting them on our sidebar. 

We thought that we’d make it to Ocala after leaving Ard’s but after traveling the hour and a half to Ocala the GPS brought us out to an empty cow pasture. We looked around for the park with no luck so we set our sights for Georgia. As soon as we got on the highway we could see the campground we’d been looking for from the ramp. 

We finally stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Gainesville for supper at 6:00. This helped us to re-energize but it also made us look for a spot nearby. Even though we could have stayed at Cracker Barrel we drove to Williston Crossing RV Resort in Williston. 

After all the driving we did today we’ll spend two nights here before slowly traveling further north to Georgia. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Harry and I are lucky - we sleep pretty normally on pre-travel nights. :) We stayed at Williston Crossings for a month last winter, nice place.

  2. Safe travels as you make your way back home!

  3. I like your blog, been reading now for a few weeks.

  4. Glad you got the work done and done right.

    Your new spot looks so big and lovely. Safe travels.

  5. It is good to have peopole you can depend on to do things the right way...the first time. Travel safely!

  6. We are in VA parked up at the travels folks..glad the adjustments were fast and correct!! and of course Free!!